Hillary and Huma say no to wieners

crew-2231211By Jim Campbell

August 29, 2016


It’s likely been this way for a very long time.

Some chicks don’t seem to like dicks and that’s their choice and absolutely their prerogative.

Fortunately the majority of them, as the good looking ones, typically do.



H/T to the Earl of Taint for the above image.


Alas we find who has been in charge of this sick charade all along…..That’s right was there ever a doubt?

160829-weiner-sexting-scandal-sequel-indexAnthony Weiner’s long-suffering wife, Huma Abedin, finally saw the light and kicked the sext maniac to the curb on Monday.

After The Post revealed the lewd selfies he sent to a busty brunette, including a crotch shot of himself with the couple’s young son lying next to him.

Photo to the left courtesy of the New York Times


Image and obvious Photo Shop job.

Abedin, a top Hillary Clinton aide, released a statement saying, in part, “I have made the decision to separate from my husband.”

But further texts obtained by The NY Times show the ex-congressman had expected that news.

He told his sext buddy that his nearly six-year marriage had been “busted” by the scandals he had forced Abedin to endure.

Hillary also had her sex craved husband, “Slick to deal with and finally said, ENOUGH !


H/T to Diogenes for the image

Let’s be very clear on this one.

Attention all K Mart Shoppers, we have a red light special for you, no one in their marriage endured anything they didn’t choose to.

That’s what divorce courts are for and statistical evidence is provided that more people are getting divorced than married. (Source)

Of course these results are contaminated by a couple’s station in life.

During bad times, like those created under Obama, no job growth, they may not find it in their best interest to sell the home with children still at home.

So if they can peacefully get along many choose to stay married.

I’m a big fan of divorce, It worked for me.

Would I ever marry again, I’ve got a keeper in Utah, that could flip me or we could live together in a life of full-blown hedonism and full-blown lust.






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4 Responses to Hillary and Huma say no to wieners

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  2. Rifleman III says:

    There is quite a bit to say on the issue. Huma, should have dumped the reject when the foolish behaviors surfaced, but possibly, similar the Catholics, “for better or worse”, she felt obligated to her religious beliefs as they apply to her marriage. Frequently, I recall observing similar events, many times on domestic calls. It continues my belief that somehow, masochism is involved to some degree. I would see wives beaten and physical marks, but they denied anything was wrong. I also recall one case where that sort of thing went on for about two years, then the call that I had been expecting, the husband committed domestic homicide.

    In Huma’s case, the timing only damages the efforts of Hillary as a lot of media attention is directed at Huma when Hillary does not need the exposure. I was never a fan of the Wiener when he was in politics. I dislike him even more, because in my opinion, there has been a betrayal and, he made a public fool of his wife, on too many occasions. The woman can do much better and probably will. Unless of course, some email scandal places Huma at the core of the scandal, but it appears that she too, is protected.

    The husband is a mental case.


  3. joekano76 says:

    Reblogged this on TheFlippinTruth.


  4. Mr. E says:

    Love the pics you used in this. Hilarious. Especially the last one. All those girls are doing yoga moves! They must have got them from Hillary’s email server. Lol


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