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Will She or won’t She?: Part II

By Jim Campbell September 19th, 2018   Ladies and gentlemen, please start your engines, fasten your seat belts and tighten your crash helmets. Even if Judge Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed and seated on the nation’s Highest Court, the left will still … Continue reading

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Deep State Unmasked: State Department on Hidden Cam, “Resist Everything,” “I Have Nothing to Lose”

By Jim Campbell September 18, 2018 We can’t count on the FBI to go after the truth in a non-partisan way. For that to happen, the entire leadership must be terminated. It’s guys like James O’Keefe from Project Veritas, Julian … Continue reading

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The legacy of Barack Obama: Shockingly it’s Worse Than Anyone Can Imagine

Comment by Jim Campbell September 18th,  2018 Non-revisionist Historians will write his legacy and it will not be anything that he would want passed along to his family. Most of his Executive Orders were unconstitutional and he spent more money … Continue reading

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Proud Member of the Virulent Dregs of Society!

Comment by Jim Campbell September 17, 2018 For his contributions to the federal government, make that acting as life insurance to Obama a building of a pavilion must be considered for him. Biden, never considered an intellectual heavy weight was … Continue reading

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Comment by Jim Campbell September 17th, 2018 If this woman actually makes it to the witness stand she will still be toast. Her recollections are inconsistent with those she has told her therapist who wrote them all down.     … Continue reading

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In case we haven’t been clear

Comment by Jim  Campbell September 17, 2018 Democrats have reached an all time low in their attempts to destroy anyone in their path. For Democrats, the ends justify the means.     It always has within the past fifty years … Continue reading

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When Art Gets A Social Justice Make Over

Comments by Jim Campbell September 17, 2018 Beards are not at all racist, how could they possibly be? Beards and hair follicles are incapable of thought unless they are progressive beards as has been shown on this sight, they are … Continue reading

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