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Mainstream Media Admits It May “Never Recover” from 2016 Election

By Jim Campbell, August 31, 2016   Would America have been better off if the venerable “Old Lady,” had been burned to the ground or shut its doors completely? Their readership has plummeted as has their advertisers. (Source) How bad … Continue reading

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DC Rally for Refugees a Big Dud

This should come as no surprise to anyone as the turn out for anything associated with the democrats and Hillary in particular has been so dismal, that Hillary Clinton has resorted to drawing her own crowds.   I’m willing  to … Continue reading

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Taking leave of our senses a new federal government mandate

I wouldn’t have gone with the above title because, those who are student’s of so-called “Man-caused climate change,” know it to be a hoax and based on no prospective science thus relying on models that couldn’t predict anything.     … Continue reading

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Rubio wins GOP Senate primary in Florida

For me Marco Rubio represents just another solid  Republican vote in the U.S. Senate.   If he doesn’t get his panties in a bunch ! For my money he acted like a petulant child during the debates, and would likely … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton and her cruelty – I thought you should know

There are so many evil happenings when it come to Hillary Clinton, one literally needs a score card to remember all the players.   Few people whi doubt how evil she is, make your decisions on the depth of her … Continue reading

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Hillary and Huma say no to wieners

By Jim Campbell August 29, 2016   It’s likely been this way for a very long time. Some chicks don’t seem to like dicks and that’s their choice and absolutely their prerogative. Fortunately the majority of them, as the good … Continue reading

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The Bell Just Rang, And We Know EXACTLY For Whom

A significant number of ignorant voters will do exactly what you suggest.   The problem as I see it, is in doing so, they have no idea how their votes will influence what will be the most important election in … Continue reading

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