Attorney General Barr gives the Democrat Congresswoman More Respect than she Deserves

By Jim Campbell

July 29th 2020

It never ceases to amaze me how in the process of raking those who are not in their party over the coals as representative Madeline Dean did with Attorney General Barr.

Barr was having no part of it.

They waste time and money searching for answers, yet when the respondent, in this case, AG Barr tries to answer she repeatedly interrupting with the time warn, “Reclaiming my Time.”

Pounder Laura!

She was successful in one area, showing her constituents what a blithering idiot she is.


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2 Responses to Attorney General Barr gives the Democrat Congresswoman More Respect than she Deserves

  1. Stop the Corruption! says:

    The video is clear that this woman is clearly stopping A. G Barr from responding to her questions. Madeline Dean is a fool to think people do not see what she is doing. The questions assume facts not properly defined and statements that ignore the differences between various substances.

    A.G. Barr attempted to explain that the “pepper” in pepper spray is an organic substance but is in solution with certain chemicals to make useful to law enforcement to facilitate crowd control. Pepper spray is a non-lethal method of crowd control and has little if any long term effect.

    What is clear is that the Democrats wanted to voice their opinions and did not mm want any answers to questions. Madeline Dean stated several times that she did not ask a question.

    YES! A.G. Barr was way too patient with this foolish Democrat! A.G. Barr should have just walked out and set a picture of himself on the table for these idiots to make their statements to.


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