ACTOR ISSUES OSCAR CHALLENGE: Calls Out Hollywood Hypocrites

crew-2231211Still laughing on this one.


Talk about nailing these phony earthlings !

So very very true.



When the clock strikes midnight each will have their new friends come to their gate guarded mansions and ask them to move in with them, but just for sixty days until they can properly be vetted !


Actor and Singer Robert Davi (if you like Frank Sinatra, check this guy’s music out) has issued a challenge to his brother’s and sisters of the entertainment industry.
In an open letter, Davi challenges Hollywood hypocrites to put your money where your mouth is. 
Davi’s letter comes following a string of political statements made by celebrities at award shows.

“I propose that Meryl Steep, Chelsea Handler, Richard Gere, Robert DeNiro, Christoph Waltz and others lead an Oscar first: let’s do away with the rules, barriers, and tickets to the Oscars and after-parties, such as the swanky Vanity Fair party or the Weinsteins’ star-studded affair.

I ask all migrants, all illegal immigrant criminals and all un-vetted refugees to converge on Hollywood to come to the Oscars and all the after-parties, even those held at the mansions or the Chateau Marmont or anywhere else.

After all, we in the Hollywood community want to show all Islamic extremists that we have love in our hearts — and what better way to do that than by inviting them along on our most important night?

 It’s time the walls and electronic security gates come down.

There are roughly 3,600 seats to the Oscars; we should have at least 2,500 seats reserved for illegal aliens, refugees and migrants, or maybe even more. For those celebrities skipping the ceremony, each should invite at least 100 illegal aliens, refugees or migrants to come to their home to watch the Oscars with them.

The Academy and the Vanity Fair people should also get the 150 criminals who have recently been deported from Los Angeles and bring them to the show as honored guests.”

Since Hollywood holds such a kinship with the downtrodden of America these days, Davi’s suggestion shouldn’t be very much of a problem, No?


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Starbucks Tells U.S. Veterans Why Company Will Hire Refugees Instead

crew-22312113It’s far too late to apologize.


At this point nothing that the lefty’s from Seattle do is astounding.

Howard Schultz, not a Trump fan obviously did this as a slap in the face to Trump, but more important he is sending a clear signal that he would prefer to hire immigrants or Americans including veterans.

Upon his death their will be a special place replaced for him. 



PET scans of the brains of members of the Starbucks Board of Directors will reveal no pretty colors showing a functioning brain.

Instead they will appear without color showing their clear vacuousness of their skulls.

Starbucks says CEO Howard Schultz is stepping down from the coffee chain that he joined more than 30 years ago.



Follow the money!



Shares of Starbucks slid 3.6 percent to $56.44 in after-hours trading.

Follow the money of this one.





The Seattle-based company announced Thursday that Kevin Johnson will become chief executive as of April 3rd.

Schultz will become executive chairman on that date to focus on innovation and social impact activities, among other things.

Look for him to fail.

On the heels of a statement by coffee giant Starbucks that it intended to hire “10,000 refugees” instead of America’s out of work veterans, the company issued a second statement to explain to veterans that the company doesn’t actually hate them.



Starbucks made its pledge to hire 10,000 refugees as a politicized response to President Donald Trump’s temporary moratorium on travel from a small list of terror-torn nations.



The move immediately sparked a #BoycottStarbucks movement, as critics of the liberal coffee-house deluged social media with complaints.

Many wondered why the company has refused to hire 10,000 military veterans if they had so many job openings ready to fill with foreigners.


Now the company is apologizing to veterans and making an attempt to “set the record straight” and explain away its newest refugee policy.



In its latest explanation from The Men and Women of Starbucks Armed Forces Network (AFN), the company claimed it has “hired over 8,800 veterans and spouses and counting” and insisted that the company’s CEO, Howard Schultz, was the main backer of that program.

The statement goes on to express how shocked it was that so many were accusing the company of ignoring veterans in its politicized push to hire “10,000 refugees.”

“We respect honest debate and the freedom of expression.

