” The Ruth Buzzy Ginsburg Rule”

By Jim Campbell

March 22, 2017


It’s actually certain that Ginsburg is in the bag when she makes some of her best decisions.

In her own words in the video below.

Certainly, there will be no need for embalming fluid, she is clearly pickled


Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice began this week, and amid the grilling — and attempts to smear him — came an ad that reminded everyone about the “Ginsburg Rule,” which is yet another thing the left would like people to forget now that it’s not convenient for them.


Her response to the idea of peeing in the same restroom with guys!

Democrats are attacking Judge Neil Gorsuch because he won’t promise to support their political agenda,” the ad started off.

The ad pointed to the 1993 confirmation hearings of now-Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in which she declined to answer questions from Senators in over 70 instances.

The Judicial Crisis Network released a video outing the left’s hypocrisy on this rule, which you can see below:


When the Democrats were aghast by Republican refusal to hold hearings for then-President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, Judicial Crisis Network put out another ad featuring, you guessed it, Joe Biden.

Stick a fork in her, She’s done!



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UPDATE: Day Two Senate Confirmation Hearing wasn’t re-sawing sawdust the progressive went “Full Scorched Earth Feinstein leads the way

The reader need not watch the entire video below as I took excellent notes.

Dianne Feinstein’s input is certainly worth the price of admission, you may see her in action below,


Without being partisan, here are my observations.

Today’s designated attack dog was Senator Diane Feinstein

She made an excellent case for defining deviancy down while removing traditional family values by replacing them with their constant harang on abortion, and L.G.B.T. protection and abortion rights.

It never ceases to amaze how the progressives on the Senate Confirmation continue to make their case for what many might say is defining deviancy down while attempting to make America no longer a semblance of what it was before Barrack Hussein Obama and his junta darkened the doorstep at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The highlight of the day was when one of the members of the senate defined the word, “Politics.”  Broken down to its roots, we have “Poli”= many and “Tics= blood sucking parasites,” which aptly describes today’s legislative branch of the government

Broken down to its roots, we have “Poli”= many and “Tics= blood sucking parasites,” which aptly describes today’s legislative branch of the government.

In keeping the aforementioned definition in mind, they repeatedly asked the same questions over and over to which nominee Gorsuch could have easily replied, “Asked and answered.”


He, of course, chose not to do so and patiently answered the same questions, over and over and over again.

In summary, it was a great day for nominee Gorsuch who handled the opposition’s questions like a very patient school teacher on he second day of kindergarten.

Diane Feinstein proved once again that she is a “Clear and Present Danger,” to the entire United States of America.

She swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution, yet she has made it her life’s work to destroy they 2nd Amendment.

At 83 she is a senile old dowager and needs to be replaced.

Only in a state like CA or NY would the voters be so ignorant as to continue reelecting her !

Think of Feinstein’s brain as a piece of Swiss Cheese.

Now take a look at the image below.

This is what a brain with Alzheimer’s Disease looks like.



Until the Republicans took over the U.S. Senate, she was the Chair of the Intelligence Committee.

Odd that a woman with so little understanding about the role of a judge would have been in charge of such an important committee.

Well, this is Washington, D.C. and far stranger things than that have happened.

“Other than that, how did you like the play Mrs. Lincoln?



For the progressives on the committee, they seem to be quite comfortable playing the fool.

So well in fact if they keep it up it will be to the detriment of your fathers Democrat Party.

There are few certainties in life, one can be said today.

Progressive democrats have ultra short memories or they were pushing their leftist agenda upon the hearings, I suggest both!

Didn’t hear any moaning or notice any hand wringing when leftist justices Sotomayor and Keagan lied their way through their senatorial confirmation hearing.

Each said Heller was confirmed case-law by the Supreme Court of the United States. (Source)

Each changed their minds every time the were confronted with gun law cases and voted for more control.

There is only one word to describe their later decisions, they “LIED.”

See the entire article below.



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The FBI’s Coming Catch-22: With trailer from the movie

To understand the FBI and its inner workings it’s helpful to have a quick review of the movie Catch-22 which I’ve provided below.


Attention K-Mart Shoppers. Below is pictured Alan Arkin as he was frequently found in the movie, either up in a tree or reporting for duty naked.



Essentially if a pilot wanted to get out of flying because he had flown too many missions and claimed he was crazy, the crew’s flight surgeon could not release him because his request was expostfacto proof that he wasn’t crazy.

It would be safe to conclude that the similar “Catch,” exists in most things in which our government becomes involved.

When one deals with crazy people, crazy results typically follow.


No, my remarks aren’t confined to Nancy Pelosi who recently launched into a blistering attack on President Trump’s Supreme Court pick Tuesday, accusing Judge Neil Gorsuch of being hostile to everything from clean air to children with autism – a hint of likely Democratic resistance, as some Republicans eye a potential “nuclear option.” (Source)



FBI director James Comey, testifying before Congress yesterday:

The FBI, as part of our counterintelligence mission, is investigating the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election and that includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and Russia’s efforts.

