Peter W. Smith, GOP operative who sought Clinton’s emails from Russian hackers, committed suicide

The proof is mounting, that one would be safer in Syria screaming that Mohammad and Allah were both dickheads in Arabic than becoming a friend or a person on the Clinton’s radar.


While yelling and screaming the individual could be handing out little gold crosses on chains to further complicate the situation.

It is strongly implied that this old guy has filled another of the Clinton’s Body Bags.



The Chicago Tribune

Katherine Skiba, David Heinzmann, Todd Lighty

July 15, 2017


In a room at a Rochester hotel used almost exclusively by Mayo Clinic patients and relatives, Peter W. Smith, 81, left a carefully prepared file of documents, which includes a statement police called a suicide note in which he said he was in ill health and a life insurance policy was expiring.

Days earlier, the financier from suburban Lake Forest gave an interview to the Journal about his quest, and it published stories about his efforts beginning in late June.


The Journal also reported it had seen emails written by Smith showing his team considered retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, then a top adviser to Republican Donald Trump’s campaign, as an ally.

Flynn briefly was President Trump’s national security adviser and resigned after it was determined he had failed to disclose contacts with Russia.

At the time, the newspaper reported Smith’s May 14 death came about 10 days after he granted the interview.

Mystery shrouded how and where he had died, but the lead reporter on the stories said on a podcast he had no reason to believe the death was the result of foul play.

However, the Chicago Tribune obtained a Minnesota state death record filed in Olmsted County that says Smith committed suicide in a hotel near the Mayo Clinic at 1:17 p.m. on Sunday, May 14.

He was found with a bag over his head with a source of helium attached.

Give me a break!

A medical examiner’s report gives the same account, without specifying the time, and a report from Rochester police further details his suicide.


See the entire article below.

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Hillary has the solution for Bill’s impromptu meeting with Loretta Lynch at the Phoenix Airport

All but the deplorably ignorant and terminally stupid would consider coming anywhere near the Clinton’s with their history of misplacing their friends.


CNN has just reported that they have a grave site prepared for her next to that of Seth Richards, who wasn’t a Clinton friend but told Wikileaks about Hillary selling out 20 percent of the U.S. uranium for a multimillion dollar contribution to the Clinton Crime Foundation.

Loretta Lynch was a fat ho, and so is Hillary, there’s not much difference between them.


All that being said and with Loretta Lynch being hit with a federal lawsuit in the video below, at least we are unaware of her murdering anyone.


The video below shows what happens when a pathological liar meets with another on a private airplane.

Can you spell perjury?

Why can’t Republican members of the panel pin this so-called attorney general down?

The answer is quite simple in that these hearings are not designed to uncover any truths but make a mokery of our entire judicial system.

Without a functioning judicial system, tryanny is just around the corner.



Loretta deserves to be brought before a grand jury and if indicted, brought to trial.

She made a complete mockery of the hearing and the Republicans once again failed to nail her.


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END Of STORY: Clearing the Air Around Seth Rich Shot Twice

Indeed, the Trump Russia connection is just a smoke screen.


The fact that no special prosecutor has been put on the case of Seth Rich is telling.

How telling? 

Our country may well be in worse shape than anyone contemplated, as the alleged long arm of the Clinton cabal continues to bury people.


Did they or didn’t they have a hand in by order the death os Seth Rich?

Someone else in the Democrat hierarchy?  Let’s find out!

Only a special prosecutor will tell us the answers.

Until then, “Trust no one,” ~Fox Mulder The X-Files

I was introduced to Jim O’Neill through one of our commenters, Ms. G.G.

During Vietnam, Jim was in underwater demolition, U.D.T. and  SEAL Team II

If the idea, or argument, or reality has become that if you wish to disobey the law, if you wish to be above the law, then you must seek political office, then only those with the worst motives will end up with the most power over us.

And for any rational, decent, moral human being that is an unbearable situation.—Stefan Molyneux “The Truth About Seth Rich

Canada Free Press


Jim ONeill imageBy Jim O’Neill —— Bio and Archives Below

June 1st, 2017

This article will not present any new material regarding the murder of Seth Rich.

What it will do is present some of the more important information about the case in a way that hopefully untangles some of the threads surrounding the issue, and present them in a clear, concise, and easily grasped format.

First of all, we need to acknowledge that the whole “Trump colluding with the Russians” nonsense is merely smoke ‘n’ mirrors razzle-dazzle bulls—t.

So, off the bat, we toss out the Democrat’s Russian red herring (pun noted).

Which leaves us with what? It leaves us with the fact that the Democratic Party suffered four serious individual leaks during the 2016 presidential campaign.

They were, in no particular order”

Those are the leaks—who were the leakers? According to George Webb, who has done extensive research into this matter, there are at present three main persons of interest:

  • Eric Braverman (former CEO of the “Clinton Foundation”)
  • Shawn Lucas
  • Seth Rich

George Webb recently told Doug Hagmann of the “Hagmann & Hagmann Report” that Eric Braverman is the only one of the three people listed above who had access to all of the Democratic leak sources.