Many of us served to protect that very right. Some of our brothers and sisters died protecting it,” the statement reads.

“But to those who would suggest Starbucks is not committed to hiring veterans, we are here to say: check your facts, Starbucks is already there.”

The open letter ended pleading for military veterans to return as customers and praising their service.

This isn’t the first time the coffee seller has had to scramble to apologize to veterans.



In November of 2015, the company put out a press release (Source),offering veterans new perks after many felt the company had tuned its back on America’s vets.

In its press release announcing that new veterans policy, the company then pledged to hire more former members of the U.S. military.

Starbucks Prices (Source)
Food Size Price
Freshly Brewed Coffee Grande $2.10
Freshly Brewed Coffee Venti $2.45
Cinnamon Dolce Latte Tall $3.65
Cinnamon Dolce Latte Grande $4.25

It gets far worse of you look at the source above.

If a person drinks three cups of coffee per day at Starbucks they will have spent:

You will spend $189.00 in a month.
You will spend $2,299.50 in a year.  (Source)
There are a great deal of wonderful charities one could support with that type of spending.


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What Will President Donald Trump Face in Iraq?


 It gives the reader a heads u[ as to why the U.S. and President Donald Trump will still be keeping a watchful eye on Iraq.


orig-1463594612hudsonoverview201511253a-1467295588Hudson Institute Adjunct Fellow Michael Pregent criticized the campaigns currently working to drive back the Islamic State for their emphasis on military force to the detriment of political reconciliation with Iraq’s disaffected Sunnis who had enabled the militant group’s rise, not interested in fighting which is not the case of Saddam’s Shiah’s in Takrit.






See the entire article below.


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Fake News CNN Versus President Donald Trump: Network’s Top Executive Makes Veiled Threat

crew-22312113It certainly doesn’t take “The Master of the Obvious to point out why Trump has said all along.


CNN is fake news.

If they had any honest qualified journalists wouldn’t they be out trying to run down new leads for the real thing?

It doesn’t work that way.

They attended journalism schools that taught them to carry water for the left and if it has anything to do positively with news about the Republican Party, forget writing a story about it.


Fake news outlet CNN’s top executive, Jeff Zucker, is threatening the incoming president of the United States Donald J. Trump.

1-cnn-fake-news-syria“It’s just unfortunate that the most powerful person in the world is trying to delegitimize journalism and an organization that plays such a vital role in our democracy,” Zucker, CNN’s president, said in an interview with New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman, when asked about how Trump denounced CNN as “fake news” at his press conference last week in New York City.

“I think he’s entitled to his opinion, but it’s — to use one of his favorite words — sad.”

No, to use one of your favorite words, you are sad!

Later in the interview, when asked by Sherman about how Trump shut down CNN’s Jim Acosta telling him his network was “fake news” and instead took questions from real news outlets like Breitbart News Network and Fox News, Zucker specifically threatened Trump in a veiled way that CNN will work to hurt the incoming president’s reputation on the world stage.

“CNN will work to hurt the incoming administration’s reputation on the world stage?”

Well now, that’s got to strike horror into the entire Trump family.

See the entire article below


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Hood Rats and Wealthy Elites Alike Will Gather for One Last “Let’s Black It All Up in Here” House Party

crew-2231211There’s been no official word confirming the affair, but the “goodbye party,” the Washington Post reports, will likely include frequent Obama White House guests Oprah Winfrey, Usher, Kendrick Lamar, Samuel L. Jackson, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Bradley Cooper and Stevie Wonder.

W.T.F. no Republicans were invited?


obamafinalwhitehouseparty1-640x480-1Bradly Cooper’s stock is sure to fall following this announcement.

The other’s, not so much, they have been outed as mush-brains long ago.

Oprah is just Oprah.

As far as Samuel L. Jackson is concerned, “It’s not what’s in your wallet, but hide your wallet when this phony capitalist is around. 


Jackson is also a racist and clearly a fool. 




