Stop and Frisk works !

crew-2231211This is an excellent article on police bias and “stop and frisk.”


Note that gun crimes in New York are 75% by blacks and 98% by blacks and Hispanics combined.

According to the Dept. of Justice, nationally blacks commit 52% of all homicides, but are 25% of lethal police shootings, a significant under use of lethal force against the black community.



Two under cover narcotics officers stop and frisk two black suspects on the streets on N.Y.C.,

It seems that the liberal narrative is false, and Donald Trump is right!

Te very presidential Donald Trump responds to Hillary Clinton’s racist remarks in the video, he almost made her cry, while at the same time he could not have been or spoken in a more gentle manner.


To be filed under one more Hillary Clinton debate lies (Source)

The National Review
By Andrew C. McCarthy
September 27, 2016


See the entire article below.







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1 Response to Stop and Frisk works !

  1. Davethe Differientator says:

    The explanation of the truth to expose Hillary’s lies is useful.

    Once again the truth demonstrates that Hillary cannot be trusted.

    Hillary lies about facts that can be checked to see if she is telling the truth. AND, as history has shown, usually Hillary is the LIAR!

    Too bad the MSM will not do its duty to inform the public of the facts and truth.


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