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First Response Received Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on SB. 2230 the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act

Corey Gardner is a RINO who the pot heads in Colorado chose to vote into another 6 years in the Senate.   His response, a form letter, is tepid, and didn’t answer my friends question. He merely responded that he … Continue reading

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New Friends with something in common

Having already downed a few power drinks, she turns around, faces him, looks him straight in the eye and says,     “Listen here, good looking. I will screw anybody, anytime, anywhere, their place, my place,   in the car, … Continue reading

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An excellent way to deal with a completely phony far left issue

By Jim Campbell,   This site does not recommend violence of any type when dealing with assholes.   Some times dad got to do what dads got to do when looking out for their daughters. Showering with the opposite sex … Continue reading

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Who pays for protestors signs

This should come as no surprise to those who have followed the most interesting race in U.S. Presidential History.   On the one hand we have Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist/Marxist, running as and independent against the Hillary Clinton, an … Continue reading

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Trump at war with press over donations to veterans’ groups

By Jim Campbell,   Well now, it looks like Mario Cuomo, the past Governor of New York, bouncing baby boy Chris has tripped on his pecker as Donald Trump reveals  the exact amount given to each organization that helps our … Continue reading

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The Liberal Blind Spot

An open exposé of the arrogance of the progressive left in academia, documenting their fear of conservative professors now entering the social sciences and countering the lefts strong hold on indoctrination and brainwashing while exposing students to differing points of … Continue reading

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Obama’s Ho Chi Minh Trail

Obama’s recent “Bowing tour,” to Vietnam is further indication that this fool must be put under house arrest locking down the White House with orders given to the Secret Service to shoot him on sight should he even attempt to … Continue reading

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Effectively Dealing with Muslims and Islam

This is great, not only have the Israels provided us with a solid strategic  partner in the Middle East, they bring us their fighting system Krav Maga and now a unique way of handling protestors.   It’s doubtful with our … Continue reading

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Things I trust more than Barack Obama

My favorite site next to ours ! Many of you have asked for a shorter version AKA ‘a sampler’ to share with your friends… here you go. It’s 5 Min 48 Sec video.. Originally published as “Things I trust more … Continue reading

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This memorial day let us not forget the assassination of a great president, John F. Kennedy

The possible reasons for his assassination are numerous. Here is just one.   Conspiracy Theory? Perhaps Theory?  Perhaps. The Truth?  Likely Far too much evidence is presented along with documents and videos of old vintage below to seriously ignore. (Source) … Continue reading

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