The New York Post reported. “I voted for Barack because he was black,” Jackson revealed. “‘Cuz that’s why other folks vote for other people because they look like them.” (Source)


Our Fair Lady: South-Side Chicago Hairdo and Leftover Upholstery Scrap Designer Gown  

There will be lots of A-lister hanging at the White House in the next few days, but they won’t be there for the Trump Inauguration.  

No, it’s one last bash with the King and Queen, their rich contributors and low-life friends to feast and nasty up the hallowed halls of The Peoples House.
The Obamas themselves confirmed during an interview with People Magazine a while back that they’d have one final adult bash at the White House before looting packing their bags. 

“Typically the Obama administration keeps a tight lid on celebration details until the 11th hour.

But the big names thought to be on the guest list have been slowly trickling out this week.

Old standbys such as singer Usher and actor Samuel L. Jackson will most likely be there, according to another person with knowledge of the invitees.

Also currently practicing their sweet moves are media titan Oprah Winfrey, who snagged an exit interview with the first lady last month on her fellow invitee and bestie Gayle King’s network CBS.” 

See the entire article below.

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The Ultimate Status Symbol

crew-2231211Imagine if you will, having more money than you than you could spend in an entire lifetime?

What would you do with it?

Give it to charity would become my first consideration, I’m “Good to Go,” with my current status financially.



The Transpacific Yacht Race, from New Port Beach, CA to Ala wai Yacht Harbor in Honolulu (Source)

It has been said, “The only difference between men and  boys are the size and cost of their toys.”


2016-feb26-jaylenosgarage-response-1114x891-jwOnce it was fast cars, collecting vintage automobiles, yachts, yacht racing, and hot women, now it’s becoming “Rocket Men.”

See Jay Leno’s Garage here. (Source)



People who know me, will tell you I’m a complete adrenaline junky. 

Not any longer, I’ll take a pass on space travel.

Got to survive jumping out of a perfectly good airplane without a parachute naked first. 🙂


Eccentric billionaires, Elon Musk, of Tesla fortune, Jeff Bezos of fame  and  Face Book CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s seem to prove the point quite well.

Rocket men: why tech’s biggest billionaires want their place in space.

Forget gilded mansions and super yachts.

Among the tech elite, space exploration is now the ultimate status symbol

The Guardian


December 5, 2016 

The explosion could be felt 30 miles away. At 9.07am on 1 September, a SpaceX rocket containing 75,000 gallons of liquid oxygen and rocket-grade kerosene ignited into a fireball that could be seen from orbit, billowing black smoke into the gray sky around its Cape Canaveral launch pad.

On board was a $200m, 12,000lb communications satellite – part of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s project to deliver broadband access to sub-Saharan Africa.

Zuckerberg wrote, with a note of bitterness, on his Facebook page that he was “deeply disappointed to hear that SpaceX’s launch failure destroyed our satellite”. SpaceX founder Elon Musk told CNN it was the “most difficult and complex failure” the 14-year-old company had ever experienced.

It was also the second dramatic explosion in nine months for SpaceX, following a “rapid unscheduled disassembly” of a booster rocket as it attempted to land after a successful mission to the International Space Station.



Later that day, Nasa’s official Twitter account responded: “Today’s @SpaceX incident – while not a Nasa launch – reminds us that spaceflight is challenging.”

Yet despite those challenges, a small band of billionaire technocrats have spent the past few years investing hundreds of millions of dollars into space ventures.

Forget gilded mansions and super yachts; among the tech elite, space exploration is the ultimate status symbol.

Musk, who founded SpaceX in 2002, is arguably the most visible billionaire in the newspace race.


See the entire article below.


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New UN Security Council Resolution Strengthens Sanctions against North Korea

crew-2231211Is this headline more absurd than frightening?

Yes, the North Korean Midget might be capable of delivering a small nuclear warhead from one of its submarines sitting in international waters.



It’s also possible he doesn’t want to die in the immediate U.S. bombing of his country.

North Korea will not have much going on during a Trump presidency. 

