The Bell Just Rang, And We Know EXACTLY For Whom

crew-2231211A significant number of ignorant voters will do exactly what you suggest.


The problem as I see it, is in doing so, they have no idea how their votes will influence what will be the most important election in modern times for the U.S. Presidency.

If Hillary should be alive long enough to win, it will be a continuation of Obama’s failed policies by any conceivable metric but delivered in an orange pants suit.


Jeez the entire country has grown tired of your fake simile and orange coveralls.

With a Donald Trump victory we are assured a big start in turning around the economic, military and foreign policy debacles Obama has put our country through the past 7 and 1/2 years.

Despite what the polls, which have been all over the place are trying to tell us, as in they have no interest in We the People having the truth.

Trump will crush the beast. 

Take that to the bank, the only thing that will stop him is a complete theft of the election and that will bring on war.

The Flippin Truth


Nwo Report

Screenshot Reuters 8:25:16Source: Steve Stevens

Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump has narrowed to 5 points, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Friday. The same poll on Tuesday showed Clinton leading by 12 points. She was up by 8 points in last Friday’s Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Hillary registers 41 percent support among likely voters, while Trump claims 36 percent. Twenty-three percent said they wouldn’t vote or would pick another candidate.


Libertarian Party Candidate Gary Johnson


Pick another candidate?

As far as those who have plans to vote for Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) or Jill Stein (Green Party), I’ve often wondered what it must feel like to support one of the “flush your vote down the toilet” candidates.

Or what would possess someone to do so.

No wonder psychiatry continues to grow as an industry.



Green Party Candidate Jill Stein

Only the truly stupid would parade around the choice of not voting as a sign of intelligence, a sign of “being above it all.”

By the way, I’ve got news for you conservatives who say you’re going to “vote your conscience”—not voting, or writing in a vote isn’t a sign of conscience, it’s a sign of surrender. Don’t be stupid, if only for the sake of the Supreme Court.

While Hillary seems to continue to show a slight margin among younger voters, Trump has just raised his 35 and up demographic, and continued to solidify his hold on the 65+ crowd.

This makes sense, according to the famous quote by Winston Churchill that has now become an old adage: “If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart; if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.”

Then there are those who tell us they’re undecided. It has been my experience that those who tell us they are undecided tell us that so others will perceive them to be thoughtful and open-minded. Everyone who wants to be cool is an “independent.”




If he were as he wants us to believe, how can he be an undecided voter?  He’s not he’s an ignorant fool.


With the choices as stark in contrast as they are this cycle, if you’re still undecided, it only means that you have no core beliefs, no defining philosophy. In short, it means you’re a moron or worse.

So please, spare us the preening and strutting.

Right now, looking at the electoral map, it’s looking like 272 Clinton, 154 Trump—with 270 needed to win.

Toss-ups come in at 112.

If Trump were to get all the toss-ups to vote for him, that would still only total 266, so he’s going to need to get all the toss-ups, and at least one of the “leaning Clinton” states.

Fear not Mr. Trump will do that and far more.



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2 Responses to The Bell Just Rang, And We Know EXACTLY For Whom

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Reblogged this on .


  2. Dave the Differentiator says:

    I have been and remain very skeptical of these so-called POLLS!

    NOW, we all know the MSM (main stream media) is spinning every fact or claim as a fact and is not honest and cannot be trusted.

    At some point TRUMP must place ads that so the VIDEOS of Hillary’s lies and crimes.

    People can not be allowed to TRUST Hillary without the facts being crammed down her throat.

    I would think that five or ten days of Bill Whittle videos and others like Wild Bill and this entire group would be sufficient.

    Hillary is a LIAR!

    Hillary is a KILLER!

    Hillary needs to be put into a home for the criminally insane!


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