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Barrack Hussein Obama’s Government Job Exit Interview

The latest trend in the world of human resources is the so-called exit interview.   In theory, it gives a departing employee an opportunity to express their grievances while at the same time providing useful feedback to the employer.  After … Continue reading

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Who will pay the pecker checkers?

Knowing this is a topic that many have recently become concerned, it was determined before anything were finalized that questions be asked and a three-year study be conducted by the L.G.B.T.Q. members of congress.     None of this would … Continue reading

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This just in !     Rachel with female companion, Susan Miulka,  both secretly covet Rosy O’Donnell.       Accompanying theme song here. (Source)           THE END

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Judge Jeanine: What is a leader?

By Jim Campbell, July 31, 2016   In perhaps the most scathing indictment of the yet indicted criminal, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the judge rips off Hillary’s clothes, courtesy of Omar the tent maker leaving her naked for all the world … Continue reading

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The Making of a Jihadist: Any questions?

And now you know……….   This isn’t about just making a Muslim, all Muslims who can read or listen worship the same Koran. The Koran calls upon Muslims to smite the unbeliever or capture them.     Keep an eye … Continue reading

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Creeping Sharia in Health Care : You ain’t seen anything yet !

Wake up America.   They refuse to assimilate in most all parts of American life. Muslims come from and believe in a totalitarian ideology and want us to change for them? Send them home where they belong.   So with … Continue reading

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Hillary’s Tax Plan

Whenever one hears a progressive like Hillary talk of “Investments,” bells must go off, sirens should scream and taxpayers must grab their wallets.   Fortunately this will not be coming to pass.     Hillary Clinton, if elected would impose … Continue reading

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MSNBC Fact Checks Hillary’s Big Speech : Big shocker, she wasn’t telling the truth

Seriously, would we have expected anything different from a woman we have grown so tired of hearing?   The speech would have been more enjoyable if George Soros had her on strings put duct tape over her mouth, and did … Continue reading

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Voter restrictions ruled discriminatory by N.C. court

So let’s see if we have this right?   Many believe the election process in the United States to be a sham. Others would like to make this a so-called “Black Lives Matter” issue.  Gunny has the solution for that … Continue reading

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Sweden to investigate sex lives

So classic, an unneeded study that will not be completed until 2019 will be conducted by Swedish health authorities and is destined to show nothing.     Sweden of course is a very progressive country and with progressives comes the … Continue reading

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