That in itself doesn’t prove a thing, just saying….

Shawn Lucas died on August 2, 2016, of an ill-advised (i.e. overdose) combination of Fentanyl ( a synthetic opioid), cyclobenzaprine (muscle relaxant), and mitragynine (AKA kratom—a stimulant/sedative).

Reportedly, friends have said that he was not known to take drugs.

Seth Rich was murdered in Washington DC on July 10, 2016.

The police called it a botched robbery attempt, despite the fact that “his wallet, cell phone, keys, watch and necklace were all left on him.”

Why in the world would the police call it attempted robbery when Rich was not robbed of anything?

Are the police in DC psychic or something?

I can only surmise that after having been shot twice in the back, calling Rich’s death a suicide would have been a stretch even for the DCPD.

The above four leak sources and the three “persons of interest” I named do not, of course, have a d—n thing to do with Russia.

They do, however, lead directly to Julian Assange and “Wikileaks.”


See the entire article below.


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Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud: More from Project Veritas

crew-2231211We know it was bad, just not how bad.


Busing voters from one state to another state?

George Soros meddling with the U.S. Presidential elections.  (Source)




There’s a crime in there some place !  Of course there is. (Source)


Scott Foval may well be looking at some time at the grey bar hotel.

It can’t be that big of a law to break, after the Clinton’s have used it in every election they have been involved.

Remember, “Loose lips sink ships, ” a concept obviously no learned by Foval.

Let’s hope he does some serious had time, the Clinton’s may be bullet proof, he may have been but not after his ego allowed himself to discuss the entire process.

Now he must live in fear of being another name among those listed among the “Clinton Body Bags.” (Source)


Project Veritas Action Reveals the Diabolical Step-By-Step Voter Fraud Strategy

Democrats Have Been Rigging Election for Fifty Years and Here Is the Proof

Project Veritas Action has released the second video in a multi-part series that is sending shockwaves through the DNC and the Clinton campaign. The first video explained the dark secrets and the hidden connections and organizations the Hillary Campaign uses to incite violence at Trump rallies. This latest video takes the investigation even further.

Several Project Veritas Action undercover journalists catch Scott Foval, the National Field Director for Americans United for Change, saying, “we’ve been bussing people in to deal with you fuckin’ assholes [Republicans] for fifty years and we’re not going to stop now, we’re just going to find a different way to do it.”

One of the highest-level operatives for the DNC who admits to being “no white knight” said that the Democrats have rigged elections for fifty years.

Foval then goes on to explain the sinister plot and how they avoid getting caught.

The undercover reporter asks why they can’t just “bus in” voters, but get them to use their own personal vehicles.

Foval describes how they avoid being detected and free of criminal charges.

“Would they charge each individual of voter fraud?

Or are they going to go after the facilitator for conspiracy, which they could prove?

It’s one thing if all these people drive up in their personal cars.

If there’s a bus involved? That changes the dynamic.”


See the entire article below.


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Julian Assange WILL release ‘damaging information’ about Hillary tomorrow after initially cancelling ‘October Surprise’ speech from embassy balcony

crew-2231211Of course ,this won’t be covered in a timely fashion if at all and why we consistently turn to our brothers across the pond when we want to bring the story took you first.


Some day when history is written by the proper historians, the likes of Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and all whistle- blowers will deserve their own Mt. Rushmore.


The video provided is certainly worth the viewer’s time to watch.

Since Hillary had already asked about having a drone taking him out further cementing her slothfulness, her comments  are typical Hillary when she comments on these two heroes specifically.

October 3, 2016.


  • Julian Assange had originally planned to address the world from the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy in London on Monday
  • He was due to speak at the tenth anniversary of the founding of WikiLeaks 
  • Assange will instead speak video link to an event in Berlin on Tuesday
  • The organisation earlier released information hacked from the Democrats 
  • It came as a new report claimed Clinton had proposed a drone strike to take out Assange in 2010


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange cancelled a planned appearance to mark the 10th anniversary of his organization from the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy in London over security fears on Monday.


He had been planning to give a speech – amid claims he was about to release damaging information about Clinton which some claimed could be an ‘October Surprise’ which would swing the presidential election.

However, Assange, who is wanted by Swedish authorities for questioning in connection with an alleged rape, will make an announcement via video link to an event in Berlin on Tuesday morning.

Of course, the Swedish authorities would want him at this moment in time in connection with an alleged rape. 🙂

The tentacles of the Clinton’s Family Crime Foundation run deep and the Swiss are very helpful in money laundering.

In a tweet on Monday afternoon, WikiLeaks said Assange’s speech in London was moved to Berlin due to ‘specific information’ but did not elaborate further.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, pictured here in February on the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy in London, had been planning to address a press conference later this week.

