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Think you have a tough job?

By Jim Campbell June 30th, 2019 Navy SEAL DELTA Force Police Officer Fire Fighter Imagine the guy going for the little afternoon catnap? I’d take my chances, of course, I can’t walk on a curb with ending up with one … Continue reading

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Iran has won the coin toss


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The Oil Crisis Saudi Arabia Can’t Solve

Comment by Jim Campbell July 29th, 2019 Paint the picture any way you like but it’s highly unlikely that only those who deal with this situation on a daily basis will be putting together anything you would enjoy hanging in … Continue reading

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It’s time to bury Jimmy Carter

By Jim Campbell June 29th, 2019 Not only did this moron fail to reach any peace accord between the PLO/now PLA and Israel he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his Failure. Perhaps he forgot: Perhaps Carter has spent … Continue reading

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“It’s our job to control exactly what people think”

By Jim Campbell June 28th, 2019 On President Trump: That’s right, the title is correct CNN finally says through Mika what their belief system actually is. I’ve been pretty tough on this dimwit today so I’ll leave it at that. … Continue reading

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But the goal is to beat Donald Trump For the Presidency

By Jim Campbell July 8th, 2019 Of course, it is, but why did take a one time stalwart of the Republican House of Representatives who moved to the dark side years ago for the money to spell it all out? … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Of The United States Census Decision is Wrong But Typical of Justice Roberts: But Was He?

Comment by Jim Campbell January 28th, 2019 On this very issue, writer Daniel Greenfield is wrong. The U.S. Census is under the purview of the federal government, therefore Justice Robert’s decision was correct. (Source: U.S. Federal Census Service) Justice Roberts … Continue reading

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Who wants to be the loser?

By Jim Campbell June 28th 2019 How is it conceivable that this group of beings could be so out of touch with reality? It was nice to see them take off the gloves, going after one another allowing their true … Continue reading

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The Debate of the Losers

Comment by Jim Campbell June 27th 2019 In a complete waste of time without mentioning the word, “Socialiam,” each candidate did their best to force their vision of their progressive/socialist/Marxist agenda upon us. Last evening Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie … Continue reading

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The did you fall asleep during the Democrats debate edition?

By Jim Campbell June 27th, 2018 What a complete yawner. Those who watched the untalented group of also-rans and never will bees make stuff up in their woeful attempts to carry the flag for the Dems are to be commended. … Continue reading

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