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Here we go again: This time with more legitimate reasons

Comment’s by Jim Campbell February 11th, 2019 Let’s cut to the chase, if it wasn’t for the fact that Venezuela had the worlds largest oil reserves (Source) and the U.S. was using the Monroe Doctrine which prevents countries of its … Continue reading

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Obama’s Ho Chi Minh Trail

Obama’s recent “Bowing tour,” to Vietnam is further indication that this fool must be put under house arrest locking down the White House with orders given to the Secret Service to shoot him on sight should he even attempt to … Continue reading

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Raul Castro snubs Obama by not showing up at the Havana airport to greet him

It’s not every day a Marxist thug gets slapped by a third-word communist dictator.   After all of Obama’s butt kissing with Castro to open relations with Cuba, the dictator showed Obama like the most world leaders that Obama’s visit … Continue reading

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Pentagon Thwarts Obama’s Effort to Close Guantanamo

It’s a safe bet this is the beginning of a not so Happy New Year for the big eared skinny guy who hangs out in the Oval Office. The operation was called Strawberry Fields “Forever” Listen to the Beatles chilling … Continue reading

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Castro Brutalizes Cuban Dissidents for Wearing Obama Masks

As American Hotels are planning construction and cruise ships are putting Cuba on their lists of ports of call they still   fail to realize that normalizing relationships and lifting economic sanctions with the communist country will have little effect … Continue reading

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