State officials fume after leak shows how feds planned to use armed troops

No one to my knowledge has ever suggested that Obama was clairvoyant or quick to act on anything when it didn’t benefit him or his administration and their minions.


Therefore it doesn’t take much of a leap to believe that Obama knew what was going on and more than ready with his plan of action.

What was alarming was not the idea that the U.S. suffered a cyber attack, that’s the reality in the digital world.

But the thing that was alarming was the Obama Administration hadn’t told anybody, and  [had no plans to tell anybody.]

The video below particularly the interview by Larry King of John McAffee, the originator of McAffee anti-virus software is particularly chilling has he notes a large number of cases where the U.S. current cyber-security at the the Department of “Homeland Security,” had been hacked, even by children.



Duct tape used to hold Obama’s Turbin in place provided by the  federal government, compliments of the U.S. Taxpayer.


It’s axiomatic, if you want a job done well unless it’s done by the United States Armed Forces, keep the federal government out of it.

The Washington Examiner

By Todd Shepard

July 23, 2017


An organization representing top state election officials is complaining it’s being kept in the dark by the federal government after a new report showed the Obama administration was quietly making extensive plans, including the possibility of deploying armed troops, in the case of an election day cyber attack or last-minute propaganda efforts from Russia.

Time Magazine reported on a document it obtained showing the administration’s plans, which noted that state and local governments would have the primary jurisdiction, but called for the deployment of armed troops to counter a “significant incident.”

The plan allowed for the deployment of “armed federal law enforcement agents” to polling places if hackers managed to halt voting.


It also foresaw the deployment of “Active and Reserve” military forces and members of the National Guard “upon a request from a federal agency and the direction of the Secretary of Defense or the President.”

The National Association of Secretaries of State, a nonpartisan group that encourages cooperation and information sharing between the top voting officials of the states, said they had no idea the administration was making such plans, which shows a continued lack of communication.

“Time and time again, state election officials who hold the constitutional authority to oversee the voting process have been left wondering why our federal leaders are being so opaque about their plans to help secure elections from foreign nation-state threats,” said Kay Stimson, spokesperson for NASS.

“There won’t be unlimited chances to get this right,” Stimson added.

“The feds don’t even have authority to act without the consent of state and local officials.

See the entire article below.


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Under President Trump’s Signature: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to ban travel to North Korea

No one who reads this site would likely be traveling to North Korea anytime soon or in the next five years according to the wording of this new legislation.

In the interest of keeping one or two more of our liberal friends alive, who don’t believe laws apply to them we have posted this message.


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has decided to ban all travel by Americans to North Korea, due to “the serious risk of arrest and long-term detention” by the rogue regime.“Once in effect, U.S. passports will be invalid for travel to, through and in North Korea, and individuals will be required to obtain a passport with a special validation in order to travel to or within North Korea,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said Friday.



The decision has long been contemplated by U.S. officials and got a new round of endorsements in light of the death of an American college student who was detained and abused while traveling in North Korea. The rule will take effect in the late August.


“Individuals seeking to travel to North Korea for certain limited humanitarian or other purposes may apply to the Department of State for a special validation passport,” Nauert said.

Tillerson told House lawmakers that he was “evaluating” a travel ban in June, one day after the evacuation of University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier from North Korea.

Warmbier, who had been detained and sentenced to hard labor for stealing propaganda poster, was in a coma at the time of his release and died shortly after returning to the United States.

There are three other Americans currently imprisoned in the country.

“[M]y concern, indeed, [is] that tourists got here simply supporting a dictatorial totalitarian regime,” Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., who co-sponsored legislation mandating a travel ban, told Tillerson at the June hearing.

Occasionally, the regime treats an American especially well.

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman has complimented dictator Kim Jong-un and visited repeatedly.



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Some Democrats are starting to turn their ire toward Nancy Pelosi

The only question I have about the title of this article is why it doesn’t read, “Virtually All.” Democrats turn their ire toward Pelosi.



Of course there will be the usual hard-line progressive Klingon’s who will never abandon her.


The poster girl for too much Botox reaching her brain, she’s an insult to women and absolute proof that the sure way to win a seat in congress as a progressive fool is to run in San Francisco.

