Special Counsel Robert Mueller Asks for No Jail Time for Mike Flynn

Comment by Jim Campbell

December 5th, 2018

The long and the short of it was that Michael Flynn committed no crime, thus no prison or probation should have been considered in the first place.

With his deep military background, “Duty, Honor, Country,” is was “SOP” to fall on his sword to protect the newly elected president.



Remember this happened before the President had been sworn it.

Michael Flynn was the Trump Administrations National Security Advisor, a perfect position for the architect of “The Surge,” in Iraq.

The general found himself between a rock and a hard place when this information was brought to the awareness of the public by, “You Guessed it “the leftist media.  (Source)

It would be great if President Trump, once again selects him as his National Security Advisor has he reshapes his cabinet.

Try as he will, Mueller will try to find collusion during his waste of the taxpayers money and he will find nothing.

Collusion is not a crime. (Source)

“I watched Alan Dershowitz the other day, he said, No. 1, there is no collusion, No. 2, collusion is not a crime, but even if it was a crime, there was no collusion,” Trump told the newspaper.

“And he said that very strongly.

He said there was no collusion. (Source)


WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 10: Michael Flynn, former national security advisor to President Donald Trump, arrives at the E. Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse for a status hearing July 10, 2018 in Washington, DC. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has charged Flynn with one count of making a false statement to the FBI. It has been reported that Special Counsel Mueller’s team is not ready to schedule a date for a sentencing hearing as of yet. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)


Mike Flynn arriving for a status hearing at federal court in Washington in July. Photo: Yuri Gripas/Bloomberg News


By Aruna Viswanatha and Byron Tau

DECEMBER 5th, 2018

WASHINGTON—Mike Flynn has provided “substantial assistance” to the special counsel investigation into Russian election interference and other matters, federal prosecutors said Tuesday, recommending no jail time for the former top Trump aide who was one of the first of the president’s associates to be ensnared in the probe.

In a sentencing memo filed Tuesday as a result of Mr. Flynn’s guilty plea late last year to a count of lying to the FBI, special counsel Robert Mueller’s team recommended leniency for the former U.S. Army lieutenant general.

Mr. Flynn’s lies to investigators related to phone calls with Russia’s ambassador a month before Mr. Trump’s inauguration, which led to his ouster as the president’s national security adviser just weeks into Mr. Trump’s tenure.

Seems appropriate since the FBI lies to the taxpayer.

“Given the defendant’s substantial assistance and other considerations…a sentence at the low-end of the guideline range—including a sentence that does not impose a term of incarceration—is appropriate and warranted,” Mr. Mueller’s office wrote in the filing.

Mr. Flynn is one of several Trump associates, advisers and campaign officials who are being investigated in the probe into Russian interference and any links to the Trump campaign.

Most of those charges aren’t directly related to foreign interference and include things like financial misdeeds or lying to investigators.

Please see the entire article below.


The recommendation of leniency for Mr. Flynn contrasts sharply with Mr. Mueller’s reaction to another major figure in his probe, former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. Last week, Mr. Mueller said Mr. Manafort had continued to lie after reaching a plea deal in September, which he said breached the agreement. Mr. Manafort denied lying, but both sides asked the judge to proceed to sentencing.

Meanwhile, Trump confidant Roger Stone, who hasn’t yet spoken to Mr. Mueller’s team, has adopted a defiant tone. Mr. Stone on Tuesday cited his Fifth Amendment rights in turning down a request for an interview before a Senate panel, and he has said that he won’t testify against Mr. Trump.

In contrast, Michael Cohen, Mr. Trump’s former personal attorney, has, like Mr. Flynn, pleaded guilty and said he would cooperate closely with Mr. Mueller.

Mr. Flynn is reaping the benefits of being one of the first witnesses to cooperate with the government. He has until next week to respond to Mr. Mueller’s filing, and a federal judge will impose his sentence later this month. Sentencing guidelines for someone like Mr. Flynn with no criminal history call for up to six months in prison on a charge of lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but others who pleaded guilty to the same crime in the Mueller probe have received one month or less.

Prosecutors said that Mr. Flynn had sat for 19 interviews with investigators, in addition to providing documents. Mr. Flynn has been helping the Justice Department on both the special counsel probe and a separate criminal investigation, details of which were blacked out in the court papers filed Tuesday.

“His early cooperation was particularly valuable because he was one of the few people with long-term and firsthand insight regarding events and issues under investigation” by the special counsel’s office, prosecutors said in the brief.