As with any counterintelligence investigation, this will also include an assessment of whether any crimes were committed.

He later added, “We’ve been doing this — this investigation began in late July, so for counterintelligence investigation that’s a fairly short period of time.”

Late July? When did the FBI think it was pertinent to tell the public?

Talk about a Catch-22. If the FBI finds evidence of some collusion or violation of U.S. laws, it’s an epic scandal, will set up Democratic conspiracy theories for years, will take a sledgehammer to public faith in the Trump presidency… and everyone will rightly ask why the FBI couldn’t uncover anything, or even inform the public about the investigation, until after the election. Heck, not even until after the inauguration!

If the FBI doesn’t find evidence of some collusion or violation of U.S. laws, it’s an epic farce, where the Trump administration can rightfully ask where they can go to get their reputations back.

The jump headline on page A2 of this morning’s USA Today says Inquiry could drag on for years.

I realize counter-intelligence investigations take a long time to do correctly and completely, but what is the consequence to Russia or any other foreign power if the consequences to their actions don’t arrive until years later?


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Documents Prove Surveillance of Donald Trump & His Family

Trusting anything offered by the FBI and CIA on this issue is a complete joke.


Would they lie?

Would they perjure themselves?

If It suited their cause you bet the would and have.

Coincidence is not used in a court of law, the Mr. Schiff is coincidentally a partisan democrat hack from the once great state of CA. (Source)

The reader may want to ask themselves are they listening to anything more than fake news that the leftist media has already gone for like sharks going for chum and blood in the water.

Shiff’s agenda is simple, slow, hinder, or stop any of President Trump’s agenda.

In this along with his ilk from the left, they will certainly be unsuccessful.

Remember elections are coming up in elections in two years, in states that overwhelmingly voted for Trump


FBI Director James Comey Has Opened Up A Can Of Worms On The Trump Administration AND On The American People

Remember for those who may have missed it before, It’s impossible to prove a negative.

Doubt me?

Listen the the Professor from Caltech below.


I cannot tell any of you if what they are accusing President Trump and his Associates of is true.  

I can tell you if it is, this Country will be torn apart.  

As usual, the hearing on Capitol Hill with FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Michael Rogers, was geared toward finding guilt of wrongdoing within the Trump Team, while the Obama and Clinton Team remain squeaky clean.

Comey opened up by announcing the Bureau is investigating possible links and coordination between Russia and associates of President Donald Trump as part of a broader probe of Russian interference in last year’s presidential election.  

The extraordinary revelation and the first public confirmation of an investigation that began last summer came at the outset of Comey’s opening statement in a congressional hearing examining Russian meddling and possible connections between Moscow and Trump’s campaign.

 He acknowledged that the FBI does not ordinarily discuss ongoing investigations, but said he’d been authorized to do so given the extreme public interest in this case.

It was made clear that there was no proof that Russia tampered with the 2016 Election Voting System to help Trump win.

 Instead, this investigation will be looking at coordination between the Trump Camp and Russia.

 They stressed the word, “coordination.”   They accused the following people of Russian ties:

I want to say here that Rex Tillerson is a business man just like Donald Trump.

 Of course, they are going to establish what business connections they can.


See the entire article below.


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Elizabeth Warren Decides to Start Paying Attention to Her Constituents: Plans to run against President Trump in 2020

Once they start hearing her they will run like scalded dogs.



Elizabeth Warren is a complete fraud as we know for claiming she is a native American. (Source)


I’d like to see the genealogy report on that one.

Please pay close attention as Wolf asks her if she has any plans to run for the senate seat in MA.

She equivocated, essentially says no, all the while working on her plans to run in 2020 against President Trump. (Source)

Sorry, Liz, we just removed the biggest liar in White House history from the Oval Office, we don’t need another one. 

Elizabeth Warren is a prog hero. She’s not especially popular back in her own state. And it’s not hard to see why.


She keeps trying to be a national figure.

That means constant publicity stunts for the left.

All the while ignoring the hometown press. But now that she has to consider how to actually get reelected, she has decided to actually start paying attention to the local press. (Source)

Elizabeth Warren’s creative media-dodging habits are a running joke among her home-state press corps. Whenever the senator makes a public appearance, Massachusetts reporters know to keep one eye fixed on the exit doors.

But that might be changing.


In just the last week alone, the notoriously press-averse progressive icon held three open-to-media events back home, followed by lengthy huddles with reporters on a wide range of issues ranging from her Senate votes to Donald Trump’s wiretapping accusations to the 2020 race.

In Boston and Washington, where Warren is known for being as stingy with the media on Capitol Hill as back home, the sudden thaw has political operatives questioning what’s behind the change of heart.

In addition to standard refusals to answer questions, the senator has bolted out side doors to avoid interviews and gone to great lengths to avoid questions such as who did she vote for in the Democratic presidential primary.

Elizabeth Warren is as full of crap as a recently killed, uncleaned goose.



