Judge LEVELS Welfare Queen Mother Of 16 Who Says: “Somebody Needs To Pay For ALL My Children”

Another clear example of the socialist mind and our dysfunctional government in Washington, D.C.

No where in the U.S. Constitution of the Bill of Rights does it say that We the People as U.S. Taxpayers must pay for her complete ignorance.

There is the part of me that thinks…this woman was raised to not-think, she does not know any better.



There is another part of me that says, everyone should know better…this is just too much.

What would be wrong with as a contingency to keep receiving welfare payments and healthcare she would be required to have her tubes tied?



Another option would be to require her to receive a shot of Depo Provera as 3 month contraceptive before she receives additional assistance.

Of course none of my “Radical/rational ideas,” would be fought by the ACLU, the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and other groups that have Marxist leanings.

What about the “Promote the General Welfare Clause mentioned twice in the United States Constitution? (Source)

It doesn’t mean welfare for individuals it’s specific on welfare for the general population.

From Joe The Plumber

Of “Hey, that sounds like socialism to me,” fame.

Dec. 17, 2017



What kind of person, no, I mean what kind of mother goes out and has 16 children from three separate fathers and then thinks that everyone other than her, and her three fathers, should be responsible for all the kids?

Those poor children…

She is demanding that the government pay for her and her family, and she’s not requesting because she wants help, she is saying that it is owed to her and how dare the government not be on top of it already.


She wants everything paid for people…everything.

We’re talking rent, furniture, clothing, utilities, food, and she said that someone must pay for it all.

Well, the state did, as well as others who stepped up to cover her costs. At least for a time.

It doesn’t appear that this woman works and most recently one of the fathers who is father to 10 of the children was arrested after being busted for cocaine.

This is when her entitlement statements came out.

The judge straight up told this woman that she should be grateful for all the help and assistance she has received and that she should stop demanding that others should be responsible for her way of life.

Seems like common sense right?

Sadly..it’s not.

What are your thoughts on this?

She is not the first to think this way and the way our country has been hit during Obama’s reign she is certainly not going to be the last.



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Putin calls Trump to thank him for CIA tip that thwarted bombings in Russia

Imagine if you will that metastatic cancer was catching.

Islam and the radical jihadists it produces is no different.


Peace loving nations must work together sharing intelligence to kill the disease.



The White House on Sunday confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin called President Trump to thank him.



Putin called Trump “to thank him for a CIA tip that thwarted bombings,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed the report and said the White House would follow-up with more information.

The Washington Examiner

By Eddie Scarry

The two leaders also spoke Thursday and on the call, the White House said Trump “thanked President Putin for acknowledging America’s strong economic performance” earlier in the day.

The Associated Press reported Friday Russian authorities arrested seven people claiming to be members of the Islamic State who were planning bombings in St. Petersburg during the weekend.

The AP reported authorities searched a St. Petersburg apartment and found explosives, automatic weapons and extremist literature.



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From the sidelines at Farrakhan Stadium

By Jim Campbell

December 17, 2017

Look out, their jersey numbers may differ but they have been cloned.

The players’ creative and colorful hair styles…the artful choreography and expertly timed twerking…their dedication to Social Justice as they compete to make the Sports Center highlight reel.


These all play a part in the pomp and pageantry that makes College Football so popular with the fans. 


H/T to Earl for the image

Add to this the fact that the players are all accomplished Scholars, who only play sports for the exercise and a brief respite from their ponderous academic workloads.

They have no desire for money or fame.

All they want to do is play and dance and maybe get a nice car.


The video above is amazing, the athletic prowess of college players in any sport is something to behold.



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Attorney Lisa Bloom BUSTED arranging payment for Trump accusers days before election

A well-known women’s rights lawyer sought to arrange compensation from donors and tabloid media outlets for women who made or considered making sexual misconduct allegations against Donald Trump during the final months of the 2016 presidential race, according to documents and interviews.

Of special note:  It’s interesting that the daughter was able to get these cases instead of Allred.

At 76 the aging barracuda likely has lost the luster that made her so infamous.

In the near future she will likely become a poster girl for botox just like Nancy Pelosi.


The Hill

December 17, 2017

California lawyer Lisa Bloom’s efforts included offering to sell alleged victims’ stories to TV outlets in return for a commission for herself, arranging a donor to pay off one Trump accuser’s mortgage and attempting to secure a six-figure payment for another woman who ultimately declined to come forward after being offered as much as $750,000, the clients told The Hill.

The women’s accounts were chronicled in contemporaneous contractual documents, emails and text messages reviewed by The Hill, including an exchange of texts between one woman and Bloom that suggested political action committees supporting Hillary Clinton were contacted during the effort. (Source)

Look familiar? She’s Gloria Allred’s daughter. (Source)

Bloom, who has assisted dozens of women in prominent harassment cases and also defended film executive Harvey Weinstein earlier this year, represented four women considering making accusations against Trump last year. Two went public, and two declined.

