The Best States In America are run by Republicans

Comment by Jim Campbell

March 4th, 2019

For 80 years four families have ruled the state of Californian and in doing so with their progressive/Marxist leanings it’s no wonder CA has entered the group of ten worst run and dangerous states in America. (Source)



The ten most financially sound states in the country are all heavily Republican, while all but one of the ten worst states are heavily Democratic. That’s according to a ranking of states in a new report from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.

The report — “Ranking the States by Fiscal Condition” — used official government data to measure the states’ ability to pay short-term bills and meet longer-term obligations, such as public pensions or health care costs, using five separate measures. (Source)



While progressives, low crawl through the mud and swamps of our states their goal is to turn America into a banana republic, make no mistake about that.

Should you spot a progressive/Marxist, and they are very easily spotted as the hide behind their gun free zone signs, grab the sign and hit them over the head with it, that’s an order.

Tyler Durden

Zero Hedge

March 4th, 2018



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4 Responses to The Best States In America are run by Republicans

  1. Charles H Slate says:

    I left Connecticut five years ago and settled in North Idaho. My only regret is that I didn’t do it forty years ago.


    • JCscuba says:

      Charles you are living in my dream state, too much to move. Let’s hope I can out last the tax man. Our new governor is a real asshole.


  2. JAFC says:

    Everybody pray for me. I live in California.

    My family has been here since the 1790s. We’ve seen crap like this before. And my income is here, so I can’t leave.


    • JCscuba says:

      I can leave Jim, it’s just a matter of wanting to. It would be almost impossible to leave, 3 gun safes, over 100 NFL HOF Football Helmets, MLB and Basket all in glass cases. Hope I can last the taxman out.


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