New York Times Rolls Out 2 Hit Pieces on George H.W. Bush

Comment by Jim Campbell

December 5, 2018

The answer to the question posed below is simple.

President George Herbert Walker Bush had too much class and didn’t want to interfere with the tenuous relationship with the U.S.S,R, at the time. (Source)


President Bush senior was president when the U.S.S.R. failed and then became Russia.

Of course with Putin as president, nothing much has changed.



Front Page Magazine

December 4, 2018

Daniel Greenfield



The Left talks about unity, but at a moment of unity, it’s m.o. is to divide the country with identity politics attacks.

And the same media that insisted Trump had slighted McCain’s funeral are now doing it to George H.W. Bush because he didn’t give them the anti-Trump theater that they sought.

And so he has to pay the price.

Like McCain, if Bush had provided anti-Trump theater, the media wouldn’t be calling him a homophobic racist, since he didn’t, buckle up.

Republicans can have no truce with the media.

The only Republicans whom the media pretends to respect are turncoats and only while they’re turning their coat.

The Left has no friends to the right.

Only enemies, Republicans who fail to learn this will go on suffering.



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