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Is it remotely possible to please the progressives on the left?

Of course, not, eight years of Obama’s tearing America apart by race, religion and financial well-being will take a great deal of time.



It can be safely said that Obama and Michell got their fair share which they were always whining about.

The didn’t have to steal the White House furnishings and dishes to get the job done.

He did, however, manage to spend more money than all past presidents combined without blinking an eye.

The image below would have likely come to place had Hillary won the November election.

Now, when I do think about Obama, only when I’m writing here, I think of a post nasal drip, in that the flu is near over but the memory lingers.


By John Hawkins

Town Hall Magazine

March 19, 2017


“It’s sad to see so many Americans turn into losers, pathetically demanding to be treated as victims, all so the emotional vampires on the Left can feel better about themselves for helping such pathetic sad sacks.

Liberals LOVE for people to think of themselves as victims.
They love for people to go through life furious, upset over things most people wouldn’t even notice.

They need you alienated and angry so they can control you and turn you out at the polls so they can get their sick little self-esteem boost for helping a poor little mediocrity like you.

If you’re black or Hispanic and think white people hate you, if you’re gay and think the Christians want to wipe you out, or if you’re a woman who believes the patriarchy is keeping you down, you’re going to have an unhappy life.

It doesn’t matter if things are going well or you have success; you’re going to be angry. You’re going to feel mistreated. You’re going to walk around chalking up every normal event in the world to bias that primarily exists in your head. You’re going to nurse grievances. You’re going to be unhappy.

As  a consolation, you can half-ass your way through life and chalk up your failures to “white racism,” “those hypocritical Christians,” or “the patriarchy.”

You can live with the illusion that, like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, you’re fighting for women’s rights, or, like Martin Luther King, you’re trying to reform a society teeming with racism, but that only makes you sound like a joke.
Stanton was fighting for women’s right to vote.

Today, feminists whine about having to pay for their birth control. Martin Luther King was fighting for equal rights, and today liberal “black leaders” spend their time bitching about whether hoop earrings are cultural appropriation. There are legions of liberal Don Quixotes jousting with windmills and pretending that the trivia they obsess over gives meaning to their victimhood-centered lives.

There are women, gays, and minorities around the world dying to get into the United States.

The ones that get the opportunity to do so legally spend thousands of dollars and put up with years of paperwork to come here. You think that’s because it’s such a racist, sexist, oppressive country?”


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Afghan soldier wounds 3 US troops in insider attack

U.S. troops are still in Afghanistan, nearly 11 years after they invaded in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

If after 11 years of fighting Afghan troops can’t defend themselves, they will never be up to the task.



Only small numbers of the terrorist group’s fighters are still in Afghanistan, and their iconic leader, Osama bin Laden, is long dead. But the threat represented by the group that carried out the 9/11 attacks is still the main reason Americans are still fighting and dying there.
The logic goes like this: If U.S. and allied forces were to leave before the Afghans can defend themselves, the Taliban would regain power. And if they were in charge, then al-Qaida would not be far behind.
In that view of what’s at stake, al-Qaida would once again have a launching pad for attacks on American soil.
What’s often overlooked in that scenario is an answer to this question: Why, after so many years of foreign help, are the Afghans still not capable of self-defense? And who can say when they will get to that point?

An Afghan soldier opened fire on US troops as they were training Afghan forces on a base in Helmand province.

Three US soldiers were wounded in the first reported insider attack this year, where Afghan security personnel opened fire on their coalition counterparts.

Resolute Support, NATO’s mission in Afghanistan, acknowledged the incident in a statement released on Twitter.


SHAH MARAI/AFP/Getty Images)



The assault was carried out by an Afghan National Army officer from the 215 Maiwand Army Corps “during a military training exercise,”

US troops reportedly killed the Afghan soldier. The 215 Maiwand Army Corps is based in Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand province, which is heavily contested by the Taliban.



In the past, the Taliban has infiltrated Afghan security forces to carry out such strikes or convinced soldiers or policemen to turn their weapons on Coalition personnel. In 2012, Mullah Omar, the founder and first emir of the Taliban, announced that he created the “Call and Guidance, Luring and Integration” department, “with branches … now operational all over the country,” to encourage defections and strikes on coalition forces.

Today’s insider, or green-on-blue assault, is the first recorded by FDD’s Long War Journal since Oct. 2016, when a gunman dressed in an Afghan army uniform killed a US soldier and a US contractor, and wounded another US soldier and two more contractors, in Kabul.

In the other recorded insider attack in 2016, afghan soldiers turned their guns on Romanian troops during a training exercise on a base in Kandahar in May. Two Romanian troops were killed and another was wounded.

These incidents have decreased from 44 in 2012 to just two in 2016. This is due to a dramatic decrease in coalition forces as well as improved security measures. However, many insider attacks remain unreported. [For in-depth information, see Green-on-blue attacks in Afghanistan: the data.]  (Source)

Bill Roggio is a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the Editor of FDD’s Long War Journal.


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