Investigative project on terrorism: Islamist Terror Growing in Lethality and Geography

db3c75cdfc51f6e174b7ece7970a27dcThe massacres in Brussels and Paris are only the latest salvos in a heightening and devastating threat from radical Islamists globally.


Thank you Obama the proof is finally in on your failed foreign policy.




They illustrate troubling and much larger trends that the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) has identified in a new analysis based upon its extensive research, sources and multiple databases, including the University of Maryland Global Terrorism Database.

Entire article  with charts below.



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5 Responses to Investigative project on terrorism: Islamist Terror Growing in Lethality and Geography

  1. gruntt21 says:

    The MUSLIM TRAITOR in the WHITE HOUSE has to be removed right now ….the storm is coming for the USA and its called RADICAL ISLAM TERRORISTS …One more day with this TRAITOR screwing the COUNTRY is to much ..


  2. Dave the Differentiator says:

    The Muslim – Islamic threat has been around since the middle 600’s and has never been under control.

    Islam was founded to rule the world by violence. The Quran specifically calls for death to all but Muslims – no one else is to be allowed to even exist. The Quran specifically calls out Christians and Jews to be killed.

    The World is now locked in a “WAR” with Islam and Muslims. The Quran calls for a Jihad and the Imam leaders chant DEATH TO AMERICA on a regular and public basis.

    There is only MUSLIMS and only one Quran. All of these 1.5 billion Muslims hate us non-believers and want to kill us.

    Time to start fixing this problem by bombing all Mosques worldwide – yes this action is barbaric but will work! Cut of the head of the snake.

    Of course, the Imam could modify the Quran and seek peace but have never accepted that approach.

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  3. JAFC says:

    We are witness to the greatest, world-wide religious revival in over a thousand years.

    Unfortunately, the religion that’s reviving is the most deadliest to ever embrace the globe. Islam.

    Read the Koran – DAILY! – with a skeptical eye. That’s a homicidal psychopath (a 7th century Charlie Manson with his own army) talking to you on every page, not God.


  4. Adding to this can of worms – the statement “unable to extend stability or authority to significant areas within their boundaries.” Pakistan has nukes…


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