Trump’s Israel Ambassador Will Drain the Two-State Solution Swamp

crew-2231211Historically the only group that has believed in a two-state solution are the misguided liberal democrats like Jimmy Carter who believe this is possible.


I suppose anything is possible at any given time, but probable, don’t bet on it.

In Carter’s case, like Obama he received they were recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing “No Peace,” anywhere on the planet.



They can’t seem to get it through their thick skulls that the Palestinians under Hamas want Israel blown off the map.

The best that can be said about Palestine and independent statehood can be found below.

General Assembly Votes Overwhelmingly to Accord Palestine ‘Non-Member Observer State’ Status in United Nations (Source)

article_arafatCarter tried to put a two-state solution in place but was bitch slapped by Arafat. (Source)

The senile Carter for his part has been a recidivist violator of the Logan Act and never been held accountable.

The Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 18 U.S.C. § 953, enacted January 30, 1799 ) is the United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments having a dispute with the U.S. It was intended to prevent the undermining of the government’s position. (Source)




When presenting the results of the Camp David talks to the U.S. Congress on September 18, 1978, President Jimmy Carter noted that it had been 2,000 years since there was peace between Egypt and a free Jewish nation and that such a peace might be secured that year.

The Camp David Accords were a chance for one of the brightest moments in history.

Sadly, Carter’s expectations at that euphoric moment were never quite met, and today peace in the Middle East remains a distant hope. (Source)

The Camp David Accords were a chance for one of the brightest moments in history. Sadly, Carter’s expectations at that euphoric moment were never quite met, and today peace in the Middle East remains a distant hope

Friedman has been a longtime critic of the hate group, comparing its support for Islamic terror against Israel to its key funder’s Nazi collaborating past.

The head of J Street is so upset that he appears to have found religion.

“Lord help friends of Israel if someone like David Friedman is making US policy on Israel rather than John Kerry,” Jeremy ben Ami whined.

The Lord just might be helping Israel by sending Kerry back to Nantucket and David Friedman to Jerusalem.

It’s time to end the “Palestinian” hijacking of the US-Israel relationship.

December 22, 2016

Ten years ago, a guy from Queens made a trip out during a snowstorm to pay a condolence call to a guy on Long Island on the passing of a Rabbi who was also his father.The guy from Queens is now President-elect and the man he was visiting became his close adviser and his choice for ambassador to Israel.



Donald Trumps pick for Ambassador to Israel

Last week, Trump gave his pro-Israel Jewish supporters an early Chanukah gift.

He picked an ambassador who actually likes the Jewish State and hates Islamic terrorists.

It’s supposed to be the other way around.

Ambassador Dan Shapiro, Obama’s emissary to the country he hated almost as much as America, had denounced Israel on the day that a Jewish mother of six, who died protecting her children from an Islamic terrorist encouraged to kill Jews by the Palestinian Authority, was being buried.

See entire article below.


Shapiro has warned that our backing for Israel is contingent on its support for a PA-Hamas Islamic terror state inside its own borders and that Netanyahu’s lack of enthusiasm for that terror state “raises questions about Israel’s real intentions.”

But Trump has decided to go with David Friedman, a friend of Israel, instead of an enemy. And the enemies of the Jewish State are united in their fury against Ambassador David Friedman.

“J Street is vehemently opposed to the nomination of David Friedman to be Ambassador to Israel.” the Soros-funded anti-Israel group declared.

The anti-Israel media was already sputtering early this month when Friedman skipped Kerry’s rant against Israel to attend an event for the Israeli town of Beit El (Bethel or House of God) where Judah Maccabee had his command center in the battle against Antiochus IV that gave us Chanukah.Our next ambassador chose the House of God and the Maccabees over John Forbes Kerry.

Trump had personally donated to a Jewish school in Beit El. “If I would have known he would be elected president, I would have saved the check,” the town’s co-founder said.

This infuriates the left which believes that the House of God ought to be turned over to Muslim terrorists to become the House of Allah, Jihad and of Kassam rockets falling on Israeli cities.

