Right-Wing Street Artist in LA Have the Leftist Elite Screaming WTF

 ‘I think leftism is a mental disorder’: is this artist the rightwing Banksy?


Says street artist Sabo shot to fame during the 2016 US election with his politically incorrect approach. Now he’s plastering LA with controversial works.

Anyone want to bet $5.00 the leftist media will run from this article like a scalded dog?

Of course, FOX went with it, that’s where the idea came from last month.

Many will disagree with his take, once a democrat always a democrat.

That’s likely the artist who hasn’t made it big time likely point of view.

People tend to vote with their wallets.

‘Republicans are the new punk’ … posters of Donald Trump by the rightwing street artist Sabo. Photograph: Sabo

The guerrilla art movement is usually associated with leftwing politics. Banksy targets capitalism, consumerism, and inequality.

Blek le Rat, the father of stencil graffiti, depicts oppression and resistance.

Shepard Fairey gilded Barack Obama’s rise with the iconic “Hope” poster and now highlights the scapegoating of Muslims and the corporatization of US politics.

In the Trump era, the right, however, has its own guerrilla artist: Sabo, a former US marine who works from an apartment-cum-studio in Los Angeles beneath a sign that says “Fuck Tibet”. Another says “Fuck peace”.

Forget far-right populism – crypto-anarchists are the new masters.


Under cover of darkness, he peppers public spaces in LA with images and slogans targeting liberals, whom he associates with “pot-smoking lazy bums” hostile to western values. He puts the same images and slogans on posters, T-shirts and pins which he sells from his website and at Republican party gatherings across the US.

“I think leftism is a mental disorder,” Sabo, 49, said in an interview at his home. “I truly believe I’m fighting the good fight.”


The street artist Sabo on a street in Los Angeles. Photograph: Rory Carroll for the Guardian

The fight is proving lucrative. After a decade of inflammatory guerrilla art which yielded little money or recognition, Sabo is on a roll plastering images of Donald Trump, and most recently Milo Yiannopoulos, across LA.

In a city thrumming with opposition to the president, the artist is part of the resistance to the resistance, a figure feted in Republican circles who appears on Fox News, Breitbart, the Blaze and other conservative media outlets.

No longer behind on his rent or scrounging to buy a burger, he has bought a $7,000 industrial-size printer which fills a corner of his apartment.

“Republicans are the new punk,” said Sabo, echoing a slogan on his T-shirt also adorned with an image of Trump in a three-piece suit, looking rather rakish, giving the finger.

“I’m pretty much the only right-winger doing guerrilla art. I’m like patient zero, the first one doing this on our side.”

Several other rightwing street artists are in fact active in LA but prefer anonymity, thinking that gives their work more power. Some on the right consider Sabo a showboater.

He is not shy about self-promotion, calling himself a one-man rebuttal to Madonna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and other anti-Trump performers.

“I cater to the street urchins, the young people. I want them to understand that there’s another message out there.”

Critics consider Sabo’s work crude, bigoted, racist and misogynistic. He disputed that: “The blacks, the Jews, the underdogs – no one has a bigger heart for them than me.”

He has decorated his home with samples of his work: a framed toilet seat with Barack Obama’s face and mouth; a life-sized poster of Bernie Sanders with Soviet tattoos and diaper “full of free shit”; a billboard-style portrait of Hillary Clinton as a maniacal queen.

Another billboard declares that “Black lives are just matter”, accompanied by a Planned Parenthood logo and an abortion-themed punchline: “We’ve killed more blacks than the klan.”


The street artist Sabo at his LA studio. Photograph: Rory Carroll for the Guardian



Sabo – a pseudonym derived from a tank munition called sabot – made his breakthrough in the GOP primaries with a poster of Ted Cruz as a tattooed, muscled convict.

It went viral and Cruz’s campaign embraced the bad boy image, though later distanced itself when Sabo was accused of racism. Still, revenues rolled in and Sabo was famous.

