Taking leave of our senses a new federal government mandate

crew-2231211I wouldn’t have gone with the above title because, those who are student’s of so-called “Man-caused climate change,” know it to be a hoax and based on no prospective science thus relying on models that couldn’t predict anything.




My real purpose was to make sure you didn’t miss today’s piece from Steven Crowder a comedian of Louder with Crowder fame. 

Enjoy, you will learn the basis of your beliefs, or at the very least have them refreshed while laughing as you do so.




Top 5 ‘Climate Change’ Myths Debunked : Actually that could go with virtually all myths the government and the media have attempted to sell us.

Louder with Crowder

By Courtney Kirchoff,

Tuesday August 30 2016

This one is for you Prius-driving, canvas tote bag-carrying hippies who refuse to shop at Amazon because of the cardboard boxes, who are always talking about “emissions” and “the polar bears.”

You know who you are. Thanks for caring for the environment, you hypocritical weasels. Guess what? A lot of that crap you believe? It’s just that. Crap. And it’s okay to think critically about it.


Good news is these sources are renewable. The bad news is they’ll make you climate-change nuts look like the morons we always knew you were.

Take these facts and put shove them your hybrid.

Then push the hybrid off a cliff.


Sources? We have them.

See them below the fold.

MYTH: The world is getting hotter at a significant rate.
TRUTH: The world has gotten 1.7 degrees hotter since 1880.MYTH: Rise in CO2 is dangerous and can directly be traced to man-made emissions.
TRUTH: CO2 isn’t a pollutant. Most of the rise in CO2 is coming from natural sources. MYTH: The Ice Sheets are MELTING AWAY!
TRUTH: Antarctic Ice Sheet is growing by billions of tons. Also FAIL: Scientist That Predicted Ice Caps Would Melt in 2013… Now Claims 2016?

MYTH: Climate change models are reliable.
TRUTH: NOAA has been caught skewing data.

MYTH: Climate change is the consensus of scientists.
FACT: Not all scientists are in agreement over climate change. Also, manmade climate change is still a theory.

MYTH: Hybrid cars are better for the environment.
TRUTH: Not exactly. Production emissions are much higher, the minerals mined for the battered are typically done with little oversight on “non-green ways” and you’re still hurting the environment FAAAAR more by buying a new hybrid than buying used gas.

MYTH: The polar bears are dying off!
TRUTH: There are more polar bears than ever before. Do not ask a polar bear for a coke. It might kill you.


MOAR Sources

Tesla 4.9 billion in gov incentives.

Green energy companies like Solyndra taking tax dollars.

Also 2.2 billion in tax liabilities for similar programs under Obama

Ethanol subsidies

German government admits transition to “renewable energy” has been a failure

EPA woefully inept here. Colorado river contaminated.

Government government admits “renewable energy” fail.

Inconvenient Truth predictions all wrong

7 major climate predictions wrong

Darwinian racism and MOAR Darwinian Racism



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1 Response to Taking leave of our senses a new federal government mandate

  1. Dave the Differentiator says:

    The liars at NYT and other MSM (main stream media) publications areb the cause of the miss-information.


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