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Hillary Still Faces Treason Charges

By Jim Campbell June 14, 2018 Espionage defined: Espionage is the crime of spying on the federal government and/or transferring state secrets on behalf of a foreign country. If the other country is an enemy, espionage may be treason, which … Continue reading

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If Democrats Really Wanted to Ban Guns, They Would Stop Trying

By Jim Campbell June 13, 2018 Likely the most intelligent responses ever given about the right and need to have weapons for self-protection follows in the video below. To say that Democrat legislators understand the dilemma would be an admission … Continue reading

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A Pivotal Moment in Human History, Brought to you by The Starbucks Corporation.

By Jim Campbell May 27th, 2018 This kind of nonsense would be expected from any company headquartered in Seattle, WA or from any blue state for that matter. As of October 2017 there were 13,930 stores in America. (Source) With … Continue reading

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House Intelligence Committee votes to end Russia investigation

By Jim Campbell  March 22, 2018  There is something that isn’t sitting right with me on this entire scenario. Not that Mueller will come up with anything credible to bring down the Trump Administration, but when politicians speak they seem … Continue reading

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There’s a turd in my car

By Jim Campbell March 15, 2018 Predictable, it’s not just a turd, but a racist on at that. The woman in the video below appears to have lost all sense of propriety and reality as she drives her turd to … Continue reading

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The U. S. is 3rd in murders throughout the world:Take out 5 Democrat controlled cities, the United States is 4th FROM THE BOTTOM, in the ENTIRE world for murders

By Jim Campbell March, 7th, 2018 Sadly the above headline is true. In reality it is far worse. The people who are literally forced to live in these run down ghettos must not be blamed.     Blame the crooked … Continue reading

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The “Soy Boy” effect: US Army General says new recruits not strong enough to throw grenades

By Jim Campbell February 18th, 2018 I found this at Fellowship of the Minds Website which is supposed to be a credible site. Exceedingly high probably of Ca Ca del Toro follows.   The M67 was used with good results … Continue reading

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