Biden to withdraw all U.S. Troops out of Afghanistan by 911-21

By Jim Campbell

April 14th, 2021

Media including FOX are making a big deal about the date, as in 9-11.

They of course ignore the fact that his statement reads “On or Before 9-11”

A group of U.S. Army soldiers take a defensive position in the desert, ready for any trouble that comes their way as the prepare to exit Afghanistan.

It seems likely that our troops stationed there will be home before the designated date.

Biden also announced today that when he was vice-president to the mulatto with the big ears and and bony has the killed bin Laden.

Does he look dead to you?

Does he look dead to your in the picture above?

Stunning accounts with more pictures below.

The Execution Of SEAL Team Six: Tying up loose ends to a horrible Event: Extortion 17The Betrayal of the U.S. Navy Seals that attempt to grab or kill Osama Bin Laden


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Too Stupid to Come In Out of the Rain

By Jim Campbell

April 14th, 2021

Those of us who have followed the continuing saga of the woeful Joe Biden have always understood clearly that he wasn’t playing with a full deck.

Now for the first time an image has become available that proves it.

New theme song for Joe. “Just a walking in the rain.”

For those of us who are Trump fans we ignore all the foolishness, knowing creme always rises to the top and in Joe’s case it sinks to the bottom along with the rest of the shark chum.


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Under Biden Democrats become the new party of war: Pentagon will send 500 new troops to Germany in reversal of Trump plan

Comment by Jim Campbell

April 14th, 2021

It makes no difference that team Biden’s delusions are nothing but apple sauce on a wind blown plate at a neighbor home and that it landed in the poll.

If Trump was for it, Biden’s string pullers are against it.

Does anyone with a well balanced mind believe 500 more troops will make a difference.

Chip Smoderdale Getty Images

Hammering Hank Johnson from “Guam tipping over fame,” is already getting his panties in a bunch over this one.

It’s a knee jerk reaction sort of thing.

In this Friday, May 13, 2011, file photo, soldiers of 1AD attend a color casing ceremony of the First Armored Division at the U.S. Army Airfield in Wiesbaden, Germany. Germany's Defense Ministry says U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer in his first conversation with her since taking up his new post that Germany is highly valued as a station for American soldiers. (AP Photo/Michael Probst, File)
In this Friday, May 13, 2011, file photo, soldiers of 1AD attend a color casing ceremony of the First Armored Division at the U.S. Army Airfield in Wiesbaden, Germany. Germany’s Defense Ministry says U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told … more >

The Washington Times

By Ben Wolfgang

April 14th, 2021

The U.S. will station another 500 troops in Germany as part of a new “multi-domain task force,” Pentagon officials said Tuesday, officially closing the book on former President Trump’s ill-fated plan to move thousands of American troops out of the country.

WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 25: Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (3rd L) participates in a ceremonial swearing-in with U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris (R) in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on January 25, 2021 in Washington, DC. On Monday, President Biden signed an executive order repealing the ban on transgender people serving openly in the military.

Austin was previously commander of the U.S. Central Command in the Obama administration. (Photo by Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images)

Apparently they are running out of wood pile to hide these commies.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced the shift after meeting with German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, who hailed the reversal as a “strong signal” of America’s commitment to its European ally.

The 500 troops will join the roughly 35,000 American personnel now in Germany and are expected to arrive by the fall.

While the number of troops is relatively low, the signal sent by their deployment is significant. The move serves as a way for the Biden administration to mend fences with a German government that was often at odds with Mr. Trump on defense spending and a host of other issues.

Mr. Trump had feuded openly with German Chancellor Angela Merkel over U.S. policy toward NATO and the European Union, the size of the German defense budget and the cost of keeping a large U.S. military presence in Germany.

Mr. Austin said the new forces will also bring tangible benefits for European security.

“These forces will strengthen deterrence and defense in Europe. They will augment our existing abilities to prevent conflict, and, if necessary, fight and win,” he said Tuesday.  “This move will also create more space, more cyber, and more electronic warfare capabilities in Europe.”

