Why the Democrats Have Gone Insane

Comment by Jim Campbell

September 26th, 2019

Forgive me but I’ve always thought they were insane, nothing has ever led me to believe otherwise.

Impeach! Impeach, they say!

If only he were Buckingham, they would take off his head as well.

Trump has become the Democrats’ version of Richard III, if he wasn’t already.

Why have the Democrats, to put it bluntly, gone berserk?

Why are they risking a backlash of cosmic proportions (other than appeasing their psychotically-inflamed base, of course)?

Music to lighten up the mood as you read about the future destruction of the Democrat Party.

One, distraction.

They live in absolute fear of the coming revelations about the Russia probe, from Inspector General Horowitz but even more from the DOJ’s John Durham, who can actually put people in jail.

The Dems know — if they have a brain (and a few do) — these revelations are likely to point up the line at the leaders of the Democratic Party all the way to President Obama.

They were all involved to one degree or another with illegally spying on or undermining Trump and his administration and supporters before and after the election.

The extent of this we are only beginning to understand.

To put it mildly, not good.

Whether you call this treason is up to you, but you can be sure Middle America (i. e. those elusive independent voters) will not appreciate it. But there’s something worse — and Pelosi’s knows it.

The only hope for Democrats to defeat Trump is, remote and quixotic as it may be, impeachment.

In the midst of the current brouhaha, Joe Biden — their great (alas white male) hope — is being exposed as not just a senile plagiarist, but a senile, corrupt plagiarist with a freaky family out of a Southern gothic novel with tentacles reaching into China and Ukraine.

Again, not good. Unfortunately, the rest of the Dems have tacked so far to the left that they wouldn’t be able to win an election in Shenyang. – Roger Simon

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4 Responses to Why the Democrats Have Gone Insane

  1. malenurseken says:

    And the WORSE IS COMING! Pelosi knows it. So do most Americans!


  2. JAFC says:

    None of this will end peacefully. None of it.


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