Trump at war with press over donations to veterans’ groups

crew-2231211By Jim Campbell,


Well now, it looks like Mario Cuomo, the past Governor of New York, bouncing baby boy Chris has tripped on his pecker as Donald Trump reveals  the exact amount given to each organization that helps our Veterans.

Just another example of media malfeasance,  we have come to expect from the moribund media who attempt to brainwash us on a daily basis. 




I love it when they do that……You want real news?  Catch it here.




Note the wording from Mr. Trump below.  “The checks have been sent and cashed.”

It doesn’t get much more clear than that.



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3 Responses to Trump at war with press over donations to veterans’ groups

  1. JAFC says:

    Not everybody I served with in the Army was somebody I’d associate with. To include the REMFs who support Hillary.

    Yeah. Trump didn’t raise $6 million for a veteran’s group. According to Rush this morning, Mr Trump only raised $5.6 million.

    Red Diaper Doper Babies in the “Media” strike again.

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    • JCscuba says:

      Actually, in his video where he read of the groups that received the monies, he covered that but said he has been contacted by others that will bring the total to will over $6 million. He has also given help to wounded warriors in other way, one he bought a dog to help him with his rehab. Trump is a good man. Will he be a great president? Time will tell.

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      • upaces88 says:

        LOL…The big doners sure do hate Trump! THAT IS A GOOD SIGN. He IS a threat to their way of doing business.


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