The left in Washington smells fear

Comment by Jim Campbell

“The Strongest Smell of Fear is Coming From Government” – “It Smells Like Victory, Hold The Line” September 26, 2021

Neil Oliver hits the nail on the head again. 

I cannot recommend watching this monologue highly enough. 

As you have read on these pages, we hold the exact same opinion.


Smelling what on is thinking (Getty Images0

Mr. Oliver takes examples of what is happening in real time, such as Australia, and puts exactly the correct prism in place to consider them.

What Oliver is stating is supported by a basic truth in human nature:Control is a reaction to fear‘. 

As a consequence, the need for control is a conscious reaction to something being feared.   Those who live atop society, in politics or positions of affluence, are becoming increasingly fearful.

Recent references are not limited to COVID lockdowns and arbitrary totalitarian rules put into place. 

The way the government responded to the “yellow vest” movement in France; or the U.K. government efforts to fight Brexit; or the U.S. government response to Donald Trump’s election; these are all examples of those holding power being fearful of the us – a free people.   The elites are fearful, and they will lose.

Enough of this bloody foolishness. It’s time to start acting like Mel Gibson but in real time.

They need left -vs- right. They need identity politics. 

They need class war.  They need racism. They need support from Big Tech.  They need George Soros and the deep state as well as other sordid entities that we may have not become aware at this time.

They need to control the media.  [They are failing to control the message]

They need compartmentalized scrap-grabbers constantly looking down; because if enough people start looking up and seeing through the division, the masses will find unity.

Those who hold tenuous power know the intelligence agencies alone will not be able to protect them from a unified people.   It matters not what they do in the end.

We will win and they will be crushed stunningly in their defeat..

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9 Responses to The left in Washington smells fear

  1. These liberal idiots have their back to the wall, and all they can think of is to double down. They don’t realize the tsunami that is heading their way next November. Unless the Republicans do something incredibly stupid (and they’ve been known to do that!), it is going to take a massive voter fraud drive in all 50 states in order to save the House and the Senate!


  2. Annie says:

    How true this is! I just hope America wakes up to smell the stench of all of these decaying evil-doers in their on-going repeated lies and deceit to our country, its people and our allies. It’s time for us the patriots to put on our plate of armor and defend our land over the evilness which Biden and his Black House of Corruption has opened the gates of fear in trying to control us. They all are traitors and need to be stopped! I heard GITMO is full and another wing is hastily being built to house more of these traitors up for treason and murder; can’t come quick enough for me.


    • JCscuba says:

      They will all get a great whiff in hell when they sit burning in hell next to “Dead Ted,” at the entrance of his Bridge driving academy. xoxo J.C.


  3. PvtCharlieSlate says:

    The French have yellow vests; the Americans have black rifles.


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