He scored another hit during the general election with an image of a grinning skull with yellow hair labelled “The deplorables” – a riff on a Clinton blunder about Donald Trump’s supporters.

It earned him $20,000 in a single day and inspired copycats.

Ironically, Sabo deplored Trump during the primaries, calling him a circus clown who would hand the White House to Clinton. He said the average Trump voter was a “moron” and depicted Trump as “Il douche”, a play on Il Duce, with his hair forming a Mussolini-style helmet.

The artist Sabo beside the Ted Cruz poster that made his name. Photograph: Rory Carroll for the Guardian

Sabo now says he is “cautiously optimistic” about the president. “The day I came to love Donald Trump was when I saw how hard he was kicking liberals in the teeth.”

He trolled inauguration protests around LA’s city hall by posting fake advertisements mimicking the Fox TV show 24, keeping the text “New Day, New Hero” but replacing the star, Corey Hawkins, with Trump, and 24 with 45, a reference to the 45th president.

Sabo grew up in Texas and operated tanks in the marines before studying art in LA, then drifted into street art in the 1990s. He says he became disgusted with liberals after they “circled the wagons” to defend

He says he became disgusted with liberals after they “circled the wagons” to defend Bill Clinton from rape allegations.


The left, he said, has mastered cultural and political “dark arts” and “weaponised” Hollywood, the FBI, the IRS, universities and other institutions to promote a nefarious agenda.

He claimed Islam was taking over Europe and espoused debunked conspiracy theories: Obama is a Muslim who sought to undermine America, and senior Democrats literally worship the devil and run pedophile rings.

“I truly believe Hillary is demonic.”

Challenged for evidence, Sabo cited leaked emails, which online conspiracy theorists claimed proved the accusations. “I’m a fan of logic and reason.”

The fan of logic and reason also lamented America’s polarization.

“The whole climate is sick right now.” Asked if his work contributed to that sickness, Sabo shook his head.

“The left are the ones who dehumanise.”




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The Presstitutes


By Jim Campbell

June 19, 2017


This site no longer uses the Washington Post as a source, since it was purchased by Amazon multimillionaire Jeff Bezos.


The paper at one time was considered credible, this is no longer the case.


                                                                                    Of course, they are Ho’s


The are working at their last respite on the way to MSNBC which has no credibility whatsoever. 

Of course, they could join NBC whose brainchild it was to hire Megan Kelly and that is seriously turning to a situation where she finds herself on the wrong side of the fan when the shit starts blowing.

For her part could it be possible that Megan did the backstroke to enhance her career?

Couldn’t happen to a phonier person.




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Strategic Logic

By Jim Campbell

June 18, 2017


Here is something for the alternative left, deep state weenies and progressive bots to chew on while they work on their future dead legislation. 

It’s clear that the progressives on the left likely understand, and I’m using broad strokes that the beginning of this sentence.

I’m not sure they understand much of anything other thank using their stalling techniques slow down moving the United States economy and subsequent wealth creation forward.


If they cared about their constituents, they wouldn’t be a member of the progressive party.

Brainwashed fools, don’t be waiting for any of them to vote with Republicans on any legislation of significance that will help “Make America Great Again.”



Of course, there’s a song for that.




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Cultural Appropriation: The Good and Bad Things

Cultural appropriation certainly can be a bad thing epecially when it pertains to some seriously,“Black Lives Matters,” ignorant Knee Grows.


Who else cares?

It shouldn’t be covered but it is.

Seriously? All lives matter with the exception of the majority of lefty’s particularly when the topic of abortion is discussed.


Well, that would be with exceptions like Senator Elizabeth Warren who played her “Indian Card,” to get into law school and to further the insult teach at law school while a sitting U.S. Senator. (Source)


When Warren’s financial records were released it was revealed that Harvard loved having a U.S. Senator as a professor.

