“It’s our job to control exactly what people think”

By Jim Campbell

June 28th, 2019

On President Trump:

That’s right, the title is correct CNN finally says through Mika what their belief system actually is.

I’ve been pretty tough on this dimwit today so I’ll leave it at that.


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1 Response to “It’s our job to control exactly what people think”

  1. Opinion says:

    This statement is a clear demonstration of the problems at CNN and other so-called news services, the Main Stream Media, is their confusion. These news reporters do not think they are reporting news but instead they think they are tasked with the job of designing commentary to influence opinions.

    When their collective efforts do not achieve the results they want, then they start to attempt to ever-ride the People’s opinions then these News Reports simply make up (fabricate) stories to achieve the results they want. This process resulted in the Russia-Gate illusion and that President Trump was guilty of an imaginary crime. This sounds a lot like Sedition against a Sitting President! The First Amendment does not allow this type of speech – slander!

    IMO = President Trump needs to take these people to task and file a law suit. The Department of Justice should charge this Mika fool for her crimes. The U. S. Constitution is very specific about Sedition and it sounds to me that this Mika is committing Sedition.


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