D.C.-area officials weigh in on Biden's $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan

The military’s enhanced capabilities in Europe will also serve as a not-so-subtle signal to Russia, which has been repositioning its own forces along its border with Ukraine and has actively tried to exploit the rift between Washington and Berlin. 

Germany also is the home of the U.S. Africa Command, making the country a key cog in America’s counterterrorism campaign in Africa.

Pentagon officials said the 500 new troops headed to Europe will form a “multi-domain task force and theater fires command” that will support U.S. Army Europe and Africa. The units will be stationed at the garrison in Wiesbaden.

The U.S. military also will retain control three sites — Mainz Kastel Station and Mainz Kastel Housing in Mainz-Kastel, and Dagger Complex in Darmstadt — that were scheduled to be handed back to the German government under Mr. Trump’s reorganization plan.

Last July, Mr. Trump and Pentagon officials abruptly announced plans to pull about 12,000 troops from Germany.

The announcement came as the president publicly pressured Germany and other NATO allies to spend at least 2% of their GDP on defense – a threshold German officials say they are still working to meet.

Mr. Trump’s proposal was never enacted. Mr. Biden and Mr. Austin in January implemented a review of U.S. troop deployments abroad, and in early February Mr. Biden officially stopped all planning for the draw-down in Germany.

Mr. Austin said Tuesday that the U.S. has “ceased planning” for future troop reductions in Europe.


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A New Social Control System

Social credit score via the back door?

Comment by Jim Campbell

April 14th, 2021

America is next Joe Biden’s handlers have signed up for the program it will be here June 1st. 2021. Will Joe?

This is completely against the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

A picture taken on March 3, 2021 in Leisure World aka Laguna Woods CA”a vaccine vial reading “Covid-19 vaccine” and a syringe on an European passport. (Photo by JOEL SAGET / AFP) (Photo by JOEL SAGET/AFP via Getty Images)

Our rulers don’t give a rats ass.

Video commentator Paul Joseph Watson is back with another alarming and yet entertaining short video, this one about the tyrannical truth behind the big push for everyone to have “vaccine passports.”

If you voted for Biden you are a woefully ignorant S.O.B.


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Fired City Manager Defends His Call for Due Process for Brooklyn Center Cop

Comment by Jim Campbell

April 13th, 2021

It seems highly probable that the city center officer who spoke his mind about due process will be vindicated by an expensive law suit surely to follow.

This represents that those who live in cities run by fools who have no understanding of the U.S. Constitution, it might be time to move to a different place or vote them all out of office.

The National Review

Ryan Mills

April 13, 2021

The now former city manager of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, who was fired Monday after suggesting that an officer who shot and killed a young black man during a traffic stop deserves due process, says he was not calling for a drawn-out investigation before deciding whether or not to fire the officer, but simply for the city to “take enough time to consider the facts.”

Bruce Bisping/Star Tribune via Getty

Bruce Bisping/Star Tribune via Getty

A Minnesota city was gripped by protests for a second night in a row as officials released the name of the white cop who fatally shot a Black man during a traffic stop—apparently after she mistook her handgun for a taser.

Officer Kim Potter, a 26-year veteran of the Brooklyn Center Police Department, was identified as the person who fired a bullet into 20-year-old Daunte Wright’s chest.

[Damn, she only looks about 26 years of age.]

Demonstrators flouted a curfew Monday to take to the streets and demand Potter be fired and charged.

She has been placed on “standard administrative leave,” according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

Evidence that government at any level can be dangerous to ones career aspirations.

Curt Boganey, who’s worked for the city of Brooklyn Center since 2003 – including 15 years as city manager – said the process of terminating an officer “fundamentally requires fairness.”

“What I was simply saying is that everyone is entitled to an examination of the facts before making a determination,” Boganey said in a brief telephone interview with National Review on Tuesday morning. “Sometimes that can be in a relatively short order.”

“I wasn’t even arguing that the information that we have is insufficient,” he said. “I was just simply saying that every officer is entitled to due process.”

During an emergency meeting Monday, the Brooklyn Center City Council voted to remove Boganey from his job and turn authority over the police department to Mayor Mike Elliott.