Using the recent loss of upstart Democrat, Jon Ossoff’s loss in his run in Georgia is a false flag.


The Democrats who were once again overly zealous in their belief that his election would be harbinger of  future to the Trump Administration.

His election, win or lose was nothing more a read on how the voters in a very small part of Georgia felt about the “Carpet Bagger.”

Perhaps it’s because they only read fake news, talk to themselves in a smoke-filled house of mirrors that they didn’t see Donald Trump kicking Hillary’s ass last November.



We need more people like Pelosi and her ilk to ensure the eventual destruction of the progressive Democrat party.

From the rubble a new Democrat Party will emerge.

Until then, they represent nothing more than the voice of opposition with no ideas or pending legislation to help turn our country around.


The Business Insider

June 22, 2017

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi may have never set foot in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District during the special election, but some Democrats wonder whether her reputation there cost them a winnable race.


Following Jon Ossoff’s loss on Tuesday in the race to fill the seat vacated by Tom Price, the secretary of health and human services, many Democrats have worried that their opportunity to ride President Donald Trump’s historic unpopularity to a wave election cycle in 2018 could be squandered by Republicans’ ability to link any Democratic candidate with the unpopular Pelosi.

Rep. Tim Ryan, who unsuccessfully challenged Pelosi for minority leader, said he did not know how Democrats could win in 2018 if Republicans were able to convince independents and Republicans that a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Pelosi’s agenda.

“I don’t know if there is a solution in the short-term,” Ryan said.




“It’s clear that tactic still works, still packs a punch, and it’s part of a broader toxicity of being part of the Democratic brand regardless of where you are.”

Other Democrats were even blunter.



“I think you’d have to be an idiot to think we could win the House with Pelosi at the top,” Rep. Filemon Vela told Politico.

“Nancy Pelosi is not the only reason that Ossoff lost.

But she certainly is one of the reasons.”

While demonization of Pelosi has for years been a staple of congressional races,  in 2010, Republicans drove a bus around the country for a “Fire Pelosi 2010” tour — Democrats were particularly concerned by Republicans blunting Ossoff’s favorability by invoking Pelosi at every possible turn.

In a relentless war on the airwaves that helped make this the most expensive House election in history, Republican Karen Handel and Republican groups tied Ossoff to Pelosi at every opportunity.

The Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC paid for a car to drive around in the district with Ossoff’s and Pelosi’s faces and a sign that said “San Francisco ❤ Jon Ossoff,” while Pelosi was a feature on campaign fliers and mailers sent to voters in the district.

See the entire article below.


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Taliban suicide team assaults provincial police headquarters in Eastern Afghanistan


A Taliban suicide team stormed the provincial police headquarters in the eastern Afghan province of Paktia today, killing at least six policemen before ultimately being gunned down.

The attack on the police headquarters in the provincial capital of Gardez took place in the early morning. The Taliban suicide team used tactics that have been perfected by multiple jihadist groups on numerous battlefields over the past decade and a half.



First, a suicide bomber drove a vehicle packed with explosives and detonated his payload at the main gate, opening a breach for the assault team to enter the compound.

Then, a heavily armed assault team fanned out to shoot anyone they could before they occupied a building inside the compound.


Afghan forces battled the Taliban team throughout the day before killing the last remaining attacker.

See attack at the midpoint in the video below, no apparent collateral damage.




The Long   War Journal

Bill Roggio

June 18th, 2017       



In a statement released on Voice of Jihad, the Taliban claimed the strike under the aegis of Operation Mansouri, its most recent spring offensive.

“The attack began at 06:22 am local time when a Mujahid from the martyrdom [sic] seeking battalion of Islamic Emirate detonated his explosive-laden vehicle inside the base following which multiple other martyrdom seekers entered the site and began engaging the enemy,” the group claimed.

The suicide assault, or coordinated attack using one or more suicide bombers and an assault team, is a tactic frequently used by the Taliban, the Haqqani Network, al Qaeda and its branches.


See the entire article below.


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Democrats will do anything and say anything to keep the Russian narrative alive

By Jim Campbell

June 13, 2016


Of course, he would.

Jeff Sessions humiliated the Democrats who tried to intimidate him with their, “Asked and Answered,” questions.


