Erdogan says New Zealand attack shows growing hostility to Islam: Ya Think?

Comments By Jim Campbell

March, 16th, 2019

For those who have forgotten the name of Turkish President Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


he was the Islamic slime who allowed the 10th Mountain Division, of high altitude snow fighters to base in his country, only to deny them permission to complete their orders which was to flush out the caves of Tora Bora in Afghanistan in the beginning of the gulf war.


The only good jihadist is a dead one.

There is no doubt with his love for Sharia law and his past actions he qualifies as an elected dictator who needs to be removed from the planet, as if our CIA hasn’t done this before.

The basis for getting rid of this guy would be covered in the Bible under the “Do unto others section,” in this case we do it first.

Smoke um if you go um, at ease.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan strongly condemned the New Zealand attack, saying it illustrated growing hostility to Islam AFP

How Osama bin Laden Escaped (Source)


Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday condemned the deadly attack on two mosques in New Zealand, saying it illustrated the growing hostility towards Islam “idly” watched by the world.



The attacks on the Christchurch mosques left at least 49 dead, with one gunman?

Identified as an Australian extremist — apparently live streaming the assault and publishing a manifesto online.

Of course we have music!

Please click here.



With this attack, hostility towards Islam, that the world has been idly watching and even encouraging for some time, has gone beyond individual harassment to reach the level of mass killing,” Erdogan said at the funeral of a former Turkish minister.



Turkish media reported the manifesto contained specific references to Turkey and ridding the famed Hagia Sophia in Istanbul of its minarets. 

Now a museum, the building was once a church before being turned into a mosque during the Ottoman empire.



“It is clear that the understanding represented by the killer that also targets our country, our people and myself, has started to take over Western societies like a cancer.”

The Turkish leader, who often criticises Islamophobic attitudes, called for the West to act to prevent similar attacks.

“If measures are not taken right away, news of other disasters will follow this one… I am calling on the world, in particular the West, to take quick measures,” he said.

He had earlier condemned the attack on Tweeter: “May Allah have mercy on the victims and grant a speedy recovery to the wounded.”

His spokesman Ibrahim Kalin called it a “fascist” attack that “shows how anti-Muslim rhetoric and hatred leads to murderous acts.

The world must break its silence over Islamophobic hatred.”

No, it’s Islams attack on the Western world that has spawned said hatred, it’s that simple.



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1 Response to Erdogan says New Zealand attack shows growing hostility to Islam: Ya Think?

  1. JAFC says:

    The Perp (in his manifesto) claims to be a “Eco-Fascist” whose preferred political system is the red Chinese. He didn’t do anything that the Chinese army doesn’t do there on a regular basis since China outlawed Islam last year.

    Of note: (1) the weapons used in the attack on the mosque(s) CANNOT be purchased in either New Zealand or Australia.
    (2) The perp apparently flew to New Zealand from Australia. Indicates the weapons were already there as he could have never smuggled them aboard a plane.

    Moslems are tolerated in New Zealand in direct proportion to their individual sociability. A lot of what we see there resemble crocodile tears.The whole thing looks like a nasty Black Flag attack.


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