The council’s decision came after a press conference – attended by not only the press but by community activists – about the death of Daunte Wright, 20.

“Let me be very clear, my position is that we cannot afford to make mistakes that lead to the loss of life of other people in our profession,” Elliott said. “And so, I do fully support releasing the officer of her duties.”

But when Boganey took the podium and was confronted by activists calling for Potter to be fired, he disappointed them.

“All employees working for the city of Brooklyn City are entitled to due process,” he said, as is Potter.

“Folks that were in the room, they were asking me to make a judgement at the moment,” Boganey told National Review.

“In my mind, that would not have been appropriate, because even with the facts that we have, we don’t have all the facts.”

Boganey said he wasn’t talking about contractual obligations related to the police department’s collective bargaining agreement. He was simply calling for weighing all the evidence.

“We have to take enough time to consider the facts before making a decision,” Boganey said.

“We want to take enough time to gather as much relevant information as we can before making a decision.”

“He was doing a great job. I respect him dearly,” Council Member Kris Lawrence-Anderson said, according to the Star Tribune. “I didn’t want repercussions at a personal level.”

Ron Meuser Jr., a Minnesota-based lawyer who specializes in representing police officers in civil cases involving workers compensation and disability, said discipline for Potter – if she hadn’t resigned – would have been guided by the police department’s collective bargaining agreement.

He said the mayor’s comments at the press conference, supporting Potter’s firing, could have been a liability for the city.

“It’s clear that the mayor was, at least in my opinion, simply trying to placate the mob,” he said.

After the shooting, demonstrators took the streets of Brooklyn Center and nearby Minneapolis, and vandalized and looted several businesses.

Demonstrators clashed again with police on Monday night, leading to about 40 arrests, according to the Star Tribune.


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Members of congress plan to pass legislation that will help members who were exposed to toxic fumes coming from burn pits while serving their country after politicians sent them to war.

By Jim Campbell

April 13th, 2021

A big “Thank You For Your Service” to our country to all United States Veterans.

UC 123K planes flying over delta area to spray defoliant Agent Orange 20-mi SE of Saigon. (Photo by Dick Swanson/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images)

In today’s what could be called the “Agent Orange,” issue, during the war in Vietnam those who put it on the line had to spend their own money dealing with the federal government to get it to come up with the money so it could cover their claims and help with their medical issues.

I don’t often agree with Jon Stewart, a comedian, but in this case I do.

Paul Morigi/Getty Jon Stewart

Joe Biden’s claim in the video below that his son Beau got a high grade inoperable brain tumor as the result of this is complete nonsense.

Today there is promising research going on. [Source]

Those who rage on about the cost of pharmaceutical research including President Trump know little about the issues involved.

So many molecules that appear to show signs of hope fall out of further study because of unexpected toxicity in earlier phases of study.


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Transgender inmates now get prison of their gender choice in California

By Jim Campbell

April 13th, 2020

Further proof that we don’t need politicians.

A prudent member in the civilian population would handle it this way.

CA Governor Gavin, “Keeps escaping the Newsom” signed the legislation into law because he has a pretty good chance if ending up in prison.

This asshole is trying to have all of us who signed the petition to have him recalled be investigated as in receiving an anal probe.

This does not bode well for me as I collected and had certified 1,800 signatures.

I know for a fact because an old girl friend, “We are talking about the stone age variety,” signed the petition with her name and post office box.

Which goes to show you that I’ve never been known to hang out at the dog pound when selecting girls or women but an airhead sneaks under the wire now and then.

Two words: “Drop um,” you with the pecker hanging down or pointing up are a man, you with nothing there are a woman.

California prisons are now placing transgender inmates in the facilities of their identity preferences, which also allows them to have taxpayer-funded reassignment surgery in a welcoming environment, thanks to a law that went into effect in January.

Scroll to to 2 minute point.

California prisons are now placing transgender inmates in the facilities of their identity preferences, which also allows them to have taxpayer-funded reassignment surgery in a welcoming environment, thanks to a law that went into effect in January.

