They just keep going and going until they are gone

By Jim Campbell

September 26th, 2021

Perhaps Jill Biden said it most succinctly when she noted “When Joe gets tossed, I’m gone.”

I’m a Dr., I’m not changing his diapers.”


Theme Song for Biden Administration. Here.

Joe Biden left the White House on Friday for another few days outside of Washington, as he now regularly runs from the White House every weekend. 

According to Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s new book, Joe Biden reportedly hates living in the White House, describing it as “the grave.”

In the words of 46* chief of staff, Ron Klain, “He doesn’t feel comfortable living in the White House.”

Guess what Joe, “We the People don’t feel comfortable with you living in the White House either!!!


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5 Responses to They just keep going and going until they are gone

  1. Annie says:

    So Biden is saying that he hates the White House as he refers it as being a “grave?” Well, he already has one foot in the grave now with the other foot following. And he had better get his facilities together in asking forgiveness and really meaning it, as right now this evil-doer will not be seeing heaven, as he doesn’t serve “The God”, only “a god” which is his god Satan. What goes around comes around, and with his dementia stage of total confusion, he’s in fast pursuit in reaching his goal in the winning of his own demise.


  2. JAFC says:

    The Line of Succession is worse. The current top three:

    1. Biden (a moron)
    2. Harris (a maniac)
    3.Pelosi (a demon)


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