UPDATE: JFK assassination: Lawmakers call on Trump to release all classified document

Having read everything available at the time, I have always been satisfied that the Warren Commission was nothing more than a coverup on the Assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

The New York Times confirms positions of physicians conducting the autopsy that he was shot twice from behind.


The two pathologists, Dr. James J. Humes and Dr. J. Thornton Boswell, said there was no doubt about the nature of the gunshot wounds to Kennedy and denied there had been any interference with the body by military or political officials, a major contention of conspiracy theorists. (Source)

Like the finding of the Warren Commission, the powers that be likely told the pathologists to go along with the fake narrative of Oswald being the lone gunman.

They likely knew what would be their fate if they failed to do so.

I can still remember my first day on the rifle range in basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.


The Drill Sargeant took an ammo can filled with water 100 yards down range, came back and shot one round into it, retrieved it and showed us the entire back of the can was gone.

This was apparently to impress upon us how little value our helmets were in a direct hit, only being useful for flying shrapnel.

Far too many loose ends, multiple autopsies, if Kennedy would have been shot from the back of the head, his forehead would have been blown away, that was not the case. (Source)

Here in lies the conundrum.

The FBI has lost a great deal of credibility in its attempted “Persecution,” of Donald Trump.

Can the president allow this agency and scores of others to be besmirched?

If it meant taking down Mueller in the process it would be worth it.



I have never been able to reconcile the Zapruder film, (The Shot from the Grassy Knol, along with Oswald’s poor ratings as a rifleman in the U.S. Marine Corps. )


Cristina Corbin

September 27, 2017

Fifty-four years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, two U.S. lawmakers who lived through the ordeal are calling for the declassification of thousands of pages of long-secret government documents related to his death.

The disclosure, they believe, will answer a question that has for half a century plagued the American public: Did anyone help or have knowledge of Lee Harvey Oswald’s plan to kill Kennedy?

“I believe the American public needs to know the truth,” said Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C., who along with Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, is leading a congressional effort to declassify thousands of documents and recordings compiled by the CIA and FBI. 

“It’s still hard for me to believe it was one man, but at the same time I have no proof that it wasn’t,” said Jones, who watched on live television as Oswald, awaiting transfer to a county jail, was shot by Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby two days after Oswald assassinated Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963.

Decades after Kennedy’s assassination, many still wonder whether Oswald acted alone or had help.  (AP)

“There’s no reason that the information – from a security standpoint – should not be made public,” Jones told Fox News. “So much is known about the assassination. Why not close the chapter?”




Jones and Grassley cite a law signed by former President George H.W. Bush mandating the release of all documents related to Kennedy’s assassination within 25 years.

Under the JFK Records Act of 1992, the National Archives has until Oct. 26 of this year to disclose the remaining files related to the assassination – unless President Trump determines that doing so would be harmful to national security.

There are about 3,100 files still unsealed by the National Archives.

Approximately four million pages of records were released to the public in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The CIA and other government agencies can postpone disclosure of the remaining documents but only with permission from Trump.

A CIA spokeswoman told Fox News the agency “continues to engage in the process to determine the appropriate next steps with respect to any previously unreleased CIA information.”

The Trump administration, meanwhile, said the decision to release the documents is currently under review.

“We have been working closely with the National Archives and other departments and agencies since the beginning of this administration on processes that are consistent with the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act,” an official with the National Security Council told Fox News on Tuesday.

Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C., (left) and Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, are leading a congressional effort to declassify thousands of documents and recordings compiled by the CIA and FBI.

“This work continues in anticipation of the October deadline,” said the official, who was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

The Warren Commission, the independent panel assigned to investigate the murder, concluded in 1964 that Oswald — a former Marine and self-proclaimed Marxist – was the sole person responsible for Kennedy’s assassination. CIA officials had told the commission there was no evidence of a conspiracy that the spy agency could have prevented.

