Landing on the Sun: Want a Hot Date

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H/T General Wood

By Jim Campbell

January 20, 2017

Landing on the Sun

Kim Jong-Un announced at a news conference that North Korea would be sending a man to the sun within ten years!



Donald Trump is laughing at the “Wocket Man,” who is clearly capable of launching rockets with absolutely no clue where they will land.

A reporter said – “But the sun is too hot.

How can your man land on the sun?”

There was a stunned silence.

Nobody knew how to react.

Kim  quietly answered  “We will land at night.”

The gathering and everyone in North Korea watching on television broke into thunderous applause.

Back in Washington, Nancy Pelosi and her entourage were watching the news conference.

Carlin is referring to those who represent us in the U.S. House of Representatives or any despotic totalitarian regime.

Seriously, do they differ?

When Pelosi heard what Kim said, she sneered –  “What an idiot.

Everybody knows there’s no sun at night.”



Her office broke into thunderous applause.


I am pretty sure this is all true.



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Now That The Government Has Shut Down, Here’s What Actually “Shuts Down” : Loving Another Predictable Government Failure

By Jim Campbell

January 20, 2018

Like everyone before it, “It don’t mean a thing.”

You got to love this one!

Once again the elected will prove themselves to be complete incompetents.

Zero Hedge

By,  Tyler Durden

January 20th, 2018


It’s official: as of midnight Saturday, the US government has shut down following a failure in the Senate to strike a funding deal.

But the trains still run on time.

Refers to the Totalitarian regime run by Mussolini.

Apparently forced work had its benefits back in the day.

Government funding was due to run out after Dec. 8 but was twice extended, most recently through Jan. 19, at which point the US encountered what’s officially called a “spending gap,” which triggers an official halt to Washington’s work.

Left, A color portrait of Mussolini as a young fascist.

In retrospect, this is hardly a novel development, as history shows there have been 18 previous closures starting in 1976, with the last one taking place in September 2013.

Almost all of the funding gaps occurred between FY1977 and FY1995.

During this 19-fiscal-year period, 15 funding gaps occurred.



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Mueller & His Band of ‘Democratic Witch Hunters’ Need to Be Disbanded Immediately

By Jim Campbell

January 20, 2018

Absolutely these are love thoughts.

Music here. (Source)

More music. (Source)

Need proof that Former FBI Agent is looking for love in all the wrong places?



If Mueller were legitimate and not just a mouthpiece and pimp for the Democrats he would be investigating the 5,000 lb. witch sitting in the middle of the room.

Hillary Clinton through her Clinton Crime Family foundation funded the so-called Trump/Russian dossier.



Let’s not forget the numerous other crimes Hillary has committed, starting with Benghazi, Uranium One and here scheme called “Pay to Pay,” where those wishing to see America’s secrets for a hefty fee to Hillary’s foundation could do so, allowing them to look at classified, secret and presumably top-secret documents.



Forget about Hillary’s Body Bags, she has been involved in far more lascivious behavior, so criminal, some not. (Source)


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Some time people have bad racial attitudes

By Jim Campbell

January 19th, 2018


It’s absolutely true and filmed to show it conclusively below.

We are told by the leftist media and the progressive fools we continue to elect that white folks are the racists.

Nope it’s all……

File under clearly humor and enjoy the video below.


Do black lives matter any more than any other person’s?

Of course not with the exception of progressive politicians who’s lives are more useless than a used losing lotto ticket. 

The sensitivity of the word “Nigger” or “Reggin,” spelled back word is a manifestation of the racists and their race baiting friends in the last administration



Leave it to race baiting shysters from Obama’s failed “Residency” to mark this file,

“Case Closed.”

Remember Jesse’s shake down to get his son’s beer distributorships? (Source)

Let’s not forget that Jackson was Bill Clinton’s spiritual advisor while as the same time he was having his own affair. (Source)



It’s time for Obama to quit worrying about his legacy. 

It has already been cast in stone.



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This Marine hit the nail on the head

By Jim Campbell

January 18th, 2018

Too bad the media doesn’t understand the use of the English language as well as this war fighter. Sad.

Courtesy of the Stealth General

Please file under

Allegedly written by an anonymous Marine.

It’s also folly to consider that men and women in the heat of combat don’t throw in their usual choice expletives.

As the media and the progressives continue to do everything in their power to unseat President Trump, they are doing nothing more that giving the president more free air time, if anyone still watches or reads the news.

Note what side of the fence the impotent Dick Durban really is.

Dick Durbin is a U.S. Senator from Illinois.

“On the Issues,” the hapless senator votes against  the majority when a piece of legislation passes.

When a piece overwhelmingly passes he either won’t vote on votes yes to cut profile. (Source)



It matters not if it is true or false, those among us who having been hibernating under a rock the last 20 years and likely longer know the sentiments are factual.

