What, Me Worry?

By Jim Campbell

March 16, 2018

Those who have followed this witch hunt have known all along the Mueller in his role as special prosecutor has failed to go after the real witch who of course is the yet indicted Hillary Clinton.



It’s been rather obvious from the beginning  that Mueller and his Democrat henchmen were playing with a nothing burger.

Perhaps Jeff Sessions has been to weak as Attorney General to push for an indictment.



One cannot investigate the Clinton’s without having body bags on their minds.

Does Sessions look like Alfred E. Newman of Mad Magazine or what?

He has signaled as far back as seven months ago that Hillary would be in indicted.

Why has nothing happened?

Because he doesn’t want to become worm meal in a local born orchard.




The Washington Examiner

By David  M. Drucker

March 16, 2018


Special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, which has ensnared former President Trump campaign officials and one ex-administration official, tends not to move the needle as a political matter.

The federal investigation into President Trump possibly colluding with Russia to defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016 has faded as a driving political issue as the midterm elections approach.

Even as the New York Times reported Thursday that special counsel Robert Mueller has subpoenaed the Trump Organization for documents pertaining to any relationship the president’s business empire had with Russian interests, a major development in a potentially explosive probe, senior political strategists of both parties conceded that it stopped registering as a top concern for American voters months ago.

“If there is actual evidence, everyone is fucked on the GOP side. But if there is no actual evidence, this is all tribal warfare,” a Republican operative said, requesting anonymity in order to speak candidly.

Indeed, Mueller’s probe, which has ensnared former Trump campaign officials and one ex-administration official, tends not to move the needle as a political matter, with fixed opinions of the president’s alleged guilt or innocence canceling each other out on either side of the partisan divide.

See the entire article below.


A year ago, Trump was roiling the national politics with his very public fixation on the Russia investigation, and his battle against then-FBI Director James Comey. The episode contributed to broad impressions of a White House in disarray and a president unfit for the job. Exceptionally poor job approval ratings followed; the president’s relationship with Republican allies on Capitol Hill frayed.

But as the probe continued, Trump eventually shifted his attention to more conventional subjects, only occasionally dropping a tweet or making remarks to lament what he calls a “witch hunt.” The issue gradually lost its political punch as a result, with the electorate growing numb despite Mueller rolling out indictments against individuals connected in some fashion to the president.

That’s why Democrats, who ostensibly stand to benefit from the existence of the investigation, are being warned by their top advisers to avoid overemphasizing the Russia probe in midterm campaigns against the Republicans, and instead to to focus on kitchen table issues like jobs and the economy. Democrat Conor Lamb, who appears to have pulled off a major upset in a strong Republican House district in Southwest Pennsylvania, barely mentioned it in his campaign, if at all.

“The issue doesn’t come up a lot at many of the Democratic forums my clients are going to,” a Democratic strategist who advises House clients said.

“Honest to goodness, it’s not a compelling issue,” added a Democratic consultant focused on Senate races. “Obviously it’s very important and the voters would tell you that. But when it comes to compelling voters and activism, issues like health care and the social safety net wallop it.”

Priorities USA, a prominent Democratic super PAC, made a splash earlier this year with a detailed memorandum that made the same observation, and implored Democrats to steer clear of talk of Russia collusion or impeachment on the campaign trail.

“There’s no question that Trump benefits when a critique of his tax and healthcare policies is not front and center — especially when voters are hearing Trump’s side of the story on the economy,” PUSA’s pollster wrote in the memo. Added Josh Schwerin, a spokesman for the super PAC, in an interview with the Washington Examiner:

“People detest his temperament and don’t think he’s telling the … that’s going to be there no matter what everyone else is talking about. That’s why it’s important that Democrats are talking about the economy.”

There is a difference between an issue that isn’t serious and Americans don’t care about, and one that is not motivating their vote in upcoming elections. Insiders in both parties aren’t making either of those claims, and Republicans in particular concede that if the investigation turns up evidence of wrongdoing on Trump’s part, the Republican Party will pay the price in November elections already shaping up as a backlash against the president.

Independents and Republican women in the suburbs, already showing signs of rejecting the GOP because of dissatisfaction with Trump, could side with the Democrats en mass if that were to happen. The probe isn’t a motivating issue at this point, but voters hardly view it as the “hoax” Trump claims it is. They see it as a legitimate undertaking.

According to a March 7 to 14 Pew Research Center survey released Thursday, 61 percent of voters have confidence in Mueller to “conduct a fair investigation.” Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller, a former FBI director, special counsel last spring, after Trump fired Comey.

Views of the probe are influenced by partisanship. Still, 46 percent of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents are very or somewhat confident Mueller will conduct a fair investigation. For Democrats and liberal-leaners, that number jumps to 75 percent. Trump’s job approval was 39 percent in that poll.

The survey had an error margin of 3 percentage points.

For Republicans, the concern isn’t just the investigation’s outcome, but the timing. Should Mueller deliver a damning report that involves the president at some point before the midterm elections, the developing Democratic gains in Congressional races could turn into a tsunami.

A conclusion that comes later, no matter the findings, and the GOP’s House and Senate majorities might survive to fight another day.

“It depends on the result,” a Republican consultant said. “Until Mueller is done, the probe doesn’t matter.”


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1 Response to What, Me Worry?

  1. Dave the Differentiator says:

    The MEDIA has consistently ignored President Trump’s claim of complete innocence, How strange to not hear both sides of the story. Makes the claims of bias by the MSM appear to be very real!

    The Mueller victories to date have been pure technical with no substance at all. The Lying to the FBI is a complete farce given what all of America knows about Hillary, Benghazi, the emails and other very firm and non-disputed facts. Plus, the Mueller victories have nothing to do with the 2016 election but relate to periods of time that are not relevant to the 2016 election.

    Trump is still in the process of Draining the Swamp and his staff changes are all related to that problem. The Intelligence leaks out of the White House are coming from one or several very high-up sources that Trump trusted. These liars are about to be exposed. The electronic technology in use today is allowing Trump a better picture of the electronic communications of these insider traitors. The recovery of the “Lost” FBI text messages. The recovery of the Hillary missing emails. The “Recoveries” were accomplished with the latest technology. The FBI, Hillary, Obama, Holder and Lynch are all corrupt criminals and deserve what is about to come down on them.

    The Internet claims there are over 18,500 sealed indictments for crimes that will be opened in the next few months. The Internet claims that there have already been over 6,000 arrests with about 200 deaths from this process.

    The Main Stream Media (MSM) simply cannot be trusted to report news but instead creates stories it claims is news. In a court of Law there are very strict Rules of Evidence. Mueller must follow these rules and get solid hard evidence of crimes committed by Trump. Trump says none exists.

    All of these unsupported claims against Trump are nothing more that sophomoric play yard gossip.

    Step back and look at Trump’s record of accomplishments and education. Trump’s wealth is from his business dealings which have been very successful. Trump was a billionaire when he decided to run for President. Take a comparative look at the Democrats who were never successful financially or professionally.

    IMO – the next two months will reveal facts that result in Obama, Clintons (both bill and Hillary), Holder, Lynch, Comey, and many more in the Obama Administration all going to Jail.

    The Internet even has a story linking Mueller to Nancy Pelosi romantically. Now that would be a political bomb od sizeable portions.


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