In reality, The U.S. and the entire world should not take North Korea development of a nuclear program seriously at this point. (Source)




As with all pure attempts to run a communist dictatorship, the people rebel and overthrow those who force them to live under their

tyrannical rule.

North Korea is far more likely to be destroyed by dissidents from within before they can develop a nuclear capability with a delivery system  to create havoc with the entire world including The United States of America.

The U.N. Security Council is a complete joke and has never served a useful purpose.  (Source)

misunderstood-kim-jong-unWith Kim Jon Un their new leader through , we have an ignorant unpredictable fool.

Clearly, the danger that is North Korea far extends beyond nuclear weapons.

The issue of a North Korean collapse or some sort of forced snap reunification with the South will very likely be a challenge America and its allies in Asia will have to tackle at some point in the future as history shows no dictatorship lasts forever.

So instead of scouring the headlines looking for the latest news on the DPRK’s nuke test, read this report instead. (Source)

From the Rand Corporation:

What ‘Type’ of Collapses Are Possible?

“Under what circumstances might the Kim Jong-Un regime collapse?

Such a collapse could come in one of two forms: regime collapse and government collapse.

In a regime collapse, the Kim family regime (and Kim Jong-Un, in particular) is overthrown, and some new leader takes control of North Korea, likely rising from within the military.

Under this case, the national control mechanisms and organization could remain largely in place, although the overthrow will certainly disrupt the mechanisms for a period.

The new ruler would be prone to purge many of the senior govern.

What is left to say at this point when it comes to that “Hermit Kingdom” everyone loves to hate?

North Korea, or also known as the so-called Democratic People’s Republic, is the ultimate Pandora’s Box and every president’s worst nightmare: A-bombs, chemical toxins, biological weapons and missiles to lob them all over the world—including now at the continental United States.

And Pyongyang knows how to get the news cycle to turn its way—thanks to making Northeast Asia shake with a fresh atomic test.

And yet, while North Korea flexing its atomic muscles is certainly a big deal, the world is missing the real story: What happens if someday North Korea falls apart through a mass uprising, economic disaster, or war?

Plus-sized bad boy, Kim Jung-un is at the head of a state that would likely take trillions of dollars to turn around towards anything resembling normal—say nothing of putting the lives back together of millions of people who been brainwashed, starved and treated as slaves.

Back in 2013, an excellent research paper, more like a book if you look at length alone, was released by the RAND Corporation that tackles this issue and is well worth your time.

The author of the report, Bruce Bennett, lays out a chilling tale of what could happen, what it would take to put the pieces back together and what Washington and its allies should do to prepare for such a contingency.

As I love to do, here are five highlights from the report, which I would argue, demonstrates the real issue when it comes to North Korea.

1. What ‘Type’ of Collapses Are Possible?

“Under what circumstances might the Kim Jong-Un regime collapse? Such a collapse could come in one of two forms: regime collapse and government collapse. In a regime collapse, the Kim family regime (and Kim Jong-Un, in particular) is overthrown, and some new leader takes control of North Korea, likely rising from within the military. Under this case, the national control mechanisms and organization could remain largely in place, although the overthrow will certainly disrupt the mechanisms for a period. The new ruler would be prone to purge many of the senior government leaders and replace them with personnel loyal to him.”

The next scenario is far scarier.

“The alternative kind of collapse would be a government collapse. In this case, the Kim family regime would fail or be overthrown, and no single individual or group would be able to form a new central North Korean government. Most likely, factions would develop, each trying to control parts of the country, with some possibly having very weak control even over their own areas. Many central government functions would fail, including much of the control system.

“Note that regime collapse could be a step along the path to government collapse. Indeed, collapse is both a process and an outcome. North Korea has not yet suffered either regime or government collapse, but the collapse process appears to be under way already. Thus, the Kim regime is perhaps best classified as a “failing or eroding totalitarian system.”

2. A Civil War Is Possible.

“A civil war in North Korea and especially the use of WMD could spill over into the ROK and cause serious damage. Factional forces could cause considerable damage with artillery and special forces attacks on the ROK, especially if nuclear and/or biological weapons are used.