They did their best to trip him up but to no avail.

Had I been Attorney Sessions on the Democrat’s grill it’s a safe bet I would have said the following:

With all due respect Senator, I’ve answered your question 3 times during this hearing, do you have a comprehension deficit?

Again, Senator, have you ever taken the time to read the U.S. Constitution, and if so why don’t you understand it?



Was reading a post-graduate course you failed to take in college or are you simply inordinately ignorant?

Attorney General Sessions, crushed the Democrats today and it’s highly unlikely that he will return to another of their dog and pony shows, i.e. hearings ever.




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Dirty Open Secret: US Created and Supports ISIS

This story has been repeatedly documented at our site.

It should come as no big shock to those who frequent our site.

The U.S. among others have supported, developed and paid for the formation of ISIS/ISL, the same as they did in funding Osama bin Laden’s mujahideen. (Source)


By Stephen Lendman

Global Research,

June 13, 2017



It’s one of the dirtiest of dirty open secrets.  

US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) documents prove it, obtained by Judicial Watch through a FOIA lawsuit. 

They show ISIS, al-Qaeda and like-minded terrorist groups are the “major forces” used as US foot soldiers in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. 

The myth of so-called “moderate rebels” was long ago discredited.


The DIA documents show America, NATO, Saudi Arabia and other regional rogue states support an Islamic caliphate to challenge, topple and replace Bashar al-Assad with an imperial puppet. 

Longstanding US/Israeli plans call for redrawing the Middle East map by color revolutions and wars, replacing independent governments with pro-Western puppet regimes, balkanizing Iraq, Syria, Iran and other regional countries for easier control, looting their resources, and exploiting their people. 


In a January 2016 Iran Review article, James Fetzer discussed evidence of ISIS’ creation by America. 

In February 2015, Iraq’s military “downed 2 UK cargo planes carrying weapons for ISIL,” he explained. 

In March 2015, “Iraqi popular forces…shot down a US helicopter carrying weapons for ISIL in Al-Anbar province…”



“Photographs…showing ISIS members sporting ‘US Army’ tattoos” went unreported by Western media scoundrels.

A 2012 DIA document states the West will facilitate the rise of ISIS “to isolate the Syrian regime.” 

Former CIA contractor Steven Kelly said Washington

“created ISIL for the sake of Israel,” along with assuring “never-ending war in the Middle East” to make the Jewish state the dominant regional power and provide a “constant flow of orders for weapons from the military-industrial complex at home…” 

ISIS fighters are recruited from scores of countries, including Western ones. 

In October 2015, Russian lower house State Duma International Affairs Committee chairman Alexi Pushkov explained America is

“not bombing ISIS at all…Obama is lying to the American people.” 


See the entire article below.


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UPDATE: Some Real Ugly Creatures Stuck in the Mud will be Exposed when the Swamp is Finally Drained

By Jim Campbell

June 12, 2017


Please be sure to catch the supposed interview by Jay Sekulow as the partisan hack from CNN talking head who continually interrupted him accuses Mr. Sekulow of  being one and the same, near the bottom of this article.


When this fiasco of judicial malfeasance finally comes  to a conclusion, it’s going to his both Lynch and Comey in their asses.

Karma can be a bitch, especially when the perpetrators get slammed with a good old fashioned boomerang. 



“While the mainstream media was expecting Comey’s testimony to set the basis for a possible impeachment against President Trump, his revelations opened a Pandora’s box for the former Attorney General instead.

Arguably, the most interesting part of the testimony of James Comey, the cowardly lion of the criminal justice system, before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday is not that President Trump was cleared of even a scintilla of corruption and obstruction of justice but that President Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, is up to her eyeballs in both.”

“Remember that Comey’s exoneration of Hillary came just days after Lynch met with Bill on the tarmac.
Can you say “collusion” and “obstruction of justice”?

The June 27, 2016, tarmac meeting on Lynch’s plane in Phoenix itself, in the light of Comey’s admission of Lynch’s pressure on him, is worthy of a special prosecutor all unto itself.
Let’s hope this DOJ will focus on real crimes and real obstruction of justice.
It may turn out that Loretta Lynch and James Comey interfered in the 2016 election more than Vladimir Putin could even have dreamed of.” 

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