The Democrats Death Rattle

By Jim Campbell

August 31st, 2020

The Democrat convention was a Trump Derangement Syndrome ‘group therapy session’

Hey, nut jobs have their say, it’s guaranteed to them by the First Amendment.

The Biden’s including Dr. Jill Biden have now reached the point where they must label their underwear.

It won’t belong until the just buy throw aways.

Note below Joe is firmly strapped into his chair.

We are meant to believe Joe Biden is the next president of the United States: C’mon, man.

As much as we enjoy making fun of Joe, we thank him for his 50 years of service having less that 2 bills to his name, thus saving the taxpayers money.

You could be forgiven for thinking President Trump is all but certain to join that regrettable cadre of one-term presidents.

Those paltry polls.

The “mostly peaceful” protestors seething in the streets. The clock is running out for the Bad Orange Man. 

The experts are settled. The greatest economy in American history lay banjaxed by yet another corrosive Chinese import.

Over 180,000 Americans lost to a pandemic, which critics insist is entirely the president’s fault. His tweets alone, obsessives howl, are enough to send him packing. 

Forgive yourself if you believed such grand fiction. Especially if you’re one of the vanishingly few who tuned into last week’s great Jonestown Zoom Call—the Democratic National Convention. 

The Fable Continues

If you caught any of the Republican National Convention, maybe you’re swaying from the official narrative. 

That narrative now trembles.

Biden and the Democrats are busy “rethinking” their approach to the Democratic riots. Yes, riots, I hazard, are now undesirable. Not because of the chaos or carnage, but rather because President Trump is surging

Are we still meant to believe Joe Biden is already president-elect?

That he’s the same riffing and rollicking rube of recent?

Average Joe managed 22 minutes without gravely offending the Left’s ever-swelling litany of useful victims. 

A full third of an hour without claiming wavering black Americans “ain’t black” and without “are you a junkie?” 

Please see the entire article below.

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