Harvard Law paid Warren $350,000 to teach a single course!

But Warren’s outrageous compensation is the issue. Harvard pays the adjuncts who teach many of its undergraduate classes an average of $11,037.

And unlike a CEO, all Warren did was show up for a little bit and then go back to her real business as a lawyer and government consultant. (Source)

It’s political theater by a lifelong fraud who began her career as a fake Indian, was a fake Republican and is now a fake Socialist.

It would be easier to find a garden spot on Mars than a single honest moment in the career of Elizabeth Ann Herring-Warren.



By Michael Barone
June 15th, 2017

Cultural appropriation” has become the latest evil denounced by soi-disant social justice warriors, on campus and off. Examples:

“I was taught that white people shouldn’t listen to rap music because its cultural appropriation and could be offensive to my classmates,” writes Pomona College student Steven Glick in The Washington Post.

Young women wearing bindis (Hindu forehead adornments) and feathered headdresses at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival should be ashamed, declares Teen Vogue, because that’s cultural appropriation.


Yoga, as you may be relieved to learn from The Huffington Post, is not necessarily cultural appropriation. “But it’s complicated,” the writer adds. “It is really important to honor and appreciate where a practice comes from, or we risk appropriating it.” Got that? Really important.

Sometimes individuals take it into their own hands to punish cultural appropriation — for example, when a Hampshire College student interrupted a women’s basketball game to insist that a Central Maine Community College player remove the braids from her hair.

See the entire article below.


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The ‘Resistance’ Goes Live-Fire


The Left has called for unprecedented levels of “Resistance”. This includes even the Former Attorney General of the United States, Loretta Lynch, calling for “blood in the streets,”

David Simon, the writer for the television show ‘The Wire’, urged people to “pick up a brick”. 


Film producer Paul Schrader wrote, “I believe this is a call to violence” 

Angry lesbian Lea DeLaria of “Orange Is the New Black” proclaimed that she was ready to “pick up a baseball bat and take out every f–kin republican and independent I see.” 



Even Hillary’s running mate Tim Kaine urged people to “fight in the streets.”

Protestors have called for violence against Trump and the Republicans as part of their rhetoric, even before Trump had taken the oath of office.

Colleges students have passed out fliers calling for violence against Trump and his administration.

Vox published a call to violently riot in protest of a Trump visit.

The City of Berkeley let the AntiFa protesters begin a street fight and riot in order to silence a pro-Trump speaker.

The Huffington Post, let’s not forget, published an article stating that violence was a good response to Trump, and this before he was even the official nominee.

The author even said it was a logical response to Trump.

Kathy Griffin, the reader can make up their minds if that was a call for violence or an approval of the sentiment, but in the end, it’s the same thing.

And there’s Snoop Dog and his video executing the president.

The Left has bred this problem.

The Left has allowed this problem to grow.

Please tell us all about it Bernie: Go back to Moscow where you belong.


The Left (Democrats, Hillary supporters, Bernie Bros, Antifas et al.) must tone down their repeated calls for violence.

Otherwise, what happened yesterday is only going to be the least of what will happen.

Calling for violence because your side lost an election when the systems and processes for peaceful change still exist, is not acceptable!! 

But, if you insist on violence, you will most certainly lose.

The 'Resistance' Goes Live-Fire
June 15, 2017
The explosion of violence against conservatives across the country is being intentionally ginned up by Democrats, reporters, TV hosts, late-night comedians and celebrities who compete with one another to come up with the most vile epithets for Trump and his supporters.

They go right up to the line, trying not to cross it, by, for example, vamping with a realistic photo of a decapitated Trump or calling the president a “piece of s—” while hosting a show on CNN.

The media are orchestrating a bloodless coup, but they’re perfectly content to have their low-IQ shock troops pursue a bloody coup.

See the entire article below.


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US military warns of Shabaab resurgence, strikes ‘command and logistics node’

Warn them?