In a statement to The Hill, Bloom acknowledged she engaged in discussions to secure donations for women who made or considered making accusations against Trump before last year’s election.

“Donors reached out to my firm directly to help some of the women I represented,” said Bloom, whose clients have also included accusers of Bill Cosby and Bill O’Reilly.

One Bloom client who received financial help from Bloom was New York City makeup artist Jill Harth.

The former beauty contestant manager filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Trump in 1997 and then withdrew it under pressure.

The news media discovered the litigation during the election, and Harth’s name became public in the summer of 2016.

She asked Bloom to represent her in the fall after hearing Trump describe her allegations against him as false, and became a vocal critic of Trump.

“I consider myself lucky to have had Lisa Bloom by my side after my old lawsuit resurfaced.

She advised me with great competence and compassion,” Harth told The Hill.



Bloom said her goal in securing money was not to pressure the women to come forward, but rather to help them relocate or arrange security if they felt unsafe during the waning days of a vitriolic election.

She declined to identify any of the donors.

And while she noted she represented sexual harassment victims for free or at reduced rates, she also acknowledged a standard part of her contracts required women to pay her commissions as high as 33 percent if she sold their stories to media outlets.

“Our standard pro bono agreement for legal services provides that if a media entity offers to compensate a client for sharing his or her story we receive a percentage of those fees.

This rarely happens.


See the entire article below.


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Be careful you can put your eyes out with that : A early Christmas special

I’ve always wondered how a little kid could put his eye out with his Daisy pump action B.B. gun while he was pointing it at another kid?

Never made any sense then, still makes no sense now.

I used mine to shoot at sparrows who were eating apples from our apple tree.

When they were leaving the apples alone I shot them anyway, need to practice, right?



You surely have a special  someone in your life for whom you’ve just got to get a Christmas present.


But since he’s on the wagon, is allergic to fruitcake, and doesn’t wear ties, you’re stuck.

And long ago you concluded that Ralphie’s mom was right when she told him he’d lose an eye with that BB gun, so that’s not an option.

Full movie here.

I’ve also wondered if there is any  truth to the rumor that the Daisy B.B. Gun and the movie were funded by the NRA with the covert attempt to turn young lads into pro Second Amendment gun rights advocates.

And we can’t forget the worlds gun manufactures.




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Another one bites the dust: Rep. Ruben Kihuen won’t seek re-election amid sexual harassment accusations

This is certainly another way to drain the swamp, but it benefits no one.

Many in congress on both sides of the aisle should be thrown out of office for their failure to follow their oath to honor the United States Constitution.

Their sexual peccadilloes be damned.

Who does it serve to have members of the “Deep State,” making life miserable on our officials so that the will resign?

The Washington Examiner

By Katie Leach 


Rep. Ruben Kihuen, D-Nev., announced Saturday that he will not seek re-election after multiple women came forward accusing him of sexual impropriety. (Music)

While he repeated his denial of the allegations, the freshman congressman said that they would detract from his ability to focus on the issues during a re-election campaign.



“I want to state clearly again that I deny the allegations in question,” Kihuen said in a statement. (Say it under oath)

“I am committed to fully cooperating with the House Ethics Committee and look forward to clearing my name.” (Sure he does)

Kihuen will now be know as “Invisible Man.”

See the entire article below.


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Mueller improperly obtained transition documents in Russia probe: Violation of the IV Amendment

As readers will recall, this entire mess started out with former Director of the FBI being named Special Prosecutor to determine if there was any collusion between President Trump and members of his administration.

As it is beginning to look now, more of Mueller’s crew will be terminated for illegal doings on behalf of Mueller and his team.

Goodbye, good riddance, and don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.



Justice can never be served when those in power violate the law, in this case the IV Amendment.


By John Roberts, Alex Pappas 

December 16, 2017




Exclusive — A lawyer for the Trump presidential transition team is accusing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office of inappropriately obtaining transition documents as part of its Russia probe, including confidential attorney-client communications, privileged communications and thousands of emails. 

In a letter obtained by Fox News and sent to House and Senate committees on Saturday, the transition team’s attorney alleges “unlawful conduct” by the career staff at the General Services Administration in handing over transition documents to the special counsel’s office.

The transition legal team argues the GSA “did not own or control the records in question” and the release of documents could be a violation of the 4th Amendment – which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures.

Kory Langhofer, the counsel to Trump for America, wrote in Saturday’s letter that the GSA handed over “tens of thousands of emails” to Mueller’s probe without “any notice” to the transition.

The attorney argues some of the documents include confidential attorney-client and privileged communications.

The attorney said they discovered the “unauthorized disclosures” by the GSA on December 12th and 13th and raised concerns with the special counsel’s office.


See the entire article below.


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