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Some facts are more difficult that others to buy

By Jim Campbell The 2020 election would be the death of Hillary Clinton. Her narcissism and ego will not allow her to look at reality. Even if she did, there is a serious chance she would not see it. Very … Continue reading

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Will Mueller drop something really big today?

Comment by Jim Campbell I’m not expecting anything anytime soon. Mueller has become addicted to the spot light and he knows if he is ever sent to prison he will be in solitary confinement for his safety because the lights … Continue reading

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Far-Left Billionaires Soros, Steyer Uniting to Remake America

By Jim Campbell August 31st, 2018 Tom Steyer has more than a few screws loose. What needs to be remade? With the exception of completely exterminating progressives like Steyer and his ilk in the U.S. Congress, things are going well. … Continue reading

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Teen Xanax Abuse Is Surging

Comments by Jim Campbell August 31st, 2018 This is indeed an interesting article but it is fraught with incorrect information. Disclaimer:  I worked for the original developer of  Xanax the Upjohn Company from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Upjohn was eventually taken over … Continue reading

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So how do we get to the truth when members of the left willingly commit perjury ?

By Jim Campbell August 30th, 2018   Cohen and Manafort did not implicate Trump – actually just the opposite. IMO – these two guys were a part of the leaks in the Trump Team in the Administration. These two guys … Continue reading

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NPR: Over 66 Percent of Claimed of School Shootings Never Happened

 Comments By Jim Campbell August 29, 2018 One certainly doesn’t need a gun to kill someone. When we look at the number of shootings in the U.S. which are certainly horrible, they pale by comparison of other manners of homicide … Continue reading

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Federal government laws stifle the American worker

Comment by Jim Campbell August 29th, 3018 It’s not just the federal government but government at all levels.   Pleasse ask yourselves, when was the last time a government passed a law in the U.S. that granted us more freedom … Continue reading

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