California prisons are now placing transgender inmates in the facilities of their identity preferences, which also allows them to have taxpayer-funded reassignment surgery in a welcoming environment, thanks to a law that went into effect in January.

California prisons are now placing transgender inmates in the facilities of their identity preferences, which also allows them to have taxpayer-funded reassignment surgery in a welcoming environment, thanks to a law that went into effect in January.

The legislation states that incarcerated transgender individuals are vulnerable to sexual abuse, discrimination, and harassment and therefore require a safe environment in which they are able to “express their gender or to take medical, social or legal transition steps.”

A California study found that transgender women have a 13-times higher rate of sexual assault than men in the same prison. [Mercy]


Nothing is free when the government pays for it, remember the pay for it with money stolen from the taxpayers.

“Gender transition is a deeply personal experience that may involve some combination of social transition, legal transition, medical transition, or none of these,” states the law, known as the Transgender Respect, Agency, and Dignity Act. Recommended Video

Between Jan. 1 and April 9, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has received 261 gender-based housing requests; 255 are from transgender women and nonbinary incarcerated people who are requesting to be housed in a female institution, and six are from transgender men and nonbinary incarcerated people who are requesting to be housed in a male institution.

The agency approved 21 requests; seven were transferred to Central California Women’s Facility, and two changed their minds.

The remaining requests are still under review.

Requests are not automatically granted but rather must go through a review committee that includes the warden, medical and mental health staff, and custody officers, said CDCR deputy press secretary Terry Thornton.

California has 35 prisons, including three for women.

“CDCR’s classification process includes a thorough review of the incarcerated person’s history prior to and during incarceration, their crime, arrest and criminal history, trial and sentencing documentation, medical and mental health needs, custody level, time to serve, safety concerns and other factors including security and program needs,” Thornton said.

An inmate’s rap sheet and disciplinary record in prison are part of the process, she added.

The state will pay for surgery and any medical treatment for individuals who want to transition to another sex. This is consistent with the military and Veteran Affairs administration, which was ordered by President Joe Biden to start funding medical procedures, the Washington Examiner discovered.

For that bit of irresponsibility he should have his balls cut off, fortunately he he and Dr. Jill would never know as the last time the played coitus interruptus is the back of a stolen Dodge DeSoto.

California became the first state to fund such surgeries after a 2017 court settlement.

This is what happens when you have judges with fairy wings.

“The Eighth Amendment of the US Constitution requires that prisons provide medically necessary treatment for prisoners’ medical needs based on medical considerations,” Thornton said. “This can include gender-affirming surgery.”


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What’s wrong with Bill Gates?

By Jim Campbell

More important what’s right with him?

It’s his belief based on no scientific evidence that we haven’t seen anything yet and that a new even deadlier virus can strike at any time.

Dr. Fauci Lab Coat Bobblehead (Presale)

Is he correct? Who are we to trust, Gates or the bobble head doll Anthony Fauci?

ATLANTA, GA – MARCH 13: A man wears a shirt referencing Bill Gates and the COVID-19 vaccine at a protest against masks, vaccines, and vaccine passports outside the headquarters of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on March 13, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia.

To date, there has been over 534,000 deaths in the U.S. due to covid-19. (Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images) [That number is open to debate]

He also believes in man made global warming.

It’s a shame when one voice who started Microsoft as a computer geek gets asked about his opinions.

He clearly must use a crystal ball to help his with his prognostications.

If Gates had spent more time watching his own company than worrying about the ills of the entire world, then Steve Jobs wouldn’t have eaten his lunch with the iPhone.

I’d like to believe his delusions were funded by his own wealth, but in reality his political contributions to leftist politicians gain him favor with those who are easily bribed and willingly push his wack job agenda.

The Gates Foundation “Donated” over a billion dollars to leftist politicians. [Source]


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What kind of People are Running America?

Comment by Jim Campbell

April 13th, 2021

We have had Pelosi, Schumer, and Schiff have always been complete idiots and fools.

Under the cartel that changes Biden’s Grampers they are on steroids and will continue to be until the Republicans take control of the House of Representatives, and the United States Senate.