Don’t know about you, but I have been somewhat amazed & amused by the outpouring of distress regarding the use of the vulgar word “shithole.”

Thanks to John Kerry, who brought the word back from extinction



Now, as an Officer of Marines, I worked very hard at avoiding obscene verbiage, although admittedly some times without success.


The avoidance of profane language was, in truth, a much greater challenge. 

With regard to vulgar terminology…well let’s say I learned at the feet of the most talented and original users and creators of vulgar terminology: Marine Staff Non-Commissioned Officers!

 Thank you “Kevlar.”


The essential element in the deciphering of any language, be it orthodox or non-orthodox, is identifying to what does the word infer or refer.

In the case of the word in question, “shithole” refers to a PLACE and not a person or a people.

For one to refer in a vulgar manner to a person or a people, the appropriate term would be “shithead” or “dickhead” or better yet, the more popular “asshole.”

Typically, the word “shithole” would be used in two consecutive and highly dependent sentences:

“Jeez, what a shithole!” followed immediately by “Clean this shithole up!!.”

In neither sentence does the word “shithole” refer to its inhabitants, although there may be an asshole or two in the group.

No doubt Marines and our brethren Soldiers clearly comprehend this distinction.

Air Force officers surely would not use such language, and besides, they have contract laborers to clean things up.

Similarly, the use of the word would be beneath the dignity of a Navy officer; that’s why they have Chiefs and swabbies

Like many of you to whom this email is addressed, I have been to a “shithole” or two in my time.

I believe I know of which I speak.

I’m a senior NCO and also have served in the shit holes and rice paddies in Vietnam.


Certainly, we have seen our share in SEA, but until you have stood in some wadi shithole in the Sudan or Somalia Afghanistan, or or the rice paddies of Vietnam well, you haven’t lived!

So, in the interest of enlightening the over-educated, yet blithely ignorant masses, you have my permission to disseminate the important distinction in the use of vulgar te

rminology I have attempted to illuminate.


Peace be with you. Semper Fidelis!




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Squinty and the Meat Puppet To Be Honored for Responsible Journalism

By Jim Campbell

January 18th, 2018

This isn’t politics it flat humor brought to us by News Busters a very trusted source in getting to the bottom of very strange issues.

It’s also a piece on relationships of the very “Strange kind.”



An X-Ray or CT scan of Joe Scarborough’s brain will reveal that it has turned into Swiss cheese since being a member of then, Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich’s  “Contract with America.

As far as Mika is concerned, she may not be a real person, she could be an android or a sock puppet.



Does anyone ever recall mentioning her having a functioning brain?

As if you really need any more evidence the left and their mouth pieces in the media have gone full retard,

We  just learned the blathering duo of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski of NBC News’ ugly stepsister MSNBC will be honored for the high practice of their honorable chosen craft of Trump bashing leftist propaganda Journalism.




H.T. DMF for additional content.

Apparently these folks believe themselves worthy of recognition of the kind spewed upon those who receive academy awards.

It’s time the lemmings in the leftist media get with the program.



Give each and every one of them, a participation trophy and then move on. 

They are fortunate to be broadcasting which protects free speech by the First Amendment.


In many “Less tolerant countries, they would be put in jail.


Check out the list of recipients of the Leonard Zeidenberg First Amendment Award  (Source)

News Busters:

“Two of most wildly irresponsible members of liberal media, MSNBC anchors Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, are going to receive an award for being part of “a distinguished group of journalists and First Amendment leaders that show responsible journalism and who practice their constitutionally guaranteed duty to seek and report the truth.” 



That’s not a joke, the Radio Television Digital News Foundation (RTDNF) will actually be honoring the Morning Joe co-hosts during the organization’s annual First Amendment Awards dinner on March 8 in Washington, D.C.

The couple will specifically receive the ,Leonard Zeidenberg First Amendment Award for “a radio or television journalist or news executive who has made a major contribution to the protection of First Amendment freedoms.”(Source)

Well, one can certainly understand why they would be picked for such an honor, considering their important contributions….

“In just the past week, Scarborough and Brzezinki have attempted to diagnose Donald Trump with a myriad of mental illnesses while also labeling him an “evil” “racist” who loves Nazis.

Over the course of the past year, the pair have routinely offered similarly unhinged commentary against the President.

But apparently hurling outrageous accusations that violate every principle of journalistic ethics makes them eligible for an award.”




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Signs of the Times: The times they are a changing

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Bob Dylan was completely prophetic with his song, ‘THE TIMES THEY ARE AH CHANGING. (Source) He had now clue exactly how right he would be. Again, not discussing politics, just pure humor especially when it comes to my piece on … Continue reading

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