In addition, one or more North Korean factions could purposefully attack the ROK, potentially as a form of revenge if they perceive themselves unlikely to survive.

Thus, ballistic missile attacks against SOUTH KOREAN (ROK) cities—especially ones using nuclear weapons or even chemical or biological weapons—could cause damage across the ROK.

Besides the physical damage done, the ROK economy and society could be significantly affected.

All these consequences could make it difficult for the ROK to pay for and manage unification.

From a ROK perspective, the worst outcome could be destabilization of all of Korea, including the ROK, as crime and insurgency spread, if the ROK is unable to contain and defeat them.”

3. It Gets Worse: China Could Intervene.

“In addition, China could intervene; indeed, some say that China would be likely to intervene. In doing so, China could try to thwart unification… As ROK, U.S., and Chinese forces advance, conflict could develop between the ROK–United States and China. Both Chinese efforts to thwart unification and conflict with China could further jeopardize Korean unification.”

4. Famine Could Set In.

“Because North Korea already has difficulty feeding its population, a government collapse would likely plunge the North into starvation.

Those with money would be motivated to hoard food to guarantee their access to it and because the price of food could well skyrocket in the postcollapse environment.

As food disappears, the military and others with arms would likely increase their raids on those who potentially have food, stealing what little remains.

The humanitarian aid organizations helping in North Korea would probably reduce their assistance as the security in North Korea deteriorates and could curtail their assistance if security decays to the point that their personnel are seriously threatened.

The currently inadequate food supplies could be reduced below the starvation level for many people in North Korea.”




Trump has said that N.A.T.O. nations will begin paying for membership, (Source) look for him to take the same position with the U.N.

If the U.S. didn’t fund the majority of the U.N. it would collapse over its own bureaucracy

Ho long will the member country remains when incoming president Donald Trump has made member nations pay their own way?

But Iran, freed of sanctions, is likely to be the spoiler.

The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2321 (2016) on November

It condemns the North Korean (DPRK) regime’s continued pursuit of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles while its people continue to suffer under inhumane conditions. The resolution strengthens previous UN-imposed sanctions on the DPRK in response to its fifth nuclear test conducted on September 9, 2016.

The resolution strengthens previous UN-imposed sanctions on the DPRK in response to its fifth nuclear test conducted on September 9, 2016.

It condemns the North Korean (DPRK) regime’s continued pursuit of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles while its people continue to suffer under inhumane conditions. The resolution strengthens previous UN-imposed sanctions on the DPRK in response to its fifth nuclear test conducted on September 9, 2016.

The prior resolutions have failed to slow, much less eliminate, the DPRK’s nuclear program involving the development and testing of both nuclear device and ballistic missile capabilities.

As UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon pointed out in his remarks to the Security Council following the vote, “The Council first adopted a resolution on the DPRK nuclear issue in 1993. Twenty-three years and six sanctions resolutions later, the challenge persists.”

Twenty-three years and six sanctions resolutions later, the challenge persists.”

The new resolution is intended to put more of a financial squeeze on the DPKR regime than ever before by closing loopholes and cutting the DPRK off from sources of hard currency that can be used to fund its nuclear bomb and ballistic missile programs.

Most notably, the new resolution places tighter restrictions on the DPRK’s export of coal.

There will now be an absolute cap on how much coal the DPRK can export per year, closing a loophole that had allowed an exemption from any coal export limitations so long as the transactions were determined to be exclusively for “livelihood” purposes.

Member states must report all transactions promptly to the 1718 DPRK Sanctions Committee, which is directed to monitor total volumes and notify states when the allowed quantities have been reached and all procurement of coal from the DPRK must end.

The binding export cap will potentially cut the DPRK’s largest export, coal, by approximately $700 million per year from 2015 (more than 60%). Considering the fact that China is the DPRK’s principal purchaser of coal, the new restrictions agreed to by China are significant if fully implemented.

See this very entire article below.

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