But hundreds of never-before-seen assassination documents released by the National Archives in July show the CIA began to question whether the official conclusion was wrong in the years following the assassination. Of particular concern was whether the CIA had thoroughly probed Oswald’s contacts with agents for the Communist governments of Cuba and the Soviet Union.

Oswald had traveled to Mexico City weeks before the murder and visited both the Soviet and Cuban embassies. The Warren Commission said Oswald’s stated reason for the trip was to obtain visas that would allow him entry into Cuba and the Soviet Union, but many details about the trip remain a mystery.

The newly released documents also include a 1975 internal CIA memo that raised questions about Oswald’s motive. The memo cites a 1963 Associated Press article that ran in a newspaper shortly before the assassination, quoting Fidel Castro as saying, “U.S. leaders would be in danger if they helped in any attempt to do away with leaders of Cuba.”

Fifty-four years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, two U.S. lawmakers who lived through the ordeal are calling for the declassification of thousands of pages of long-secret government documents related to his death.

Grassley and Jones, as well as Kennedy scholars, wonder whether the remaining secret documents might reveal clues suggesting Oswald had help – or confirm he acted alone.

“The papers should be released. We, the people, paid for all of this,” said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics and author of a book about Kennedy.

“We want to see what they [the government] knew and when they knew it,” he told Fox News.

Sabato said he has no doubt that Oswald was the only shooter in Dealey Plaza as Kennedy rode in an open motorcade with his wife, Jacqueline, and Texas Gov. John Connally and his wife.

But Sabato said he questions whether others assisted or had knowledge of Oswald’s plot.

“The remaining question is: Did anyone help him or was it merely that people knew and didn’t report it in time to save Kennedy’s life?”

Cristina Corbin is a Fox News reporter based in New York. Follow her on Twitter @CristinaCorbin.



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7 Responses to UPDATE: JFK assassination: Lawmakers call on Trump to release all classified document

  1. Pamela says:

    I think this may also be the reason for actress Marilyn Monroe’s untimely death. She might have acted the part of the sexy bombshell on the silver screen, but, in real life, Marilyn was very intelligent with a mind and memory like a steel trap. Maybe she was done away with for the simple reason that whoever was behind this assassination believed she knew far too much.

    JFK, Trump, Deep State, Establishment It All Ends the Same


  2. JAFC says:

    It’s about time.


  3. Bill Wallace, a Yankee apologist says:

    Ah wasn’t Oswald rated as a marksman by the marines?


    • JCscuba says:

      Yep,and a Marxman is one grade above not being able to shoot at all. The key was he didn’t shoot J.F.K. behind, more autopsy photos in the Journal of the American Medical Association .


    • JCscuba says:

      Indeed he was, There are Experts, Sharpshooters and Marxmen. Marxmen are a step away from becoming potato peelers in the mess hall. Kennedy was not shot from behind, and it would be unlikely the patsy could hit a moving target. Thanks for your comment.


  4. karend926 says:

    Is there a “legitimate”, bullet entrance wound to back of JFK’s head ??? Watching the Zapruder film over & over, it appears impact is from the front, but on a recent/new, Mysteries at the Museum, hosted by Don Wildman, an “expert”, claims that impact from the back causes the front to explode, & the head to lurch backwards as it clearly did…being a former USMC myself, we also shot items from the front & they exploded from the front…but, I also shot deer, & the entrance wound on the side was small, with the exit wound on the other side much larger….so, back to my beginning, was a bullet wound to the rear confirmed as legit ???


    • JCscuba says:

      The first trip to the rifle range in Basic training was a shot by the drill can filled with water. The purpose, to show us the value of our steel pots, i.e. helmets. He fired, walked down range picked it up came back and show ust the back of an ammunition can, there was nothing left. I’ve had this argument over with physician friends, they think I’m nuts, I know we are both right. Oswald was a patsy set up pure and simple. I’m an NRA instructor. Shooting a moving target is not easy. Also, Kennedy had three autopsies, What’s up with that. Thanks for your comments. Great to have another intelligent leaving their thoughts, please come back. I’m Jim, my friends call me J.C.


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