But the goal is to beat Donald Trump For the Presidency

By Jim Campbell

July 8th, 2019

Of course, it is, but why did take a one time stalwart of the Republican House of Representatives who moved to the dark side years ago for the money to spell it all out?

Joe Scarborough could have not done a better job if he had been on Trump’s payroll.

Classic “Squinty and the Meatpuppet?”

“Last night was a disaster.”

Please see the video below.

Not necessarily but it worked for me.

Joe was likely right about another thing, no one was watching and if they were they could not possibly have understood what was said.

New Progressive Party Theme Song:


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3 Responses to But the goal is to beat Donald Trump For the Presidency

  1. The DIMS have never been more desperate. They STILL think WE can prosper as SOCIALISTS when nobody else in the whole world ever has! DUUUH!!


  2. Opinion says:

    It sounded to me as if Joe might actually get it!

    America has had it with the free “giveaways” and socialists policies. The Government does not have any money. The money is from the People who pay taxes. The elected officials in Government have a duty to Americans – not illegal immigrants who are invading America. Too bad and very sad that Milton Freidman cannot offer some advice about free enterprise!


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