Illinois-Born Hillary to Queens-Bred Trump: You’re No New Yorker

db3c75cdfc51f6e174b7ece7970a27dcHillary Clinton who will be leaving the stage “Far left,” really has chutzpah.


Perhaps her brain injury has manifested itself again?

Donald Trump has created a number of buildings and hotels, while creating unknown numbers of jobs with subsequent income taxes owed to the federal government.

Hillary on the other hand, a one term Jr. Senator from New York, failed to accomplish anything of note. (Source Hillary on the Issues)

 A Marxist to the core.
As the FBI will  be interviewing Hillary, she comes up with this idiotic ad.
The Weekly Standard
March 31, 2016

Ted Cruz thinks that Donald Trump embodies “New York values.”

Hillary Clinton isn’t so sure.

A new television ad from the Clinton campaign implicitly (and at one point explicitly) knocks the real estate mogul for failing to be a “real” New Yorker.

(New York will, perhaps not coincidentally, vote in primary elections in mid-April).

It’s a strange tack for Clinton, who only became a New Yorker via Illinois, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Arkansas, and Washington to take.

(Moreover, when she did move to the Empire State, she settled in the suburbs.)

And these days she lives in D.C.) Say what you will about Trump, but the guy is a New Yorker: Except for a couple of years at Penn, he’s lived his whole life there.

Clinton’s ad could also be viewed as a rebuke to her primary challenger, Bernie Sanders, who supposedly fares poorly in ethnically diverse areas.

But that would be even more bizarre.

Despite Sanders representing the state of Vermont, there’s no mistaking that accent: He’s a New Yorker to the core.

(Indeed, so obviously New York is Sanders that another native New Yorker, a popular radio show host, has taken to calling him the “deli man” in reference to his Jewish Brooklyn roots.)

And of course: What could be more New York than being a true “flat lander” and moving to Vermont?



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2 Responses to Illinois-Born Hillary to Queens-Bred Trump: You’re No New Yorker

  1. JAFC says:

    And to think that she began her political life as a Goldwater Girl.


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