Mr. Flynn has also provided investigators with substantial help on another criminal investigation, and he provided “useful information” about still another matter related to “interactions between the transition team and Russia,” which isn’t identified but is described in multiple blacked out paragraphs in the filing.

In the filing, Mr. Mueller drew a contrast between Mr. Flynn’s involvement in the investigation with others who have been caught up in the investigation and praised his decades of military service.

“The defendant’s record of military and public service distinguish him from every other person who has been charged as part the [special counsel’s] investigation,” prosecutors wrote, adding that: “However, senior government leaders should be held to the highest standards.”

The filing also said that Mr. Flynn’s decision to plead “likely” prompted other related witnesses “to be forthcoming” and cooperate themselves. The filing didn’t name those other witnesses.

Mr. Flynn played a prominent role in Mr. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, providing the credibility of an experienced military figure to bolster a candidate who hadn’t served in the military and had no foreign-policy experience.

James Comey, shortly after Mr. Trump fired him as FBI director in May 2017, told senators that once it became clear Mr. Flynn was under scrutiny, Mr. Trump had urged him to ease up on Mr. Flynn, saying, “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go.

He is a good guy.”

Mr. Trump denied telling Mr. Comey to drop the Flynn inquiry.

Mr. Flynn’s agreement to plead guilty and cooperate was one of the first such deals in the Mueller investigation. Since then, neither side has spoken about the extent of Mr. Flynn’s involvement in the probe or what sort of information he is providing.

Tuesday’s filing, around 12 pages in total with much of it redacted, didn’t provide much detail about the specific information Mr. Flynn provided.

In his plea agreement last December, Mr. Flynn admitted he lied to the FBI when he told agents he didn’t ask the Russian ambassador to refrain from retaliating against sanctions the Obama administration imposed over Russia’s efforts in the 2016 election.

He also admitted he lied about his interactions with the Russian government about a United Nations vote about Israel in the last weeks of the Obama presidency.

In connection with his plea, Mr. Flynn also admitted he made misleading statements to the Justice Department about work he did for the Turkish government, including about an op-ed he wrote that was published on Election Day in 2016.

Mr. Mueller’s willingness to allow Mr. Flynn’s sentencing to proceed suggests his cooperation is no longer needed.

Mr. Flynn was in discussions to join a lobbying firm earlier this year, and his attorneys have said that he is eager to be sentenced and move on with his life.

Write to Aruna Viswanatha at Aruna.Viswanatha@wsj.com and Byron Tau at byron.tau@wsj.com

Appeared in the December 5, 2018, print edition as ‘Mueller Seeks No Jail Time for Mike Flynn.’





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1 Response to Special Counsel Robert Mueller Asks for No Jail Time for Mike Flynn

  1. Opinion says:

    Just exactly what is going on with Mueller?

    President Putin of Russia has clearly stated that Russians gave Hillary Clinton $400 million for her 2016 Campaign. So, why has Mueller failed to act on this very critical information? Could it be that Mueller’s long-term relationship m with Hillary is an issue?

    The very public history of the long-term relationship between Rosenstein, Mueller, Comey and Hillary is not a secret. The now very public conspiracy inside the FBI against Trump is not a secret. Peter Strzok and Lisa Page wrote extensive emails which removed any doubt about their personal hatred of President Trump. These two need to be arrested and charged with SEDITION!

    Just exactly how does Mueller expect America to believe anything he says or does. General Flynn got really bad advice from his lawyer. Even the actual FBI agents involved do not believe, based on their public statements, that General Flynn lied to them. The LIAR is this matter appears to be Mueller who looks to me to be a RAT!

    Least we forget, it was Mueller who hand carried the uranium samples to Russia for Hillary in the Uranium One deal which is being reviewed as treason at this time. If what Mueller has discovered in this false investigation is that he is guilty of a crime then he must resign and disclose this FACT!

    Based on the information now released to the public, the entire FISA Warrant is based of lies from the Hillary Campaign. This information makes the entire Investigation a FRAUD upon the Court which us a felony.

    The Disclosure that was to be released today to the Congressional Committee involved in Oversight would make this matter public which the Constitution demands – a PUBLIC trial. Of course, the right to face your accusers is also a Constitutional requirement – secret documents are not allowed!

    Mueller looks a lot like the Principle in Animal House the movie – Double Secret Probation for Flynn? WTF!

    AND, the government needs to apologize to General Flynn and pay him all his legal fees and lost wages!


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