What Happens When The Liar’s Paradox Involves Multiple Liars

By Jim Campbell

August 30th, 2018

ATTENTION: Job openings at CNN.

Preferred applicant will have extensive dumpster diving experience and a bevy of real or imagined sources who will never be named in a story.

It’s a plus if you aren’t still using Crayons, but not a deal killer.

CNN’s credibility must be maintained as it circles the drain.

When the reader thinks about it as CNN talks about all the liars involved in the so-called Trump collusion investigation.

They left out the biggest liar of them all, Hillary Clinton.



The Liar’s Paradox is logical exercise that asks what happens when you have a know liar, someone who never tells the truth, saying that they are lying.

Handling the issue with one liar is hard enough.

What happens if there are more than one?

On July 26, CNN ran this story by Jim Sciutto and Carl Bernstein: Cohen claims Trump knew in advance of 2016 Trump Tower meeting.

“UPDATE: COHEN PLEA DEAL INCLUDES 3-5 YRS JAIL TIME – Michael Cohen entering PLEA DEAL with federal prosecutors.”  (Source)

He was facing up to 40 years had he refused to join the choir.


It was sourced by their favorite guys, “sources with knowledge.” Presumably this is to distinguish them from CNN’s usual sources.

During the on air segment of the story, CNN reported that Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, had been asked to comment on the story but was “not available” for comment.

This was sort of what it was until last week when Lanny Davis revealed that Michael Cohen had told both the House and Senate investigating committees that he had no idea if Trump had any foreknowledge of the Trump Tower meeting. (Source)

Now it turns out that Davis was actually the source for CNN’s July story.

So Davis is the source for a CNN scoop.

Then he’s allowed to decline comment as a way of giving that dog’s breakfast an aura of fact checking.

At no point did CNN identify him as a source.

Now he says not only does Cohen not say Trump knew, but testified under oath to the contrary.

Yet CNN, as of this writing, has not retracted the story because…well an Apple is an Apple, No?

This is why no sane person trusts any of the news organizations these days.

What Jim Sciutto and Carl Bernstein engaged in was total and blatant fraud.

CNN digging in to defend their corrupt reporting tells you all you need to know about whether CNN is a news organization or the propaganda shop for the Antifa.

And there is Lanny Davis. And there is Michael Cohen.

Which brings us back to the Liar’s Paradox.

What is a person to do when you have four known and inveterate liars, telling contradictory stories, and claiming to be either telling the truth or telling the truth and lies?

by bydesign001

H/T What finger News & MJA@IOTWReport


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