To Vape or Not to Vape: Ban Flavors for Vapors?

By Jim Campbell

February 28th, 2020

Apparently, when we elect our leaders to congress we fail to give them a rudimentary lesson on government.

They are not elected to protect us from ourselves but be mindful that the United States Congress was put in place to protect Us, as in “We the People.” from their delusions and whims.

It’s time to vote these numskulls out of office as they are making life more difficult for those who which to quit smoking with this method.

This from the wizards at Harvard University, nothing substantive and no clear evidence.

From what is presented I can see not allowing vendors to sell to young teens.

Image result for Images, People vaping

That would likely create a black market just as we have for drugs.

Government efforts on the so-called war against drugs has not been successful.

Are we going to tell young vets returning from the Middle-East they can bleed and die for their country but vaping is dangerous?

Come on, get real.

I have a good friend let’s call him Peepers he’s near 70 he vapes, have never seen any clouds so what the problem?

Image result for images of mr magoo with glasses

I have no dog in this fight, I don’t vape and never will.

It’s time for the government to do what they are famous for doing, raising taxes and taking away our other freedoms.

This is not the type of government our founding fathers envisioned when the penned the U.S. Constitution.

Most hard-left Democrats view the U.S. Constitution as a nuisance, let’s not forget Pelosi’s illegitimate attempt and failure to Impeach the sitting President, Donald J.Trump.

Trump is likely to not sign this legislation into law if it passes the United States Senate.


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1 Response to To Vape or Not to Vape: Ban Flavors for Vapors?

  1. PvtCharlieSlate says:

    Hell, it’s easy to quit smoking. I’ve done it lots of times.


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