Evil Prevails When Good People Only Phone in Their Parts

Comment by Jim Campbell

September 26th, 2021, doing nothing, has replaced watching baseball as our national past time.

Evil prevails when good men and women do nothing. And most of us have done NOTHING for plenty long now.

But the former Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, was the one who summed up best the Obamas’ politics: “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

Right now the fake news and plastic entertainment empire are finalizing preparations to hypnotize the gullible video dependents into helping the left and it’s propagandists completely take down America.

But wait !

But hey, we’ll just have to get it right next time. But no more whining about fake news, stolen elections or outrageous legislation or executive orders. Because it is those, on steroids, that biden & co. have used in killing America.

The Canada Free Oress

By Dave Merrick

September 26, 2021

Evil Prevails When Good People Only Phone In Their PartsWhat’s her face, ‘psaki’, the woman with the ugly red hair who does much of Biden’s lying for him, commented that videos of US Border Patrol Agents slapping at illegal aliens trying to get in our country were “horrific.”

Please see the entire article below.

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4 Responses to Evil Prevails When Good People Only Phone in Their Parts

  1. 4farmgirl says:

    The American people (and “free” peoples the world over) have given up critical thinking and have put their faith in corrupt and unethical governmental leaders and big tech who have everything to gain from the control of people and taking away the freedoms of the common person. Wealth and greed have become the politics of the world and “real science” has become undebatable. Critical thinking has become unacceptable and about to become against the law. I will not comply!


    • JCscuba says:

      Few among us have been taught critical thinking skills. Those who have or taught themselves represent a threat to our current minders. I’m not negative on “Big Tech,” it provides high paying jobs with benefits that smaller employers can’t afford. Just a thought.


      • 4farmgirl says:

        Agree about big corporations and jobs, but they also exercise more “control” over our government and our freedoms than the people should allow. We need to start over with a clean constitutional government .


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