You knew she would do it

db3c75cdfc51f6e174b7ece7970a27dcBy Jim Campbell,


In spite of fixing the N.Y. vote so that super delegates pledged to Bernie will cast their ballots for her, she’s still dead meat.

Super delegates a corrupt tool designed to elect party establishment candidates like Hillary Clinton. (Source)




Clinton is not electable.  When the rubber meets the road, this lying psychopath will be spurned by the voters.

When Donald Trump was asked to comment, he declined to do so.




Forget about the N.Y caucus attendees.

We the People elect our presidents unless the “Fix,” is already in and with the Clinton’s anything is possible.



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5 Responses to You knew she would do it

  1. JAFC says:

    Elizabeth Warren must be ROFL every time she watches the news.


  2. ladybgoodde says:

    Just looking at her turns my stomach.


  3. ladybgoodde says:

    Seldom bin Laid. That’s funny…but remember Hillary’s little trick, Huma, is always with her. They are as thick as the 40 thieves.

    Hummm… Ali bin bama-bama and the 40 thieves. Nice ring to it.


  4. GG says:

    Ooooooooooo! Hahahahahahahahaha!
    Pictures & vid capture the true
    Essence of Hilldoggie!


  5. Dave the Differentiator says:

    I thought the picture of Hillary coughing was her coughing up a Huma hairball!

    Of course, the rumors about Hillary and Huma being sex partners simply adds fuel to the speculative fire.

    The level and intensity of the rumors about the Candidates this election year appears to be above and beyond normal.

    The DARK SIDE of Politics is this back stabbing, name calling mud slinging destructive junk!

    What ever happened to the issues and policies examination?

    Trump was correct to call out Megyn Kelly for her bias questions. But this behavior needs to turn more professional and less sophomoric school yard name calling.


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