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Kim Jong-Un’s Establishment Media Minions

Of course the leftist media in our country is still a catalyst for keeping the possible threat of a North Korean Attack on the U.S. or one of its allies as front page news. He may or may not have … Continue reading

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Sounds Like They’re Dead Broke Again

Why else would they need more money? Please pay very close attention to the image below created by Earl. Being forced by the Government Accounting Office, the GAO, to return an estimated $200 million dollars in, silverware, dishes, and furnishings … Continue reading

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Peter W. Smith, GOP operative who sought Clinton’s emails from Russian hackers, committed suicide

The proof is mounting, that one would be safer in Syria screaming that Mohammad and Allah were both dickheads in Arabic than becoming a friend or a person on the Clinton’s radar.   While yelling and screaming the individual could … Continue reading

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Trump Jr. offers to testify under oath

If the article below is to be believed and it seems credible particularly after the interview with Sean Hannity who has a solid reputation as a journalist and investigative reporter.   So here we are again, re-sawing sawdust when what … Continue reading

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A different type of negotiations on nukes in Iran

It’s ironic that in the United States, it would take U.S. prosecutors nine years to reach a verdict against Iran.   “U.S. Can Seize Iran-Owned NYC Tower After Jury Sanction Ruling? Had it been the other way around, the Iranians … Continue reading

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Air Force Vet Sentenced to 35 Years for Attempting to Join ISIS

Please try to convince the editor that no one saw this coming.     It’s baffling that his treasonous acts didn’t mandate the death penalty. The taxpayers could have been saved a great deal of money had he been executed … Continue reading

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Very Appropriate! Look Who Is Working With Antifa

It is a true testament to the United States Constitution that a unrepented scumbag like Bill Ayers would be allowed to poison the minds of young college students.   On the other hand, it clearly demonstrates the bottom of the … Continue reading

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