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IMF Admits Chinese Renminbi to Benchmark Currency Basket Alongside Dollar, Euro, Yen and Pound

The International Monetary Fund on Monday admitted China’s yuan into its benchmark currency basket in a victory for Beijing’s campaign for recognition as a global economic power.   The IMF’s executive board agreed to add the yuan, also known as … Continue reading

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Alert: Obama to hold EMERGENCY White House Press briefing

By Jim Campbell   In order to be called upon by their leader the White House Press Corps takes one for the team and converts to Islam.       Their leader whom they dutifully carry his water depends on … Continue reading


Let’s stop whining and start winning

It is no longer clear to me that Ben Carson has a seat at the table as far as being the Republican presidential nomination is concerned.   One thing is certain, his message in the video below takes Obama down … Continue reading

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Court Decision Comes Down in Muslim-Free Zone Gun Shop Case

Andy Hallinan made the declaration that he had “a moral and legal responsibility” to take action days after a Muslim-American man went on a shooting rampage at two Chattanooga, Tenn. military facilities by a gunman that left four Marines and one Navy … Continue reading

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Syrians are a Terror Threat, Here are the Numbers

Please don’t fall into the delusion that Obama doesn’t understand what he is doing.   He’s a conduit, and uses the Syrian situation to bring more terrorists to America in his quest to bring America down.   What, just one … Continue reading

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Federal Government to deport senior citizens

By Jim Campbell,   You knew it would happen. There is no money in the so-called Social Security “Trust Fund.” Greedy politicians blew the money to build a much bigger government that would be “Too big to fail.” Funny, as … Continue reading

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Hot Air from global Marxist’s

By Jim Campbell   Memo to Liberals: So called Man made climate Change is not only a myth, but also an attack on the existence of God. Obama and his wacky Liberal dullards at the climate change summit could reduce … Continue reading

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