Letty Cottin Pogrebin of Peace Now, who has charged Israel with apartheid, claimed that it blows up Palestinian babies and praised the “positive consequences” of the racist Muslim terror intifada against the Jews, was most unhappy.

“This man will dismantle everything … State Department policy on the settlements, two states … It’s beyond comprehension,” she sputtered.

To which the only rational response can be… good.

There is no Two State Solution. And there never was.

The Islamic terrorists in Gaza and the West Bank want one Islamic state just as much as ISIS does.

They stopped even pretending to negotiate years ago.

The term “Two State Solution” is an excuse for funding Islamic terrorists inside Israel on the pretext that after decades of rejecting peace and co-existence, they will one day change their minds and play nice.

As long as Israel offers them enough land to build their terror state on.

The “settlements”, a bigoted reference to Jews living in parts of Israel conquered by Muslim invaders in 1948 and liberated by Israelis in 1967, is their excuse for why Muslim terrorists still haven’t made peace.

You can’t expect the Palestinian Authority, funded by US taxpayers, to stop stabbing Israeli mothers as long as there are Jews living in parts of Jerusalem that they want to incorporate into their terror state.

Ambassador David Friedman wants to toss these Goebbelsian lies about Israel aside.

He doesn’t believe that a Two State Solution in which an Islamic terror state cuts Israel in half will solve anything except the problem of Israel’s existence.

He knows that the lack of peace isn’t caused by Jews living in Jerusalem, but by Muslim terror.

The Two State Solution allowed Muslim terrorists in Israel to take the US-Israel relationship hostage.

These Islamic terrorists of the Palestinian Authority got veto power even over the location of our embassy in Jerusalem. Trump and Friedman want to free our relationship with Israel from the terrorists.

But much of the establishment wants to keep the Palestinian Authority hostage crisis going by appointing hostile hacks to poison the relationship and keep the terrorists in charge. The Foggy Bottom hacks we dispatch to Israel and around the world aren’t supposed to like Israel.

Despising the Jewish State is a basic qualification for the job.

Our man in Tel Aviv, in a bizarrely out of touch embassy located more than half the country’s width away from its center of government, must ceaselessly lecture the Israelis on the evils of Jews living in Jerusalem while warning them that our support is based entirely on Israel’s to efforts to create an Islamic terror state inside its borders.

Meanwhile the Jerusalem consulate will focus on outreach to the Islamic terror state while refusing to even admit that there are Jews in Jerusalem.

That’s why the establishment is madder at Friedman than a wet cat soaked in a barrel of gasoline.

David Friedman is a “hard-liner” and “right-wing”. David Remnick at the New Yorker fumes that Friedman is a bankruptcy lawyer from Long Island. He probably doesn’t even get invited to any of Remnick’s cocktail parties. But the President of the United States wasn’t supposed to be a guy from Queens who went to Wharton, but a Yale or Harvard type. And the ambassador to Israel is supposed to be a career Foreign Service Officer who has been around the region since the invention of syphilis.

Not a guy from Long Island who doesn’t know enough to bemoan Israel’s “rightward” drift with the best of them at a Georgetown bar. Like so much else, this wasn’t supposed to happen.

The media whines that David Friedman is unfit because he isn’t a professional diplomat. It didn’t have a thing to say when Obama handed out ambassadorships to the UK, Canada, Italy, Germany and France to anyone who raised over six figures for his dirty campaigns.

Obama gave John Kerry’s cousin, married to the heiress of the Jack Daniel’s liquor empire, the ambassadorships of Sweden and the United Kingdom after raising millions for him. Not only isn’t anyone involved in this disgusting affair ashamed of it, but the “ambassador’s” official bio on the embassy site boasts that he was “among the first to join Barack Obama’s National Finance Committee”.

Obama made a soap opera producer who raised over $500K, the ambassador to Hungary and the producer of Dr. Dolittle 2, who raised millions for him, the ambassador to Denmark.

