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Is there a Relationship between Happiness and Joy?

By Jim Campbell January 8th, 2018 The Video below nails it as well as adding to the narrative below. Now is the only time we have. It’s all about living in the present. Guilt is a useless emotion, one does … Continue reading

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Mueller’s Trump Collusion Conspiracy Theory Falls Apart

The continued witch hunt by Robert Mueller continues to sully the reputation of the vast majority of men and women who work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.   After blowing through around $7 million and putting on an exciting … Continue reading

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Any doubt why Samantha Power was picked by Obama to be Ambassador to the United Nations?

Excuse me? The United States is a Liberal Democracy? Only in her Marxist delusional mind. The only thing that is the least bit shocking is that Obama picked a white broad for the position. Little did we know how much … Continue reading

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How Trump Is Saving The West

The left’s progressives, don’t get it and never will. It doesn’t fit with their agenda or view of the world. Their propaganda arm are the boys and girls who carry their water in the United States Media. They believe in … Continue reading

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Embattled FBI admits it can’t verify dossier claims of Russia, Trump campaign collusion

That gurgling sound you may be hearing is the sound of Robert E. Muller going under for the third time. Mueller is slime and has wasted the taxpayers money on his personal witch hunt that will lead nowhere if there … Continue reading

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American, United, and Delta airlines should compete instead of crying to Uncle Sam for help

Competition is great for business, it drives innovation and make private businesses thrive. On the other hand, the government at any level avoids competition so that they can force us to accept what ever product or typically “Disservice,” they deliver. … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Christmas Card

If you can find a better one please send it along. Merry Christmas and Happy to all my friends in the Blogosphere. My Best, Christmas 2017  J.C. P.S. Prepare to laugh !   To my friends who send better one’s … Continue reading

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