Well, I suppose this is an excellent way to do so.

The world will remain in chaos as long as jihadists in the Middle East and Africa choose war and killing instead of love with their goats and sheep.




While announcing an airstrike that targeted a Shabaab “command and logistics node” in southern Somalia, the US military warned of al Qaeda’s resurgence in the country and said it has “taken advantage of safe haven.”


                                                U.S. Airstrike on Al Shabbab

The strike is the first announced by the US military since the Trump administration declared that it would expand operations against al Qaeda’s branch in Somalia.


US Africa Command, or AFRICOM, announced that it targeted a “command and logistics node at a camp located approximately 185 miles southwest of Mogadishu in a stronghold for the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Shabaab organization” in an airstrike. AFRCOM assessed that eight Shabaab operatives were killed.

AFRICOM’s worrying assessment of Shabaab’s revival in Somalia is an admission that efforts by the US, African Union, and Somali government to contain and defeat the group over the past several years have failed.

The US Department of Defense admitted as much in late March, when it announced that the Trump administration approved “additional precision fires” to target Shabaab throughout Somalia.

The Pentagon’s desire to actively target Shabaab reflects the growing concern that al Qaeda’s branch in East Africa is gaining strength despite the presence of both African Union and US forces, and it is plotting to attack the West. Shabaab used a sophisticated laptop bomb in an attempt to down a Somali airliner in 2016.

There is no current video availabe for this articlem the one below is a year old.

Big shock, notihing has changed.



Today’s strike is part of an overarching effort to “degrade the al-Qaeda affiliate’s ability to recruit, train and plot external terror attacks throughout the region and in America.”

The AFRICOM statement also acknowledged that the African Union and Somali forces have suffered significant losses at the hands of Shabaab:

In the last eight months, al-Shabaab has overrun three African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) Forward Operating Bases by amassing large numbers of fighters and attacking in overwhelming numbers.

Al-Shabaab has also increased its combat capability by seizing heavy weaponry, armored vehicles, explosives, small arms, ammunition, and other miscellaneous supplies during its operations overrunning Burundian National Defense Forces FOB Leego, Ugandan People’s Defense Force FOB Janaale, and Kenyan Defense Force FOB Ceel Ad.

See the entire article below:  Smoke um if you got um.

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If the United States Supreme Court takes this case when it comes back to work in October, it will be anything but a slam dunk.


The makeup of the court will certainly be important with Justice Gorsuch’s recent appointment.

Cities, counties, and states apparently believe their rulings are more important than the United States Constitution and the Second Amendment.

There are over 300,000,000 legal gun owners in the United States of America.

Will the Supreme Court take the chance at turning law-abiding citizens into criminals according to their whim?

More to follow in October.


The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is the most frequently overturned appeals court by the United States Supreme Court. (Source)



A landmark ruling came down on February 14, 2014 Peruta v. County of San Diego.

A three-judge panel from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down San Diego County Sheriff William Gore’s policy requiring that law-abiding adults prove they have a special need in order to establish a “good cause” to be issued a license to carry a firearm in public before he would issue them one.

Being able to protect one’s life isn’t reason enough?

The Peruta ruling affirmed that the Second Amendment protects a law-abiding citizen’s right to bear arms outside of home–in some manner.

In other words, the court held that while the government can regulate and even ban some forms of carry (like open or concealed) it cannot ban all forms of carry.

California law generally provides only one way to lawfully carry arms in public, i.e., with a carry license.

If the Peruta decision stands, California sheriffs and police chiefs will no longer be able to deny licenses to carry to people simply because they cannot prove that they have a special need for the license.

Under the legal precedent established by the Peruta case, governments in other Ninth Circuit jurisdictions will also have to provide their residents some way to carry.

While most already do, this will become an issue for the few holdout anti-Second Amendment cities and counties in California, and a few hold-out states in the Ninth Circuit, like Hawaii.

So what happens next?


See the entire article below.


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