An Anti-American Platform

Comment by Jim Campbell

November 5th, 2016

Defining vapid, Webster’s tells us,  a person is insipid, uninspired, colorless, uninteresting, feeble, flat, dull, boring, tedious, tired, unexciting, uninspiring, unimaginativelifeless, tame, vacuous, bland, and trite.


What in the world is she doing standing in front of the American Flag?

Who would be a better example in today’s House of Representatives than Nancy Pelosi?


Note the hand over the means of production.

Imagine being so ignorant as to say the below and getting caught on tape !



By Bunkerville


An Anti-American Platform


Whenever Barack Obama was talking to all Americans, he spoke about unity. 

When he was confronting an audience of black Americans, he told them that white people are racists, that white people hate black people, and that white people are the bad guys. 


From Obama’s own voice, “It was usually an effective tactic, another one of those tricks I had learned. 

(White) people were satisfied so long as you were courteous and smiled and made no sudden moves. 

They were more than satisfied —they were relieved— such a pleasant surprise to find a well-mannered young black man who didn’t seem angry all the time.”

Throughout his administration, Obama continually said racist things about white people. 

His attorney general discriminated against white Americans, his treasury department discriminated against conservatives, and his FBI targeted political enemies of Barack Obama.

This is not conjecture —it is fact.

Obama isn’t president anymore, of course. 

I keep hoping to see him deposited onto the dustbin of history, but no, he’s still out stumping around the country reminding everyone what a dyed-in-the-wool racist he is —as he has always been. 

The phenomenon is catching. 

CNN’s pseudo-journalist, Don Lemon recently said the same thing: paraphrasing, the problem with our society is white men; we’ve got to do something about those radical white men.

CNN, the official propaganda arm of the Democratic Party refused to hold Lemon accountable for his racist sentiments. 

But to be fair, Lemon isn’t the only one. 

There are self-loathing white men who’ve jumped on that bandwagon as well.



Why is that?

It’s actually a page right from Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals: #12—pick your target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. 

Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. 

Go after people, not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. 

This is cruel, but very effective.  Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.

So then, to shut down any conversation about our diverse views, anti-American progressives (communists) attack anyone who disagrees with them by calling them racists, fascists, hate-mongers, right-wing radicals, white extremists, and bible-carrying gun owners. 

The list goes on Do you oppose Obama Care?  You’re a racist.

Do you support closed borders?  You’re a racist. 

Are you fed up with Islamic extremism?  You’re Islamophobic. 

Do you happen to believe that homosexuality is a sin?  You’re homophobic. 

Do you think there is something seriously wrong, mentally, with transgenders? 

You’re trans-genophobic.

Now, says the communist left, since you’re so full of hate for your fellow-man, sit down and shut up. 

If you don’t want to sit down and shut up, the left will send along representatives from their terrorist arm to beat you up. 

We see this every day on the televised news; well, at least on conservative learning news services. 

They even assault senior politicians who are dining in public —egged on by Representative Maxine Waters, a professed communist.

Who are these people? 



Ironically, they call themselves Anti-FA (for anti-fascist). 

In reality, they are the new-day brown shirts … and they do present a clear and present danger to law-abiding citizens, particularly those who refuse to carry a concealed weapon. 

The behavior of these thugs is among the worst examples of hate-mongering I’ve ever seen.

How does it advance our Republic?

It doesn’t.  But it is the new face of the Democratic Party. 

This is the new communist front. 

It exists full-bore today within the United States of America.

Now, about that “Hope and Change” line during Obama’s candidacy? 

Here’s what he really thinks: “I don’t believe it is possible to transcend race in this country. 

Race is a factor in this society. 

The legacy of Jim Crow and slavery has not gone away.”

Of course not.

It hasn’t gone away because Democrats perpetuate it and the black racists in this country are too heavily invested in maintaining racial discord. 

Disunity is their goal —and they are achieving it.

By the way, when you listen to a dunderhead on CNN or MSNBC talking about right-wing fascism, know immediately that the person speaking is a complete idiot. 

Fascism originated on the left. 

Not from Hitler (who adopted it as part of his National Socialist scheme), but from Benito Mussolini. 

The word fascist is the shortened version of Mussolini’s Fasci Rivoluzionari d’Azione Internazionalista Party, translated to Revolutionary Fashions of Internationalist Action. 

No one on the right has ever been a fascist.

Well, something to think about as you drive over to the voting station on Tuesday. 




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