In a tweet on Monday afternoon, WikiLeaks said Assange's speech in London was moved to Berlin due to 'specific information' but did not elaborate further

In a tweet on Monday afternoon, WikiLeaks said Assange’s speech in London was moved to Berlin due to ‘specific information’ but did not elaborate further

Donald Trump’s former right-hand man Roger Stone claimed the new WikiLeaks revelations would destroy Clinton’s campaign. 

In August this year, Assange told Fox News that he was holding information on Clinton which yielded ‘some quite unexpected angles, that are quite interesting, some even entertaining’.

He said he would release the information before the November 8 election.

Assange claimed the information could alter the election result, adding: ‘I think it’s significant. It depends on how it catches fire in the public and in the media.’

Meanwhile, a new report claims that Clinton once proposed a military drone strike to take out Assange in a bid to silence WikiLeaks.

Clinton discussed the possible assassination while she was Secretary of State in a meeting with her staff in 2010 about how to prevent a WikiLeaks document dump dubbed ‘CableGate,’ TruePundit reports.

Donald Trump supporters believe Wikileaks will release highly damaging information later this week on Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in a so-called October Surprise event 

Donald Trump supporters believe Wikileaks will release highly damaging information later this week on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in a so-called October Surprise event

Conservative political commentator Roger Stone believes Clinton's campaign will collapse

Conservative political commentator Roger Stone believes Clinton’s campaign will collapse.

At the time, Assange had been declaring his intention to release 250,000 secret cables – revealing a huge amount of damning communications between State Department officials and its foreign allies between 1966 and 2010.

‘Can’t we just drone this guy?’ Clinton asked during the meeting on November 23, 2010, the website reports citing State Department sources.

For my money, Roger Stone is every bit as nutty as the Clinton’s.

The sources said that her controversial query drew laughter in the room, but that it quickly died down when Clinton continued to speak in a ‘terse’ manner.

She allegedly called Assange a soft target as he was walking around freely at the time and not fearful of any reprisals.

Clinton and the Obama administration feared the content of the cables would damage US intelligence gathering operations as well as compromise private communication and intelligence shared with foreign governments.

In 2010, Assange had already released records that divulged secret US documents about the war in Afghanistan in July and about the war in Iraq in October.

A new report claims that Clinton once proposed a military drone strike to take out Assange in a bid to silence WikiLeaks. Above, one of Clinton's aides sent an email with the subject line ‘an SP memo on possible legal and nonlegal strategies re Wikileaks’

A new report claims that Clinton once proposed a military drone strike to take out Assange in a bid to silence WikiLeaks. Above, one of Clinton’s aides sent an email with the subject line ‘an SP memo on possible legal and nonlegal strategies re Wikileaks.

See the entire article below.

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One candidate blabs about together while Donald Trump shows us what it means in his latest ad

crew-2231211By Jim Campbell

September 27, 2016


There can be no more phony politician at any level than Hillary Clinton.


She’s a pathological liar, we already have one of those in the White House.

Anything she has received she hasn’t earned since she was one of the women in line at Slicks place when he was governor of Arkansas.


Hillary Clinton admits that having a private server was "clearly wasn't the best choice." Would she feel that way if the FBI wasn't investigating her server and her campaign wasn't distracted by the negative publicity?

Hillary Clinton admits that having a private server was “clearly wasn’t the best choice.” Would she feel that way if the FBI wasn’t investigating her server and her campaign wasn’t distracted by the negative publicity?

maxresdefaultShe will forever be remembered as the murderous bitch of Benghazi and medicated heavily or not she will look you in the eye and lie through her teeth.

If one goes eye to eye with her, she has the look of a stone cold killer.

Seriously would you let her take a puppy that you loved on a walk and expect it to ever return?


If she and her handlers manage to steal the election by raping every cemetery in America, she will be the first President in History who would not be able to pass a security clearance.

She is little more than an unindicted criminal.

It won’t belong before she is !



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By voting democrat you are a bigger problem than Islamic Jihadists

crew-2231211 By Jim Campbell

September 26, 2016


Think about it…


Should Donald Trump have the election stolen from him which is quite conceivable with Hillary being the democrat flag barer,

We get nothing more than the failed policies at every level of Barack Hussein Obama and Mrs. Clinton.



Seriously should the voter trust the muddled thinking in the quote above?

Obama’s policies have destroyed our economy with more men and women out of work since the great depression.

Obama’s Foreign Policy has been rudderless at best.

Of course the two future jail birds show below won’t be guilty until they are convicted by a jury of their peers.

That in itself will be a difficult accomplishment, as their peers, business partners and close friends have for the most part ended up in body bags.



With Obama and Hillary running the show, we supported the wrong side in each country we attempted to force our vision of democracy during the Arab Spring,  (Source)

Of course  there is still the troublesome problem of Benghazi that Clinton has failed to come clean because in doing so it would make both the former Secretary of State and Obama duplicitous of committing treason. 

There is no statute of limitation on treason. (Source)



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