Who pays for protestors signs

crew-2231211This should come as no surprise to those who have followed the most interesting race in U.S. Presidential History.


On the one hand we have Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist/Marxist, running as and independent against the Hillary Clinton, an avowed progressive who is herself a socialist/Marxist, and no stranger to taking campaign donations from and foreign country including those with ties to the communist party. (Source)



 They find themselves running against Donald  Trump the Republican nominee who claims he can’t be b0ught.

With the exception of Mr. Trump, how dumb do the democrat candidates think their voters are?

The don’t think, they know, after all, they elected Obama.



Bob Avakian








It’s the Communists/Socialists supporting racial divisiveness and who support Hillary and Bernie. Neither “its” have ever worked anywhere, and all Muslim’s have to go with all illegals.

DO YOU KNOW who pays for the printed signs used in recent protests? 

See lettering at bottom of sign, or placard. 




If you’ve been watching the news, you undoubtedly have seen many people holding up signs.

Those people did not print them themselves.

On the bottom of the signs is the inscription: revcom.us

sickleTo see who printed them, go to:  http://www.revcom.us/ 

Draw your own conclusions.

And then send this to everyone on the planet!

Thank you!



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