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Had Chelsea Clinton been able to tell the truth about her Mom when she introduced her to the D.N.C.

By Jim Campbell July 29, 2016   She  would not have had to go into the facts, well-known about Hillary being a pathological liar, a lack luster Jr. Senator from N.Y. and the forever tainted Butcher of Benghazi.   Her … Continue reading

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A Brief Take Away from Hillary’s Coronation Convention

Ben Shapiro ran this piece under the title, “Six Things You Need To Know About Hillary’s Democratic National Convention.”   A fitting title, a brief analysis, for those who chose to sort their sock drawers instead of viewing. Like Hillary, … Continue reading

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Booing the war on terror

Trying to present a reasoned position to the hyenas composing the delegates at the D.N.C. in Philadelphia this past week is like starting a food fight with fresh red meat.   Those in attendance as well as their agendas can’t … Continue reading

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Donald Trump spanks reporter giving her some much needed gender equality

This is so typical of the press.   They follow the Clinton script on Trump, Russian Hackers, and  Hillary’s E-mails but couldn’t give a damn about serious issues as they refuse to do the necessary investigation to make an intelligent … Continue reading

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D.N.C. Advertises for Actors to Fill Empty Seats at their Convention

By Jim Campbell   July 28, 2016 Did they really? Coming one day before the final night of the D.N.C. fiasco some accuse them of paying to fill seats. Would you go to see theses clowns any other way? I’d … Continue reading

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In the “Remember these folks vote segment”

By Jim Campbell   July 28, 2016 Once again Jesse Watters provides us with entertainment as he interviews likely Bernie voters outside the D.N.C. convention which concluded last night in Philadelphia.     A classic!! H/T to G.G. for the … Continue reading

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Dems fear Trump arguments on terrorism

The democrats must be fearing a great deal more about Trump than his argument on terrorism.   Factually, with one night remaining, their recently failed debacle in Philadelphia, demonstrated they are a party with no vision.   Her “Lowness.” They … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton Pours On the Estrogen

The only contact Bill Clinton should have with Hillary is during a conjugal visit, and then “Slick,” would probably be out screwing around while he hired a “Stunt Double,” to take care of Hilda.   What the hell is wrong … Continue reading

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Killing for a Cause: Sharia Law & Civilization Jihad

In three minutes the video below will cover jihad, overt, covert, and Sharia.   The left in our country is oblivious to the situation at hand. With their leader, “The scholar from Jakarta, Indonesia, we are led to believe that … Continue reading

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ISIS Warns U.K. and U.S. are to be the next countries attacked

ISIS must now be under a great deal more pressure.   Why would they threaten the United States at this time when it’s a well known fact that the CIA funds the group using the U.S. taxpayers money? (Source) British … Continue reading

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