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James Comey, Director FBI to personally question Hillary Clinton

There are a couple of things that remain to be cleared up on her testimony.   Will she be under oath and will she be allowed to bring an attorney with her who would advise her not to answer specific … Continue reading

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Illinois-Born Hillary to Queens-Bred Trump: You’re No New Yorker

Hillary Clinton who will be leaving the stage “Far left,” really has chutzpah.   Perhaps her brain injury has manifested itself again? Donald Trump has created a number of buildings and hotels, while creating unknown numbers of jobs with subsequent … Continue reading

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Obama to attend opening of the worlds largest mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is a member of NATO which is problematic as they are not friends of America and the Western World. At the beginning of the U.S. led coalition on Afghanistan and the bombing of the mountains and caves of Tora … Continue reading

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Hillary’s got a date with the F.B.I.

The FBI didn’t put in thousands of hours investigating the Clinton’s, Hillary in this case, to take her to the prom.   Of special note, is the finding that Loretta Lynch had to authorize the immunity arrangement for Bryan Pagliano … Continue reading

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You knew she would do it

By Jim Campbell,   In spite of fixing the N.Y. vote so that super delegates pledged to Bernie will cast their ballots for her, she’s still dead meat. Super delegates a corrupt tool designed to elect party establishment candidates like … Continue reading

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John Kerry’s New Terror Treason

Befriending Communist terrorists with American blood on their hands.   If it were not for Hillary Clinton, John Kerry would likely be the worst United States Secretary of State in United States History. The truth about John Kerry’s mysterious wounds … Continue reading

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Investigative project on terrorism: Islamist Terror Growing in Lethality and Geography

The massacres in Brussels and Paris are only the latest salvos in a heightening and devastating threat from radical Islamists globally.   Thank you Obama the proof is finally in on your failed foreign policy.     They illustrate troubling … Continue reading

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