Thus the importance of the 2022 elections.

A win can bring on impeachment in both the House of Representatives ridding us of the fool forever.

Until we get healthy, mature adults back into authority positions, we will continue to see harmful, hypocritical decisions being made.

Canada Free Press

By Rick Hayes

April 12, 2021

What kind of People are Running America?Americas’ Michael Johnson, the elite 400 and 200-meter sprinter, stretched the chest area on his track jersey when he won Olympic gold to showcase the U.S.A lettering.

U.S. Olympic champion Carl Lewis ran with the American flag after capturing 1st place in the 100-meter dash.

“I love you, America.” was shouted by U.S. Olympic champion Justin Gatlin after beating an elite field at the Olympic games.

All American men and all proud to be American.

The reality that the United States has had a shameful past regarding slavery is not in dispute. 

But what sane leader would punish their citizens for something they did not do on an event long ago past.

America has matured and grown and now is by far the most diverse and fair country on the planet. 

That begs the question:

Who are the people who see racism everywhere in a society where elected officials, business executives, and educators come from every ethnic background?

What kind of person creates a problem where none exists?

An unhappy person.

A person who craves power to fill their inner emptiness.

Someone who gets temporary relief by seeing other people suffer.

There are numerous unhappy people in this country, and many of them reside in Washington DC, are seen on cable news, and head “activist” groups.

Society sees these unhappy, miserable people as success stories because power and wealth are seen by society as a success.

And although on the surface corruption and greed are the activities and motives, the driving force for many of these sad individuals is fear. 

Does anyone not brainwashed consider Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, or Adam Schiff to be well-adjusted people?

Of course not. These three, as well as many others, tell lies as often as they breathe. 

Life is tough enough without creating artificial problems

So, unfortunately, unhappy people are in control of influential positions in this country. 

And because of this, a false and dangerous premise exists that America is suffering from systemic racism. 

A patently false belief.

Both statistically and historically, America has taken gigantic steps towards racial equality. Successful individuals such as Michael Johnson, Carl Lewis, and Justin Gatlin celebrated this fact. 

Millions of Americans can attest to have experienced the true equality of America as they continue to get on with the business of life.

Life is tough enough without creating artificial problems.

Only unhappy people push falsehoods to advance a political agenda or fill a void in their flawed characters.

We should feel sorry for those who sadly want to divide the country due to their own defects, but we should also remember to protect ourselves and our country from such individuals’ actions.

George Floyd’s death is terrible, but the real tragedy is the mainstream media ignoring the many innocent people killed and millions of dollars worth of property destroyed during the BLM summer riots.

Until we get healthy, mature adults back into authority positions, we will continue to see harmful, hypocritical decisions being made. 

We will continue to see fires trying to be put out with gasoline and the actual cause of suffering ignored.


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Minneapolis The Natives are getting restless as female police commander mistakenly draws her gun thinking it was a taser

By Jim Campbell

April 12th, 2021

I like the police, they represent in our world today, the thin blue line separating us from and anarchy.

As the story goes at this point an overzealous female watch commander thought she was going to use her taser but pulled and shot her gun instead.

Whatever her rank, she needs additional training and would do well to play the role of a desk sergeant for the next six months to a year.

We have another case of death by cop combined with driving while black.

According to the Star Tribune, relatives of Duante Wright, 20, told a growing crowd in Brooklyn Center that he was shot by police in Plymouth on Sunday afternoon, got back into his car and drove several blocks to Brooklyn Center, where he crashed the vehicle and was pronounced dead at the scene.

EMS audio reportedly indicated that paramedics arrived at the scene at 1:48 p.m. local time and found one person dead.

A female passenger was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Nothing will change in the blue states whose governors incredulously want nothing to do with the police.

The voters addicted to the so called free stuff will not likely vote vote them out of office.

If the Biden administration gave a damn about the unnecessary loss of life among blacks they might hold a conference where those involved could discuss how to deescalate the matter.

This would begin by getting those involved to admit that “All lives matter,” as a starting point then move on.


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