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Good Morning Vietnam: Robin Williams didn’t commit suicide he just wasted away: He had Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease

By Jim Campbell July 26, 2018 A truly sad story. Robin Williams committed suicide which is indeed the individual’s personal choice. However, according to his wife, Robin Williams didn’t commit suicide he just wasted away.     When life becomes … Continue reading

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Where were you in the sixty’s?

By Jim Campbell July 3rd, 2018 As the saying goes if you have to ask you weren’t there. Yet, many of us were. Where to start? College? The draft WordPress.com formatting error, please scroll down beyond the blank space.   … Continue reading

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U.S. NAVY SEAL History: The Story of Naval Special Warfare

By Jim Campbell June 22nd, 2018     H/T to my blogger friend, Jim O’Neill of SEAL TEAM II.   Jim’s articles are frequently posted in the Canada Free Press. (Source)   More from U.S. Navy SEAL Jim O’Neill. The … Continue reading

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Interview with Cheech and Chong

By Jim Campbell May 25, 2018 As the saying goes, you had to be there. If you weren’t you were certainly not part of the anti-war counter-culture, in which Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong made their career of blasting the … Continue reading

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R. Lee Ermey, ‘Full Metal Jacket’ drill instructor, dies

By Jim Campbell April 16, 2028 Anyone who has spent time in military boot camp is more than familial with “The Gunny.” We all had them, and he played the classic role. There is little doubt that those in Hollywood … Continue reading

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The ” Real” Dogs of War

By Jim Campbell April 3rd, 2018 An amazing bit of history of how dogs were used in war. Many likely believe they were used first in the wars in the Middle East to sniff out improvised explosive devices. They were … Continue reading

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Update: How I Left the Left and Got Here: US Vietnam POW’s believed to be in the former Soviet Union

By Jim Campbell March, 8th, 2017 I too was a member of the left, a card-carrying member of the Peace and Freedom Party. It was the late 60’s and our troops were getting shot up and dying in Vietnam on … Continue reading

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Obama’s Ho Chi Minh Trail

Obama’s recent “Bowing tour,” to Vietnam is further indication that this fool must be put under house arrest locking down the White House with orders given to the Secret Service to shoot him on sight should he even attempt to … Continue reading

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Just a common soldier

The video included in this piece is amazing yet sad.   Is war within the human genome of man? Do we find ourselves in constant wars to continue filling the coffers of our Federal Reserve and other central banks? Please … Continue reading

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