Rubio wins GOP Senate primary in Florida

crew-2231211For me Marco Rubio represents just another solid  Republican vote in the U.S. Senate.


If he doesn’t get his panties in a bunch !

For my money he acted like a petulant child during the debates, and would likely not stand for the National Anthem if here were and NFL football player and could get away with it.



Will the real Marco please stand up?



Marco Rubio won the Republican nomination for a second Senate term Tuesday night, a reversal of fortune after Florida GOP voters dealt a fatal blow to his presidential ambitions in a primary earlier this year.

With the Senate on the line, Republicans convinced the Florida lawmaker to seek re-election rather than retiring after only a single term. Rubio had planned to either be in the White House or the private sector next year. Winning his primary is the first step in extending his stay on Capitol Hill instead.

The primary field mostly cleared for Rubio when he decided to give it another go. The sole holdout among name candidates was builder Carlos Beruff. Rubio mostly ignored his primary opponent, refusing to debate him.

Beruff ran as a Donald Trump clone of sorts, hitting Rubio on missed votes and immigration, criticizing him for not being sufficiently supportive of the GOP presidential nominee, spending some $8 million to help self-fund his campaign.

Yet Beruff was unable to replicate Trump’s feat of actually beating Rubio in a Florida primary.






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9 Responses to Rubio wins GOP Senate primary in Florida

  1. GG says:

    The GOPe machine knows it has trouble insuring their RINOS are reelected without some form of cheating… Rubio was one of 4 running for
    his Senste seat.. Splinter the vote.. Just like Jeb was supposed to win the GOP POTUS Primary with 16 others to split the vote.. Didn’t work out for the Elite Chosen One…
    we have Fedzilla sic’ing DHS on We, the People to oversee the Nov. Election! This must not stand. Check it out


  2. upaces88 says:

    Go to any search engine: “How many Mosques are there in Flordia.”


  3. Just Simply Linda says:

    So, I was sitting there yesterday in my Contemp. Social Issues class thinking about something similar/petulant child. The professor (who is a hard nosed former judge) had us stand up and introduce ourselves. One student had the gall to complain about having to write three-15 page research papers–the judge goes, “I DON’T GIVE A RATS A$$ HOW YOU FEEL. GROW UP AND PUT YOUR BIG BOY PANTS. THERE’S THE DOOR IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT. LIFES HARD. YOUR MAMA AND DADDY AIN’T AROUND TO HOLD YOUR HANDS ANYMORE.”

    That is exactly how I personally feel about that football player and all the whiny little boys and girls out there this election. GROW UP. Just saying…lol

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  4. upaces88 says:

    I can’t possibly add to anything you said, Just Simply Linda! Your comment was perfect!


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