Project Looking Glass: From the Mouths of the Whistleblowers

By Jim Campbell

July 28th, 2020

Annie Jacobsen is a tremendous writer with topics of the unknown.

She waits for the CIA to declassify the information then it takes here usually two years to get the book ready for publication.

Area 51, the first book I was fortunately enough to read by her was Area 51.

Project Looking Glass and the Area 51 Device That Lets Us See Alternate Timelines

By Mustafa Gatollari

There’s a lot of speculation as to what’s hidden in Area 51. It doesn’t help that one of the only rumored sites of a spaceship crash site is located in Roswell, New Mexico, which isn’t that far away.

Many people believe that the first unknown life forms have somehow made their way to our third rock from the sun, but just how that happened varies from conspiracy theory to conspiracy theory.

And the Project Looking Glass theory which involves a yellow cube is pretty darn interesting.

The following is a quick and dirty rundown of two fascinating pieces of alleged alien technology that are part of some great, big story that somehow involves not only our collective human consciousness but the consciousness of other life forms that exist outside of this planet. 


It’s like a combination of the Lizard People theory,  Men in Black, The Matrix, and the Singularity we’re all apparently going to reach —which results in a greater collective consciousness called “Ascension.” 


What is Project Looking Glass?

To understand the greater “project” behind looking glass, you’ll have to understand Military Grey Alien Technology.

All right, is your tinfoil hat on? Good.

This M.G.A. tech theory basically postulates that a lot of militaries and air-space technology — along with their capabilities — are intentionally kept hidden from society in Area 51, and this technology has been influenced by “found” or “acquired” alien tech that somehow made it to planet earth. View this post on Instagram

Project Looking Glass Many secretive experiments that test the fabric of Space and Time are conducted behind closed doors in extremely remote facilities by those with a means to do so.

S Navy for secret research and development.

One of these startups was known as Project Montauk in which human subjects were trained to interface with extraterrestrial technology.

They would interact with a chair that vastly enhanced One’s psychic ability allowing for a concentrated portal to open in the room that helped access different historical periods.

These time-distorting machines seem to be in the hands of both sides fighting a temporal war of timelines. Deep in the heart of Groom Lake lies a covert testing facility known as S4.

Fixed to the door frame entrance of a lab sits a three-foot tall stuffed white rabbit holding an inverted watch.

Project Looking Glass was a program dealing with visualizing the effects of producing artificial gravity to predict the potential probability of future events.

This device utilized 6 electromagnetic fields and a height-adjustable rotational cylinder that would fill with Argon gas.

Scientists used this machinery to warp the local fabric of Spacetime both forward and backwards.

When active, images would appear from the projected open zone within the fields, similar to a hologram.

Transport pads were located nearby that would teleport physical matter from one location to the next instantaneously. Time Machine manipulation is the root cause for phenomena such as the Mandela Effect and other timeline glitches.

President Eisenhower met with various Extraterrestrial intelligence groups about the threat of a nuclear catastrophe.

During these talks, an exchange of technology was made where he has gifted a device called the Orion Cube.

About 8cm wide and 8cm long, this equipment shared similar properties to Project Looking Glass by lensing future events for observation in the Present. ・・・ #projectlookingglass #montaukproject #timetravel #indigochildren #starseeds #StrangerThings #spiritualawakening #thegreatawakening #woke

This includes a variety of different devices and tech, like the Looking Glass, which, along with the Yellow Cube, is supposedly used for manipulating timelines.

Yes, this is sounding like the plot behind Avengers: Endgame, but it’s a fascinating premise: the glass is actually a portal for us to not only view alternate timelines but also to use it as a sort of time travel device that’ll allow those who possess it to influence our current timeline.

So, what is the Yellow Cube?

Also known as the “Yellow Disk”, this device, along with Looking Glass, is utilized by not only the industrial-military complex (allegedly) but also Grey Aliens, who both are trying to utilize “networks” of the Yellow Cube to influence timelines.

Apparently, this cube or disk is a communication device from surviving extra-terrestrial life forms from the earth’s future. It’s also apparently a recording device that’s documented eons of human evolution. Like the Looking Glass, it’s a holographic device. View this post on Instagram

Supposedly, this Yellow Cube was handed over to Dwight D. Eisenhower by the Orion Group, which is basically a group of insect-like negative aliens that wanted to interbreed with human beings around World War II in order to jointly control our timeline. 

They succeeded, apparently, and a lot of nasty stuff that’s going down in our world is in direct relation to the fact that the Zeta (Orion’s Group) Aliens are implementing their hive mind control to influence humanity adversely.

So whoever uses the Yellow Cube can, theoretically, see probable outcomes as a result of specific actions. However, it’s hindered by the “consciousness level” of whoever was present watching future events unfold. Human emotions, too, would often cloud and influence the results of the events being holographically projected, interestingly enough.

As of now, the whereabouts of the Yellow Cube are unknown. However, the Looking Glass is reportedly in Area 51.

Source: Getty

The difference between aliens and extraterrestrials.

This theory postulates that extraterrestrials and aliens are completely different. An “E.T.”, according to this specific galactic doctrine, is an evolved human life-form from the future that has somehow made its way back to planet earth. 

The Yellow Cube is one piece of tech that was supposedly left behind by an extraterrestrial looking to help us out for who-knows-what-reason.

These devices are a part of a greater “war” or “battle” for establishing negative or “dark” timelines that are “AI Timelines of a Fallen Earth.”

Basically, these negative timelines are false ones that are constantly being indulged and manipulated into being pursued instead of a timeline that will accelerate our collective consciousness into attaining “ascension.” 

It’s convoluted and involves many different groups of humans and alien life forms with different agendas.

The above interview features some normal looking folks talking about these conspiracy theory concepts quite matter-of-factly, but it could just be that a couple of whackadoos donned Ross Dress for Fewer suits to create this video in an attempt at making whatever theory they’re feeding seem more legitimate. 

Project Looking Glass was designed to be a military time machine.

If you’re interested in this kinda stuff, you can get to work on reading the Ascension Glossary.


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