The Clinton Judge’s Bizarre Pro-Illegal Alien Decision

By Jim Campbell

March 17, 2018

It’s absolutely maddening that activist judges aren’t impeached.

It’s not that difficult and if we expect law and order and not anarchy then impeachment of these sordid individuals is the way to go. (Source)

As the reader can tell from the link above it isn’t that difficult.



Martin Feldman, judge who overturned Obama Gulf drilling ban, had investments in oil: 2008 report (Source)

This is by no means and isolated case.



Think about it.

President Harry Truman was absolutely right.

“Show me the money.”




It’s difficult to comprehend the differences of the net worth’s on new members of congress compared with those that have been around for too long. (Source)


Front Page Magazine

Daniel Greenfield

The judge ruled that the police can now only go after individuals in a gang and not the collective gang.

From The Daily Caller


The ACLU’s senior staff attorney, Peter Bibring, said that Phillips, who was appointed to the California Central District court by former President Bill Clinton in 1999.




“ Los Angeles’ District Attorney, clearly recognizes the way the city of Los Angeles, has been enforcing gang injunctions over decades violates due process in a way that makes it likely they will place people on gang injunctions who may not be gang members.”


“This ruling marks the end of gang injunctions as they worked in the city of Los Angeles.”

Police officers violating the ruling will reportedly face arrest.

The Los Angeles Police Department released a statement saying they respect the authority of the courts and will follow the court’s decision,” but the Los Angeles police officers’ union heartily criticized the ruling.

The union put out the following message:


The Los Angeles Police Protective League league is a labor union for the rank and file police officer up to the rank of lieutenant.

I see no reason to support it and believe the police should not belong to labor unions.

“Appropriately applied, gang injunctions are a valuable law enforcement tool intended to improve the safety of Los Angeles neighborhoods and stem the tide of drug dealing, assaults, and other violent crimes associated with gangs,” a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Protective League said in a statement to the Times.

“It’s unfortunate that a judge would eliminate this important crime-fighting tool instead of working to resolve any issues with its application.

We urge the city to appeal this shortsighted ruling.

No, its criminal behavior on their part, each swore an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, by adjudicating from the bench they broke their oath and must be dealt with severely.

Judicial activism crossed through the mirror in 2017.

The flurry of Federal judges rushing to protect illegal Obama policies with bizarrely illegal rulings exceeds even the wildest abuses of the Warren court.

See the entire article below.


In San Francisco, Judge William Alsup, a Clinton judge, decided that President Trump has no right to set aside Obama’s illegal DACA amnesty.

Obama’s DACA amnesty was a discretionary measure and an illegal one. But even if it were legal, the same discretion can be used to put it aside.

Furthermore, the DACA amnesty was shut down in response to rulings against it by Federal courts. And Judge Alsup uses that to argue that the termination was a mistake because DACA wasn’t actually illegal.

The Alsup decision has some of the same bizarre features of previous judicial activist assaults on Trump.

There are the cities and colleges who claim to be adversely affected. And there’s a judge arguing about the administration’s motives

. And then he skips to arguing with the Attorney General over whether DACA was legal to begin with.






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