When the media lectures on Friedman’s unfitness, remember what they and their boss consider “fit”.

Behind all that outrage about Friedman is the fear that the Big Lie which has fed Islamic terrorism in Israel, America and around the world is about to come toppling down. Trump is threatening to drain the swamp of Foggy Bottom where the State Department has long sabotaged our relationship with Israel.

And the Two-State Solution, the Palestinian Authority with its hundreds of millions in stolen taxpayer money, the professional critics of Israel who blame a thousand years of Muslim anti-Semitism on a Jewish family living in Jerusalem, and all of Foggy Bottom are a swamp that badly needs draining.

A decade ago, a guy from Queens visited a guy from Long Island to pay his respects.

Next year the two men may transform our foreign policy toward Israel and drain the swamp of the Two State Solution.



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I am firmly devoted to bringing you the truth and the stories that the mainstream media ignores. Together we can restore our constitutional republic to what the founding fathers envisioned and fight back against the progressive movement. Obama nearly destroyed our country economically, militarily coupled with his racism he set us further on the march to becoming a Socialist State. Now it's up to President Trump to restore America to prominence. Republicans who refuse to go along with most of his agenda RINOs must be forced to walk the plank, they are RINOs and little else.
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5 Responses to Trump’s Israel Ambassador Will Drain the Two-State Solution Swamp

  1. stevor says:

    the whole problem is and has for 100 years (or more) been the scumbag Rothschild Zionists. They got Palestine (yeah, there was a country with that name, though many don’t admit it) from the Brits through the Balfour Declaration where the deal was that if the Brits could get the USA into WWI (thank, Brits) the Brits would give Palestine to the Rothschilds.
    Since the Rothschilds (zionists who claim to be semites but are not (Semites descend from Isaac or Ishmael while the zionists are ashkenazi jews who descend from Japheth, see Genesis 10:e) created the problem by stealing Palestine and keep expanding it, along with attacking REAL SEMITES in Palestine, they ought to be sent back to where they came from and the Palestinians, who got along fine with their fellow Semites before the zionists came along, wouldn’t be in this “war” and Hamas wouldn’t exist.


    • JCscuba says:

      Thanks for the clarification Steve, Jim


    • Pull yer head outta yer asshole and quit being an AssWhole! Abraham founded the Hebrews, not the ‘slimes. Ishmael was born of a slave, effectively a whoreson, not the son of promise.

      Ashkenazi Jerws, whether dispersed by the Assyrian, Greek or Roman invaders, are still Jews, as much so as Sephardic Jews And a ‘slime’s a ‘slime for alla’ that; Sunni, Shia or Ismali, all slaves of damnation inculcated from birth with hatred of Jews.

      Rome renamed the territory after the Philistines when Jews revolted. The name has been corrupted and the SandFleas can not even pronounce it. They are Falestinians; their narratie is entirely false, camelshit interwoven with horsefeathers & moonbeams.

      There was, is and will be no peace ‘cuz Satan’s slaves are inculcated with his threat of eternal damnation & promise of eternal orgy if they do not or do try to conquer the entire world and reconquer every inch of territory they lose.

      Isdamn is an Arab Mafia, not a religion! It was contrived by Moe for his own personal emolument through extortion & plunder and given a thin veneer of false faith to disguise it as a religion.

      Anyone who reads and comprehends the Unholy Koranus, tafsir & hadith knows damn well that peace is impossible while the world is infested with Muslims. 7:167 and its tafsir should be sufficient. Bukhari 4.52.177 alone is sufficient. 9:29 makes it so God Blessed clear that it can not be ignored!!! And it is codified in Reliance Of The Traveller O9.8.
      John Kerry, Obamination & Shrillery: KMA!!!


      • stevor says:

        I’m not for islam. Islam is a satanic cult and allah = Satan.
        Still, ashkenazi jews are not Semites and if it weren’t for the Rothschilds taking over that area, there wouldn’t be the problem we have no.
        PS: all in the middle east are nuts!


      • JCscuba says:

        So what’s your point steve? 🙂


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